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Demon Hunter – Chapter 3

☢️HORROR RATED PRESENTS☢️ ☣️THE DEMON HUNTER☣️ 💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠 🎞️EPISODE 11🎞️   Nick and Rosita suddenly stopped by the emergency exit and tried opening the door but it refuses to open. They turned back hearing footsteps and shown...


My Crazy – Chapter 1

🔞 my crazy but erotica romance 🔞   Written ✍ by munay berry   Episode 1   ❤skyler❤   "Grin grin"  "Argh" I fell with a thud Stupid alarm I cursed and stood lazily heading to the bathroom   Gotta...


Dragon Girl – Chapter 3

👽 EPISODE 1️⃣1️⃣👽 #Possesed by love and Dragon   Previously on Epic diaries "The Dragon girl" Officials from Fillory village cane to chance land after hearing information on the missing dragon.They went to Star falls college for the kids. Now...


Dear Father – Episode 9 -11

(TALES OF A PASTOR’S DAUGHTER) ©️ PRINCES.I.AMARACHUKWU EPISODE NINE The long awaited Wednesday came and I headed for the church premises; it was 4.00pm. As usual my parents were not in town again, I had stopped worrying myself about them...


Bride Competition – Chapter 3

BRIDE COMPETITION   ⚜️EPISODE 08🦐   Maria woke up suddenly and noticed Natasha wasn't in the room with her.   She turned on the light. "Nathy? Nathy ohh!!" She called, thinking she was inside the toilet but no one answered...

Fiction Stories

My Beast – Chapter 3

🐺🐺🐺Chapter 11   🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀 As we looked down at the two bodies laying on the ground, we heard the snap of a stick in the woods ahead of us. Thaddeus pushed me behind his body and searched for whoever made...


Demon Hunter – Chapter 2

☢️HORROR RATED PRESENTS☢️ ☣️THE DEMON HUNTER☣️ 💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠 🎞️EPISODE 6🎞️   "Shit it's coming here,get your asses up". Nick shouted. Glenn and Lance jumped to their feet quickly and ran to the door that lead to another...

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