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Dragon Girl – Final Chapter

🐉 DRAGON GIRL 🐉 💙 EPISODE 1️⃣6️⃣ 💙   Prince Fredrick and prince Arien are still discussing on where to find a girl Prince Fredrick:Two days left and I haven't seen a girl to present.I can't marry that monster she's...


Demon Hunter – Final Chapter

  ☢️HORROR RATED PRESENTS☢️ ☣️THE DEMON HUNTER☣️ 💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠 🎞️EPISODE 32🎞️   Nick could be seen running toward a woman whose body was sparking with severe lightning. He bounced on the wall launching his sword at her...


Demon Hunter – Chapter 5

☢️HORROR RATED PRESENTS☢️ ☣️THE DEMON HUNTER☣️ 💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠 🎞️EPISODE 25🎞️   "Laura?". Nick called out struggling with the poison flowing in his blood. " You look pathetic nick". She said and hits him with a fire blast....


Demon Hunter – Chapter 4

☢️HORROR RATED PRESENTS☢️ ☣️THE DEMON HUNTER☣️ 💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠 🎞️EPISODE 16🎞️   "Arrrrgh". The entire class screamed out and everyones began to run outside except nick, Laura, Rosita, Glenn and Lance. "What just happened?". Rosita asked looking around....


Fated Love – Short Story

🌹🌹🌹 Story by :::Eddyson Cavani   Titled:    Fated Love 💔💔💔💘   Episode 1   Welcome to the family of Adebowale, where we have a good atmosphere of love, seeing Mr Adebowale a successful business man and Mrs Adebowale a good...


Dear Father – Episode 19 – 24

DEAR FATHER (TALES OF A PASTOR’S DAUGHTER) ©️ PRINCES.I.AMARACHUKWU EPISODE NINETEEN “……….Why on earth would he be laughing at something so serious? I kept moving closer to him and I told him that I woke up to meet myself like...

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