Demon Hunter – Chapter 3




💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠

🎞️EPISODE 11🎞️


Nick and Rosita suddenly stopped by the emergency exit and tried opening the door but it refuses to open.

They turned back hearing footsteps and shown the ray of ray into the darkness but there was no one.

Demonic presence approaching “. Unice alerted.

Nick shown the light all over the corridor but there was no sign of inferno.

” What’s Demonic Presence? “. Rosita asked.

” Keep Your voice low or you’re gonna lead him right to us “. Nick said.

They heard a snarl above their heads and they’re heads rose up slowly allowing to meet with Inferno’s horrible face as he crawled on the ceiling.

” Arrgh! “. Rosita screamed and Nick drew her front where she stood.

Inferno landed on the ground and dived at then nick, nick used his boot to kick his head and they took to their heels.

They turned to the left corridor and Nick switched on the light as they headed for the door.

Nick held the knob to press it down but it shocked him and threw him to the wall.

Rosita helped him up quickly.

“Nick are you okay”. She asked.

“Yeah. But I can’t feel my hand, the knob is charged with electricity”.nick said.

Rosita grabbed his wrist quickly and drew it with all her strength causing nick to scream out.

“Thanks”. He said wriggling his hand.

They were interrupted by and incoming step.

They turned back and the bulb broke putting everywhere in darkness.

Rosita quickly shown her touch forward and its ray fell Fell on Inferno’s face thereby casting a huge shadow at his back.

“I should have warned you, this a dead end”. Inferno snared.

“So you do talk?”. Nick asked.

“No i eat”. Inferno said.

“What do you want from us?”. Rosita asked.

“Your flesh, your blood, and your heart!”. Inferno sang as he staggered toward them scratching his claws on the both sides of the wall.

“Freeze! Don’t move or I’ll blow your head off!”. Rosita threatened.

“You’re the kid who out ran me at the hospital”. Inferno said and laughed wickedly.

“Now to escape”. He added.

“Who’s he?”. Rosita asked.

“Don’t Ask just shoot the bitch”. Nick shouted.

Rosita aimed at the heart and shot repeatedly at Inferno’s heart.

He fell backward to the ground and coughed out blood.

“i killed it”. Rosita shouted.

Inferno’s head and hand sprang up.

“No you angered me”. He snared and rose up quickly diving at them.

Nick dragged Rosita away and made to kick inferno but he dodged and Nick kicked the wall instead.

Inferno jumped at Rosita but she pushed him away and her gun plus the torch 🔦 fell off her hand.

Nick and Rosita Walked backward in fear as there was no Illuminant to see inferno.

“Watch out”. Rosita screamed and grabbed Nick to the ground thereby escaping Inferno leap.

“Unice activate Night Vision”. Nick said.

“Initializing Night Vision”. Unice said and a bright ray of light shown from the watch illuminating all the room.

Nick kicked Inferno’s face and he staggered backward.

Rosita bounced On the wall and punched his face But her hand stuck into his face.

She pulled it out with a sticky green liquid. He kicked her away but nick caught her.

“Don’t allow him to grab you else you’ll shrink”. Nick whispered.

Rosita ran at him followed by nick and she slides past him.

He turned back to grab her but nick grabbed him instead and flung him back.

Rosita picked her gun 🔫 and aimed at inferno to shoot but he roared out and a green liquid rushed out of his mouth like water splashing on their faces.

It was sticky and had a terrible odour.

Inferno rushes at nick to grab him but he dodges and Rosita was grabbed instead.

She pinned him to the wall but as claws sprang out of his fingers. She let go immediately.

She picked a rod from the ground and as inferno made to hold her, she held the rod horizontally blocking his grip, inferno struggled to pull the rod from her hand but she wasn’t ready to give up yet.

Nick rushed at him but he turned quickly to him and poured the green liquid from his mouth at him pushing nick backward.

He struggled to get past it but the gushing liquid was pushing him back.

“Excess Of This Might Damage Your Cells I advice Full Armour”. Unice said.

Nick had no choice anymore trying to fight this thing in human way might get him killed but transforming might also expose his secret.

“Doesn’t matter provided no one is hurt by him again”. Nick thought.

“Initialize Full Armour Sequence Of The Demon Hunter”. Nick shouted.

“Initializing Full Armour Sequence”. Unice said and his outfits was Projected on the wall.

“Select Armour”.

“The Blue Glider!”. Nick screamed and ducked to the left.

The blue projected navigated into his body and was now dressed up in the blue glider costume.

“Transformation Completed”.

Nick somersaulted to the left and pulling out his gun shot repeatedly at inferno.

He let go of her and she smashed the rod on his shoulder, detaching it away.

She made to hit him with the rod again but he was fast to grab it.

Nick pulled out the sword from his waist and dived forward cutting off the second hand.

He landed on the ground and kicked inferno away.

Inferno rose up and even without hands charged at them furiously.

Rosita shot at his head repeatedly but he kept on coming.

“Hold Your Fire!”. Nick shouted and drew out his other sword.

He bounced on the wall and dived forward with his two swords in a transverse pattern ⚔ that is the right sword at the left and the left sword at the right.

He slash them into opposite direction slicing Inferno’s head into two equal part.

Inferno dropped on his knees but rose up again staggering at them with his stomach ripped open pouring out intestines.

Rosita snatched one of the sword from nick and forced into straight into Inferno’s heart.

She quickly killed him off the sword and he fell over the wall.

He slides down slowly to the ground making bloody Line on the wall and he then sat on the ground.

Slowly his body vaporized into the air until it vanished.

She turned to nick and without a word hugged him tightly.

“Who Are you? “. She asked freeing him.

” You wouldn’t want to know”.nick said.

“I told you who I was so now I deserve an explanation for this?”. Rosita said.

“Well Am. Telling you this for the fact that we both escaped from the valley of death because of the team work”. Nick said and paused.

“Am a Demon Hunter”. He added.

“You hunt demons or what?”. She asked.

“Yes. It’s a legacy from generation to generation and its my turn now to protect my city from these demons”. Nick said.

“So you’re actually saying that thing we fought is a demon”. Rosita asked.

Nick nodded.

“if his claws touches your blood you’ll be shrieked to an infant, that’s what happened to the nurse”. Nick said.

“And you never told me?”. Rosita said.

“But we’re actually fine now no casualties”. He said.

“No we’re not, not until you tell me what’s happening in this city”. Rosita said.

“In There are lots of demons and they hurt people”. Nick said.

“This actually sounds like a dream”. Rosita said.

“I need some air and some new cloths”. She said and walked away.

“Remember tell no one about me”. Nick said.

“Sure”. She said and walked out of sight.

“Unice, Revert Transformation”. Nick said and walked away too.

His outfit turned into projection including the dropped weapon and they entered into the watch ⌚.

Nick was approaching the school hall when he started hearing screams and noise, at first he thought it was screams of jubilation for the match been played but when he peeped out through the window, it was screams of Fear and agony.

He could see a giant Skelton in the field and hitting the players away.

Only Laura stood unshaken.

The huge skeleton made to punch her to the ground but she jumped backward.

She somersaulted to the left and as the skeleton made to grab her she held it hand with all her strength struggling with it.

Nick also notices that The colour of her hair was blue.

Nick felt a tap at his back and almost grabbed the individual but   seeing it was Glenn and Lance he retreated his hand.

“please do you see Laura”. Glenn asked and Nick’s heart missed a beat.

His eyes drifted to the left and looking through the window, he could Laura still holding up the Skelton hand.

Glenn joined him in the window and looked through it.

“She was in the field when that skeleton attacked but i suddenly did not see a again”. Glenn with his eyes still scanning the field.

“can’t he see her under the skeleton”. Nick thought.

“Who’s below the skeleton?”. Nick asked to clear his doubt.

“Where?”. Glenn asked looking all around the field.

“There’s no one in the field except that damn skeleton trying to pick air or pushing air instead, I’ve never seen such insane scenario in my life”. Glenn said.

“That means that he can’t see her”. Nick said and his heart began to beat.

“Dude let’s leave here before that thing sees us”. Glenn said and dragged him out of the window.

They got to the school hall and saw wounded students while some where in crying in fright.

Nick’s eye drifted to the transparent door that   Lead to the field and the Skelton running after Laura as she headed for the door.

The Skelton shrunk to human size and went after her.

Nick felt something in his pocket and brought it out.

It was a red Marker.

How forgetful was he, Mr. Frank had given him that day. The marker was embedded with magical ion that when used to draw a line of circle, no supernatural being can cross it..

Nick ran forward and used the Marker to draw a line across the door.

Thank God Glenn and Lance didn’t see him.

He walked back immediately.

“New Achievement, Extermination Of Two Demons, Reward, New Outfit Unlocked, The Solaris Warrior”. Unice said.

“Did i hear something?”. Lance said looking around.

Nick Kept quiet so he won’t be suspected.

“Do You Wish To View Outfit?”. Unice alerted.

“No. Just keep quiet”. Nick whispered to it.

Laura and the Skelton were no approaching the door.

She diverted quickly and jumped in through the window, nick was so shocked because her body passed through the window frame like wind and no one seems to notice her entry.

The Skelton who was now in human size made to enter through the door but an invisible force hits him away.

“Oh Shit! Where have Laura gone?”. Glenn said looking around but Laura was close to the window of which everyone where suppose to see.

The students screamed in fright as the skeleton tried to gain entry but a force kept pushing him back.

“isn’t that Laura?”. Nick said pointing to where Laura stood.

“Where?”. Glenn and Lance asked looking at where Nick pointed to but they seemed to see no one.

“Please stop the joke nick, this a serious issue”. Glenn said angrily.

“Maybe he’s hallucinating because he thinks of her always”. Lance said jokingly which got Glenn more angry.

Laura noticed that nick was staring at her when no one did.

“Laura?”. He whispered.

Her eyes opened in shock and surprise.

She took to her heel immediately.

“Excuse me guys “. Nick said and ran after her.

She ran through the corridor and getting to the exit door but it was locked.

Nick quickly drew a line with the Marker across the ground of the corridor and Walked backward.

“Why does everyone seems not to notice you?”. Nick said still walking backward.. She walked forward but getting to the line a force prevented her from moving forward.

“I always suspected it, you’re a Supernatural being”. Nick said.

“And Maybe i should be asking you why you’re the only one seeing me?”. She said angrily.

“You’re invisibly ain’t you”. Nick asked.

“I always suspected you and Mr. Frank, now I know the truth, why you’re able to see me, you’re the Demon Hunter”. She said.

Nick remained mute.

“No one sees me in my true form except the Demon Hunter, I’ve been searching for him all this while but unknown he’s by my side all this while”. She said and the colour of her face began to blue .

“Who are you?”. Nick asked in fright.

Two transparent wings sprout out off her back and she forced her two hands into the force preventing her from moving further.

She started widening it With her fingers causing the line to break.

She ripped the force into two and the cleaned up.

She heaved heavily and her hair turned to red with black symbols on her fore head and her eyes turned yellow.

“Who are you?”. Nick asked with authority as he walked backward.

“feu la feerie but I prefer Fai Feari”. She said moving speedily at him.







💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠

🎞️EPISODE 12🎞️


She grabbed his neck to the wall and strangled him.

“Who was the former demon hunter?”. She asked angrily.

Nick held her hand trying to free himself but to no avail.

She let him go and walked backward.

“Answer me now”. She screamed out.

Nick coughed out heavily and stammered out.

“What business’s do you have with him?”. Nick said.

Laura grabbed him by the collar and flung him away.

“Who was the former demon hunter???”. She asked again walking toward him.

“You know what Laura?”. Nick said and she made to punch him.

She paused to listen to him.

“For the sake of our friendship let’s this without a fight”. Nick said.

She smirked her lips 💋 and punch his face causing him to fall to the ground.

“Oouuun!”. Nick moaned as blood drip from his lips.

“Please Laura”. Nick said but is punch his chest angrily.

“Answer me”. She screamed out.

“Am sorry Laura”. Nick said and she paused.

“For what?”. She asked.

“Whatever happened to you? Let’s talk it out”. Nick said.

“No!”. She shouted and punched his face a again.

“attention! Attention! Low vitals, Excess Release Of Adrenaline, Emergency Transformation in Process”. Unice said.

“No Unice”. Nick moaned out but it was late already.

“initializing Full Armour Sequence, The Red Samurai”. Unice said.

A projection shown out and hitting her away, it merged into nick body.

Laura crashed unto the wall and rose up slowly.

“I don’t want to fight you Laura “. Nick said standing up.

” Am sorry you suffering this nick but tell me who was the former demon hunter and I’ll let you go “. Laura said.

” Do You Wish To Initialize Battle Mode Sir? “. Unice asked.

” no. And don’t ever do this without my consent, now reverse 🔀 transformation”. Nick said.

“No harm intended sir, Reverting Transformation”. Unice said and his outfit turned into light before entering the watch.

“You seem to trust me even after breaking your lips”. Laura said.

“Yeah. I trust you Laura and know that you ain’t doing this without a cause”. Nick said.

“Don’t give me sweet talks Nick, don’t try to impress you”. Laura said.

“No. Am trying to settle this”. Nick said walking toward her.

“Hey hold it there or I’ll be forced to punch you, don’t move an inch”. She threatened.

“Okay. Fine by me”. Nick said and shrugged.

“why are you this nice?”. Nice asked.

“Nice?”. Nick said and cleaned his bloody lips.

“Who was the former demon hunter?”. Laura asked.

“Here you go Laura, why do you want the former demon hunter?”. Nick asked.

“You don’t answer my question with questions nick”. Laura said.

“Fine. He’s dead”. Nick said.

“Don’t joke with me”. Laura said angrily.

“Seems you haven’t heard of the rules, the mantle is transferred when only the current is dead”. Nick said.

“So it’s true. The powers of the Demon Hunter is transferred to the next in the lineage” “. Laura said walking toward him and paused.

” Your father was the Demon Hunter”. Laura said and Nick remained  Mute.

“Oh i see “.

“I answered your question Laura now answer mine why do you want the former demon hunter?”. Nick asked.

“am sorry about your father but if and only he was there earlier my parent wouldn’t be dead. I would have killed him myself but now his gone, now tricky needs to join him too” “. She said and made to walk. Away angrily but he held her back.

She made to punch his face but he caught her hand.

” What happened to your parent? “. He asked.

” Let go of me nick or am going to blast your face “.she threatened.

” You can as well blast my heart”. He said.

“You’re wrong about me nick am not a good person”. She said a heavy fire emitted from her body hitting nick away.

“Don’t follow me nick Robert”. Her voice echoed with fire 🔥 emitting from all over her body.

She dashed away immediately.

Nick sat in pain and watched as she went out of sight.

He tried to stand up but his femur and humerus bone wasn’t in place again as he hit the wall.

“Dislocation! Shit”. He cursed out.

He felt the impact of the pain seriously and almost regretted going after Laura. But still he needed to know what happened to her parent. Did his father killed them? No. She said if he had been there earlier, what does she mean?

Nick was in this though when he heard incoming footstep.

Fear shock him immediately and he looked into the darkness wondering whether Laura was returning to finish what she started.

But surprisingly Glenn walked into the corridor.

“Hey dude what are you doing here?”. Glenn Asked looking around.

“Did you fought with someone and got your lips broken?”. Glenn asked.

“Yeah. Plus a minor dislocation on my femur and humerus”. Nick said.

“Shit! Is it that bad”. Glenn said and looked up.

“A spider above your head”. He added and Nick looked up, he quickly grabbed Nick’s leg and stretched it. Nick screamed out as his bone shift back to it position and without hesitation Glenn grabbed his hand and did same.

“Dude? You shouldn’t have pranked me”. Nick said.

“If i had tried to do that with you knowing about it you would have bitten me in pain”. Lance said.

“Well thanks Glenn”. Nick said and Glenn helped him up.

“So can you tell me what fight caused this dislocation cos am greatly stupefied”. Glenn said.

“Can you keep secrets Glenn?”. Nick said.

“Yeah. We’ve been friends for years and shared our deepest secrets”. Glenn said..

“But this a first class secret and the reason am telling you is because i can’t do this Alone, i need your help”. Nick said.

“Anything dude, am available”. Glenn said.

“Firstly Glenn can you tell me about your family? About your parent?”. Nick asked.

“Nick i think we shouldn’t go into that aspect, i don’t wanna bring  back the memory”. Glenn said as tears starts started forming in his eyes.

“I know Glenn, Am bringing back the pain but maybe with it i can bring back your sister to her senses”. Nick said and Glenn was shocked.

“What are you talking about?”. Glenn asked.

“Tell me Glenn what happened to your parents?”. Nick asked.

“We “we Lived happily as one family until we relocated to Vice City where strange occurrence started happening, Funny creatures attacking streets and Killing. No one had an explanation for this but there was a man in a mask who always fight this creature. He calls himself the Demon Hunter and everyone wondered if this creatures were demon and he was hunting them Down. It took time before we knew that he was hunting demon. It all happened on a picnic in Dante Beach 🏖 when two of those creatures who call themselves tricky and Franni attacked the beach. We all ran Helter skater and when tricky tried to grab Laura my dad grab tricky away but she forced her hand into her his heart and mom was killed by her too when she tried to attack tricky that was when the Demon Hunter arrived but it was late already “. Glenn said and burst into tears.

Nick held Glenn tightly and consoled nick.

” My parent were already dead in a pool of blood. While the Demon Hunter fought this evil woman, Franni possessed Laura but was casted out by a powder but little i knew that her powers had entered into Laura”. Glenn said in tears.

“That’s why she want vengeance”. Nick said.

“vengeance? The Demons just suddenly disappeared and the Demon Hunter too and no one knew of their were about but my sister had become a bad tempered girl and always transform to….”. Nick said and stammered in tears.

“to a monster with blue face but no she’s an angel”. Nick said.

“Stop trying to console me nick, if you’ve seen her You’ll understand “. Glenn said.

” I’ve seen her, Blue face, red eyes and hair and a black mark and her head “. Nick said.

” Huh? “. Glenn said in shock.

” How do you know about her ? “.

” She was responsible for the dislocation “. Nick said.

” Oh my God but I warned you to stay away from her “. Glenn shouted.

” No i won’t. Laura is a good person Glenn we just have to make her think so”. Nick said.

“You know what nick? Laura thinks she’s a monster and currently searching for tricky and the Demon Hunter cause of the mysterious events happening in Vice City”. Glenn said.

“That’s why she works at AMC”. Nick said and Glenn nodded.

“The Demons were captured but they’re actually back”. Nick said.

“And how do you know about this?”. Glenn asked.

“We should be thinking on helping Laura?”. Nick said.

“Laura needs no help, all she wants is to kill the Demon Hunter and tricky”. Glenn said.

“What do you think about the Demon Hunter?”. Nick asked.

“I don’t think he’s really responsible for the death of my parent, if there was no demon hunter I would have lost everyone including Laura but it’s good i have her even if she’s going insane”. Glenn said and tears began to drop from his eyes.

“It’s okay Glenn, we’ll get her to think same as you”. Nick said.

“And whereas why did she attack you?”. Glenn asked.

“Because am the Demon Hunter”. Nick said and Glenn laughed out.

“Stop the Joke idiot you’re making me laugh even in tears”. Glenn said.

“Am serious dude”. Nick said.

“You’re  from The trauma of been beaten by a Girl let’s get going, it’s getting dark already “. Glenn said and helped nick as he staggered down the corridor.

They got outside, it was dark already and there was no single Soul out there.


Nick discovered that his bicycle was missing so he began to trek with Glenn.

His phone 📱 rang and he received the call as it was Mr. Frank.

“Hello sir”.

“Hello have you seen Laura today”.

“Yes. But sir I really nerd to speak to you, my suspicion about Laura was true”.

“Okay. Am still at work, you can meet me there let us talk”.

“Okay sir but what is Fai Feari or feu la feerie ?”. Nick asked.

“Where did you hear that from? Fai feeri means fire 🔥 fairy in Japanese language and feu la feerie is same but that’s French language. This fairies are quite dangerous creatures even stronger than the Demon Hunters. Why do you ask”.

” am headed to AMC now we’ll talk more when i arrive”.

“Okay nick but if you’re in the school i advice you leave now, with the way demons attacked your school lately i think someone planted a black 🖤 orb called Voodoo”.

“What’s that?”.

“It’s a dark metal magnetically  charged with demonic ions which are attract demons”.

“So what does that mean?”. Nick asked.

“I think someone dangerous is behind all this and whatever plan is going, it’s going to be bloody. Let’s meet and talk more”. Mr. Frank said and disconnected the call.



Mr. Frank wanted to put his phone into his pocket but paused seeing a notification. he tapped on it and was redirected to the security camera app.

He saw something Walking through the corridor that lead to where he was, he couldn’t say whether it was a human.

He turned back and saw a teen girl waking from the other end of the corridor.

It was Laura in her creature form.

“Nick Was right about you?”. Mr. Frank said.

“Nay. Working with nick proved you worked with the latter demon hunter but i heard he’s dead but you’ll have to pay for not informing quickly on the attack at the beach “. Laura said.

“Don’t become a Monster Laura You’re a good person”. Mr. Frank said.

“No. Am an opposite”. She said walking forward.

Mr. Frank quickly pressed a button 🔳 on the wall and the lasers were activated preventing her from moving forward.

She roared out and a heavy frost from her mouth froze the lasers and they began ice.

She continued walking as her body broke the iced lasers like they were sticks.




🔳🔳🔳🔳               🔳🔳🔳🔳


Nick and Glenn were still working on the street when they saw a crowd dancing around an ugly creature who had a tag hug on his neck Dance to Death.

They were wondering what was happening when he turned and as his eyes met with Glenn.

Glenn started moving toward the crown and as Nick tried to stop him. He pushed nick away and joined the crowd.

The creature turned To nick and as they’re eyes met it glowed red.

Nick Lost his sanity immediately, his vision became blurry and he started dancing 🎶 toward the crowd.








💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠

🎞️EPISODE 13🎞️


Mr. Frank quickly pressed down another button on the wall and the area where she stood became charged with electric current shocking her really hard.

“Laura you’re forcing me to do this, i don’t want this” Mr. Frank shouted and there was a beep on his phone.

He checked the notification pane and tapped on the alert notification from the security camera app.

He tapped on Cam 008 which was blinking red and a footage was displayed.

He could see nick and Glenn dancing toward a crowd of people who surrounded an ugly looking creature.

“Oh no.. Damon”. Mr. Frank said and took his hand off the button he was holding forgetting it was controlling the electric current.

Laura rose up slowly and raced at him.

She grabbed him to the wall and flung him to the ground.

The phone fell from his hand and crashed to the ground facing them but the video was still playing.

He pushed her to the wall and made to flee but she grabbed him back and punched his face causing him to fall on his knees.

Claws sprout out of her fingers and she raised it up.

“Feel the pain i felt when they died”. Laura said and made to stab him but her eyes caught the footage playing on his fallen phone.

She retreated her hand slowly and she bent low and picked it up.

She could see nick and Glenn dancing toward a monster.

“What’s happening to them?”. Laura shouted.

“The Demons are back and they’re causing chaos once again, killing Me won’t change the past Laura but there are people out there who can be saved from becoming orphans and widows, that demon you see there causes people to lose insanity by mere staring at them, they dance to him until he takes them to a secluded place where he kills them all “. Mr. Frank said weakly.

” I thought they left “. Laura shouted.

“. Nick’s father locked them all in a prison in another realm but couldn’t catch the leader, he died trying to capture deception and deception recently attacked the prison and released all of them”. Mr. Frank said.

“He died trying to save this city?”.

“Yes Laura. He’s a good person and your parent issue…”. Mr. Frank said and paused so he wouldn’t provoke her.

“I always suspected this demons were back, they killed my parents already what do they want with my brother now, he’s my only companion”. Laura said almost crying.

“We can save him Laura but you need to know which side you are. Are you for us or against us?”. Mr. Frank said.

“All i want is to save my brother”. Laura said.

“Then we have to work together, nick is like a son to me, if he dies, they’ll be no one to Take his place”. Mr. Frank said.

“What should I be done?”. Laura asked raising him up.

“Am sorry”. She added.

“It’s okay Laura”.

“We need to get to the scene before Damon leaves”.Mr. Frank said walking away speedily.

“Who’s Damon?”. Laura asked running after him.

“The Dance To Death Demon”. Mr. Frank said before picking his car key, they entered into the car and rode away Speedily.

Mr. Frank rode like a mad Man making dangerous bends and overtaking.

They finally got to scene and alighted quickly from the car ignoring the idea of closing the car door. They looked around but they saw not a single Soul on the street.

“Oh no!”. Mr. Frank exclaimed.

“Where’s he?”. Laura screamed and grabbed his head to the bonnet of the car.

“Hey stop this Laura, this not gonna work this way i also need nick”. Mr. Frank said.

Laura let him go and scatters all her hairs in anger.

“No no Glenn please don’t leave me not now”. She said as tears began to form in her eyes.

“It’s okay Laura we’ll find them”. Mr. Frank said.

“All i need is Glenn and don’t care what happens to nick, you get that? Now how are you going to find them”. Laura said working toward him.

“Listen Laura, you can’t ignore the fact that you cared for nick you’re only angry because he’s a demon hunter, you can punch me for that Laura but you know deep down”. Mr. Frank said.

She broke down in tears.

“What do you expect? Discovering he’s the son of same man who let my parents died.

” Point of correction Laura, he wasn’t responsible, remember he saved you from the demon who possessed you even though you had her power which was unknown to us, Admit it Laura you’re only looking for someone to blame, what if there was no demon hunter? Glenn might have died too and you would have been a demon too but now i can’t really differentiate Laura cos you’re acting like a demon, come on punch me and beat me to pulp Provided that sinks into your head “. Mr. Frank said.




Nick eye lid shock slowly until it opened wind and the rays of light penetrated into his eyes.

He rub his eyes and suddenly paused.

He jumped out of the bed speedily knocking away something.

He looked to the ground and saw a broken ceramic cup ☕ and spilled tea 🍵. His eyes traveled slowly from the ground and his eyes meet with Rosita who was holding a tray.

“Oh my God am sorry, he said looking around”.

“Where’s Glenn?”. Nick asked looking around.

“Who is Glenn?”. Rosita asked.

“My friend whereas he and whereas what am I doing here? How did i get here?”. Nick asked.

“Saw a paranormal event on the street opposite this building where people danced around a creature and they seemed to be insane and i remembered you taking about demons, this creature was so weird it definitely wasn’t an animal then i saw you across the street dancing toward it too. Ran out and grabbed you but I were so ferocious, sorry i had to tranquilize you and bring you here “. Anna said.

” Oh no, Glenn “. Nick said and ran out of the room speedily.

He ran out of the house and could see Mr. Frank and Laura arguing on the street.

” Nick you forgot your bag “. Laura shouted running after him.

He turned back immediately.

” You’re so ungrateful nick “. She said angrily.

“Am sorry Rosita, Thanks for saving me but that creature got my best friend and some other people”. Nick said and collected his Bag.

That drew the attention of Mr. Frank and Laura as they walked slowly toward them to be sure they were seeing nick.

Nick placed his hand on Rosita’s shoulder. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.

“Thanks rose, am grateful”. He said but was cut shot by Laura’s voice.

“What the heck is happening here?”.

Nick turned back immediately and froze.

“Did you Fake your kidnap to make that creature take Glenn”. Laura said almost shouting.

“i don’t get you Laura, Glenn and I was walking home when….”. Nick was saying and she cuts in.

“When what? Whereas what are you doing at Rosita’s house huh?”. Laura said.

“It’s not what you think Laura, she rescued me”. Nick said.

“Oh i can see”. She said mockingly.

“You idiot do you Take me for a slut or what?”. Rosita said angrily.

“Yes you are”. Laura shouted and made to grab her but nick pushed them apart immediately.

“Just stop this nonsense”. Nick shouted.

“What happened nick?”. Mr. Frank said.

“Glenn and I saw an ugly looking creature who was dancing with some people and Glenn started dancing toward them too, i tried stopping him but my eyes met with the creature and i just loosed control, all i wanted at that moment was to dance to the creature “. Nick explained.

” And how come you’re at Rosita’s house? Where’s my brother? “. She shouted.

” Rosita tranquilized me and took me away when she saw i was headed for the creature like others did “. Nick said and Laura clapped loudly and finally frown

” You said you were out of control, how did you know she saved you? “. Laura asked

“she told me”.

“And you believe this brat, what if she conspired all these?”. Laura said.

“Stop it. Rosita won’t do such”. Nick said.

“So what’s all this false accusation for? Am out of here”. She said and walked away.

“Nick we should be planning on saving your friends not settling disputes”. Mr. Frank said.

“It’s all my fault he came to help me and we left for home, Unice also, damn him, he never alerted me that there was a demon ahead”. Nick said angrily..

“Maybe he wasn’t close to detect it”. Mr. Frank said.

“So what now? That idiot disappears with Glenn and that’s all”. Laura shouted.

“Laura am gonna say it over and over again if you want to rescue your brother then behave like a human”. Mr. Frank said.

“Is that suppose to be an insult?”.

“Whatever you call it”.

“What must be done sir, i need to save Glenn and the rest before this demon harm them that’s if he haven’t already”. Nick said.

“His name is Damon, Steals the voice and vision of people, so sing and attract people, the more vision he steals the greater the length of his attraction”. Mr. Frank said.

“That means he isn’t going to kill them but make them dummies”. Laura said.

“The process will kill them, demons will always be demon, their code is to kill”. Mr. Frank said.

“There’s one way to find Damon, You need to unlock the Solaris warrior”. He added.

“It’s unlocked already after Rosita and I killed inferno”. Nick said.

“Good. All you have to do is Initialize your costume. The ray of light from the headlight of  Solaris bike has UVG2 properties which helps to see footprints of demons “. Mr. Frank said.

” I’ll use it to track his footprint to his hideout “. Nick said.

” Yes. Be careful nick, remember you’re there to save your friend and not fight Damon make sure you don’t look into his eyes “. Mr. Frank said and he nodded.

” Same to you Laura”.

“Stay safe nick, my attention is needed at AMC”. He said and rode away.

“So what now?”. Laura asked.

Nick stepped forward and heaved heavily.

“Unice, Initialize full amour sequence of the Demon Hunter”.

“Initializing full amour sequence.

” Select Your Outfit “..

” Solaris Warrior “. Nick replied.

The projection entered into his body and a bike appeared close to him.

He was in a black Armour which had two gun on the waist and a large sword at his back.

blue footprints👣 could be seen where the ray of light from the bike hits on the ground.

“That’s it”. Nick said and climbed the bike.

“Am i actually mounting that bike with you?” Laura asked.

“You got an option?”. Nick asked.

She climbed the bike and they rode rode away speedily with nick tracking the footprint with the light from the bike.

They finally got to an old abandoned church where the prints enters through the mini gate that lead to the church compound.

They alighted from the bike and looked at the building.

“It’s here”. Nick said.

“Unice, Reverse transformation”. Nick said and shortly he was now without his costume and no bike.

“Why did you do that?”. Laura asked.

“We shouldn’t announce Our presence”. Nick said and opened the gate.

He enters into the compound and Laura followed suit.

They suddenly stopped as all the windows and doors in the church starts opening and closing furiously including the gate at their back.

“Nick am having bad feelings about this”. Laura said.

“We gotta save him Laura”. They said and continued moving.

The paranormal movement of the doors and window suddenly stopped.

“see its stopped”. Nick said but Laura responded with a loud scream.

A hand 🖐️ from the ground was grabbing her leg.

Nick kicked the leg repeatedly until it let go of her.

Four bloody hands sprout out of the ground and grabbed Nick’s leg pulling him to the ground.

Laura grabbed nick too pulling him away with all her strength.

She quickly grabbed a rod with her other hand and hits the hands letting go of nick.

Nick crawled away immediately while the hands waved 👐 at them..

The four hands uprooted out of the ground and and flew at them.

One grabbed Nick’s face and he struggled with it as soon as he pulled it off he used it to hit the other hand grabbing his leg until it broke.

He dropped it and picked up the rod Laura used and hits away the hand grabbing her hair.

She pulled off the other hand from her face and Nick thrust the rod through it spilling blood and their faces.

She hugged him tightly in tears.

“Nick am scared”. She said.

“You have to be strong Laura, we need to rescue Glenn”. Nick said and she nodded.

They then headed for the door that lead into the old  Church.

They started hearing demonic laughter and children voices all over the atmosphere.

“Nick?”. Laura said holding him in fright.

“Stay calm Laura”. Nick said and they continued moving ignoring the voices.

They got to the door and tried to open it but it was locked.

Suddenly the door opened furiously hitting them away, they crashed roughly to the ground far away.

Nick and Laura rose up slowly and could see woman in black gown standing in front of the door.

Nick could recognize her as the woman the security camera caught at Monica’s first attack in the apartment.

“Awww seems some curious kids came here, well come in and have some cup ☕ of tea kids”. Monica said.

“You don’t need to trick us in and Steal our bodies, i know you Monica”. Nick said.

“Who are you?”. Monica said and a black snake crawled out of her mouth and wrapped itself around her neck..

“We know Damon is here All we need is my friend”. Nick said.

“Haven’t your parent told you to stop going out at night”. Monica said.

“Where is Damon, Monica?”. Nick shouted.

“Wow! Seems a random kid knows our name, seems you’ve been following us but so bad you’ll have to die here, Damon is busy preparing his captive for his rituals”. Monica said and laughed out wickedly.

“i won’t ask again Monica, release our friends!”. Nick said.

“And what can some homeless kids do if I don’t?”. Monica asked and the snake entered through her nose and came out of her eyes.

“Unice, Initialize full Armour of the Demon Hunter, Select Solaris Warrior “. Nick shouted.

The light projected enters into his body and he transformed.

” Haha… The Demon Hunter was a kid “. Monica laughed out.

Laura closed her eyes and opening them they became white, her hairs became sparkling yellow, her became smoother and shaped and her cloths transformed to a white apparel. Not forgetting the wings which sprout out of her back.

” Wow! They came prepared, a demon hunter and a fairy”. Monica said.

“You should asked me where I kept all the bodies i stole”. Monica added.

She roared out loudly and everywhere began to vibrate.

Humans started emerging out of her body but these weren’t  humans actually. Black eyes and mouth with fangs..

About 10 of them emerged before the vibration stopped.

“Seems my cells transformed them to zombies”. Monica smiled wickedly.

Claws sprout out of the fingers of the zombie and they charged at nick and Laura. They also charged at the zombies.












💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠

🎞️EPISODE 14🎞️


Nick kicked away one of the zombie and turning back he cuts off the head of the other.

One of the zombie flew at him but he squat and it flew over him.

There zombies leapt at him but he made a circular turn slashing them away.

Another zombie jumped from the back and he blocked it with his sword.

Another one roared at charged at him from the back, he quickly pulled out one of his gun and blew off his head and turning to the zombie at his front, he placed the gun on the head and scattered the brain with bullet.

He kicked away another zombie as as the one by his side tried to grab him, he dodges it and slice his head into two.

Laura used her wings to hit the zombie at her back and kicked the zombie that ran at her.

She slapped the ground and a heavy fire erupted burning the zombie but they kept moving.

She flew up and landed on the head of one of the zombie.

She grabbed the hand of the other to fling him away but the hand detached from the body. Laura kicked him away and slapped away another one with the hand she was holding.

Two zombies grabbed her from behind but a heavy fire from her wings flung them away.

“Nick go in through the window I’ll hold her down”. Laura said.

Laura filled her entire body with fire and flew over the zombie landing in front of Monica.

She rose up quickly and conjure a fire from her hand at her but Monica roared at a heavy wind prevented it from moving Further.

Nick had to use the opportunity quickly.

He climbed his bike and rode speedily hitting the zombies furiously.

He jumped out of the bike immediately and it stopped automatically and landing he slash off the heads of the zombies at his front.

He shot the glass of the window an it scattered but there was a window frame.

He turned back and saw a herd of zombies coming at him.


He moved back and kicked the window frame away.

He quickly jumped in just before the zombies grabbed his him.

Damon who was busy tying up some people turned back quickly but nick was faster to avoid his gaze.

“WHO dares enter my empire”. He roared.

“i do”. Nick shouted and ran at him with head bowed.

Nick jumped to grab him but he caught him and threw him away.

Nick rose up and made sure he was looking at Damon shadow.

Nick bounced on the wall and closed his eyes immediately.

He dived forward to slash him but he dodges it and Nick crashed unto the wall.

He rose up weakly and his eyes met with Damon’s..

Nick eyes began to glow and he rose up slowly and staggered at Damon.

“Damage! Damage! Initiating Repair in 3,2,1…now”. Unice said and Nick outfit turns to light and entered into the watch.

“Nick?”. Glenn who was watching the scenario from where he was tied whispered.

He intentionally pushed his chair backward with all his might and it collided heavily unto the wall.

Glenn groaned out as the chair cracked up. He hits it hard again and the chair broke to pieces though he sustained minor  Bruises On his body.

He took of the room and ran at nick who was already in Damon’s control.

Glenn dived and grabbed nick away causing both of them to crash to the window.

“Repair Completed”. Unice said and Nick stared jerked up as he broke from Damon’s spell.

Nick rolled away immediately and faced the wall.

“Initialize Full Armour Sequence Of The Demon Hunter, The Blue Glider”. Nick said.

“Initializing Full Armour Sequence”.

There was a projected that from the watch and hits the wall and the reflection form Nick’s outfit.

The Blue Glider.

He could see an incoming shadow on the wall, that must be Damon.

Nick placed his leg on the wall and as the shadow got bigger, he did a back flip and landed on Damon’s shoulder.

Then he remembered Mr. Frank word that he was there to rescue and not fight Damon.

Nick did another back flip from the shoulder as Damon tried to grab him and in the air nick pulled out his gun and shot all the bulbs, thereby putting the room in darkness.

He ran to Glenn and rose him up.

“Let’s go dude this not a place to die”. Nick said they headed for the door.

Nick kicked open the door and it hits away Monica who was conjuring the zombies from her body.

Nick and Glenn jumped out but a hand sprout out of the ground and grabbed his leg causing nick to crash to the ground.

“Nick!”. Glenn shouted as the hand drew him back.

Monica grabbed Nick’s neck and tongue turned in to snake to enter into his mouth but Glenn quickly picked up a rod and landed it On her head.

She Let go of him and Nick turned back quickly pulling out one of his sword from his back.

He made to divide her face with it but five hands sprout out of her mouth and caught the sword.

Nick struggled to pull it off but it flung him away instead.

He crashed roughly to the ground.

Monica turned to Glenn and smiled wickedly.

He made to hit her with the rod but she kicked him away..

Laura landed in front of her and a heavy fire emitted from her body hitting Monica away.

“Let’s go”. She shouted picking Nick’s gun and sword.

Nick and Lance rose up quickly and ran and Nick bike.

Nick climbed and Lance too, they rode away speedily while Laura flew after them.

Monica rose up angrily and watched as they vanished out of sight.


📽️📽️📽️Next Day📽️📽️📽️



Nick walked out of the house and tied the rope of his shoe.

He rose up slowly only to meet Harry at his front.

“You scared me”. Nick said.

“Maybe you should start by were you went last night”.

“Ummm. Doing my Job”.

“Demon Hunter?”.

“Yes sure. Some things unrevealed and i had to tackle them”.


“Demons showing up at my school and rescuing my friend”.

“Who?” “.

” Glenn “.

” Did you save him alone? “.

” No.. “.

” Who assisted you? “.

” Uncle am late for school right now and I’ll have to trek because my bike got stolen yesterday “.

” You haven’t answered my question nick “.

” Uncle I thought the Era of following me up like a kid is over “. Nick said.

” And remember i could slap you across the  Face again “.

” And maybe I’ll then get an answer by why you keep pestering me around, am. Old enough to take care of myself and if you want to know my knew associate it’s…. “. Nick was saying when he was caught short by the vibration 📳 on the Lap.

He dips his hand into his pocket and brought out his phone.

He stared at the message sent to him.

” Shit! “. Nick said and ran away immediately, Harry Kept calling him but he was out of sight.

“Initialize Full Armour Sequence Of The Demon Hunter, The Red Samurai”. Nick shouted and transformed in seconds.

He made jumped on the bike at his front and speed off.

He rose through the streets until he got to the scene where a giant Skelton was tossing cars to different directions.

Nick placed a Nano ear piece on his ear and alighted from the bike.

“Am really surprised that skeleto showed up this morning and causing Havoc” Mr. Frank’s voice rang from the ear piece.

“Skeleto, That’s his name?”.

“Yes. I’ve informed Laura, she’ll be there soon, we also need a missile to blow off his head that’d how we destroy him, Laura said she’ll also Take care of that”. Mr. Frank said.


“Stop Skeleto from damaging more before she arrives”.

“sounds like a mission”.

Nick pulled out the two sword at his back and ran at a car.

He bounced on it and jumped up forcing the sword into the femur of skeleto.

Skeleto hits him away with him phalanges(finger bones) And made to trample on nick but he rolled away.

Nick pulled out his gun and released bullets Into the pelvic.

Skeleto smashed a car and the explosion flung nick away.

Nick bounced on the wall and flew past the Humerus cutting of the clavicle which caused the hand to detach from the body.

The other hand grabbed nick and smashed him on the ground.

A heavy fire from know where hits Skeleto really hard on the ribs causing him to stagger back ward.

Nick rose up slowly and saw Laura as she landed with fire emitting from her body.

“Wow! Your shape depends on your mood”. Nick whispered and ran at an incoming car.

“Initialize Emergency Trans-Solaris Warrior”. Nick shouted and climbed the car diving forward.

His outfit transformed to that of the Solaris warrior and he drew out the Large sword from his back slashing the femur thereby detaching the leg.

Skeleto struggled to stand with one leg when Laura landed on his back smashing his spinal cord causing him to kneel by force.

“” Stay low nick “. She shouted and flew from Skeleto’s back.

Nick quickly lay flat on the ground and a missile from nowhere hits his head scattering it to pieces.

Skeleto fell flat to the ground and vaporized into the atmosphere.

Nick’s eyes traced where it came from to the top of a building and could see Glenn walking away.

“Go go go.. The cops are here”. Nick heard Mr. Frank’s voice.

He rose up quickly but was already surrounded by cops with gun and about five lasers were pointing at his chest








💠WRITTEN BY : Samuel Ebenezer💠

🎞️EPISODE 15🎞️


“Freeze!”. They shouted.

Nick rose his sword and gun up like he surrendered.

“Turn around and drop your weapons”. One of them shouted.

Nick turned slowly.

Laura from nowhere landed in their midst and an erupted fire hit them all away.

She grabbed nick and flew away immediately.

Nick mind controlled his bike to follow after them and Laura soon dropped him off, he landed on the bike and dodging a truck, he rode away speedily.

He could see five cops ahead of him blocking the road and knelt behind the door to shot.

The bike flew over them and sped away.

There was another set of cops ahead of him and there was no way he’ll get past them to AMC as they shot sporadically at him

Nick turned the bike quickly to the left and rode in between two buildings.

“Unice, Revert Transformation”. Nick shouted and his outfit turned to light entering into the watch.

Nick quickly adjusted himself and played a music in his phone.

He slide it into his pocket and walked away.

“🎶 You see the writing on the waaaaall, hold on to me and I will you o o o🎶”. He sang out until he almost collide into some cops pointing guns at him.

He quickly raised his hand up and pretended to be innocent.

“Keep your hand your man we ain’t looking for you”. One of them said and Nick retreated his hand.

“Did you see a bike ride past here”. They asked.

“Yeah. One crazy driver drove past here, i wonder why people don’t Take the The main road anymore “. Nick said.

” He went through here “. He added pointing.

” Roger that let’s go “. One of them said and they began to jog toward the direction.

” Anything The problem “. Nick asked but they ignored him.

He quickly walked out of there to AMC.

He entered into the building and Mr. Frank hugged him tightly.

“o my God you’re alright”.

“Just some little cops to shake off”.

“By the time I got an information that the cops are on their way there i lost connection with you and by the time it reconnected they were already there am sorry nick”.

“It’s alright Mr. Frank, where’s Laura?”. Nick asked.

“Can someone please tell me a good why the cops wants us”. Laura said entering AMC.

“They think you guys are responsible for the appearance of the demons”. Mr. Frank said.

“That’s ridiculous but didn’t they see us fighting Skeleto”. Laura said angrily.

“Nick was in possession of fire arm and you know cops follows the law”.

“To hell with the law, The cops can’t stop these things so they should let us handle this, So now we’ll be wanted because they assumed he’s now a criminal”.

“That depends on how this is taken care of”. Mr. Frank said.

“I guess they haven’t had of heroes before”. Laura said.

“Laura we’re late for school”.

“You seem to care less about this nick”.

“Laura, Sometimes humans have to learn things the hard way, They’ll get to know our importance”.

Laura laughed out.

“Have You Forgotten You’re A human?”.

“Yes I am But Supernatural Too”.

Nick said and she Laughed, well let’s get going “. She said and they made to leave.

” Don’t worry I’ll drop you guys off or do you instead flying”.Mr. Frank said.

They got into his car and he rode away.

🚙🚙🚙IN THE CAR🚙🚙🚙


“You never told me Glenn could use a rocket launcher”.

“You never told me you were a demon hunter”.

“I thought we settled that already”.

“Just Kidding well nick once attended a Military Academy and our father is a retired Commander so that makes us automatically soldiers cos he trains us every weekend but Glenn goes on the toughest cos he’s a guy”.


“We lost a quite number of people to Damon what’s our plan next”.

“we tried our best nick, you can testify what happened last night, rescuing Glenn was damn risky, we barely escaped”.

“The problem is fighting Damon, how can you fight something you shouldn’t see”.

“You can”. Mr. Frank said.


“You Have To Unlock The The Steel Dragon”.

“What’s That ?”. Nick asked.

“It’s the next outfit to be unlocked nick, This Outfit has Amplified glasses 👓 which radiate Demonic rays, so when this outfit you have to look into Damon’s eye at a close range and the ions emitted from his eyes will bounce back to his eyes with the aid of the glasses and he’ll be rendered blind, then you can fight him but warning even blind demons can still fight and kill you “. Mr. Frank said..

” But i don’t have the outfit yet Mr. Frank “.

” Each outfit is unlocks after killing two consecutive demons, now Skeleto is dead, You Have to kill one more demon in other to unlock the steel Dragon “. Mr. Frank said.

“.Monica “. Laura cuts in and the car came to rest.

” Here we are “. Mr. Frank said and they alighted.

” Taking out Monica wouldn’t be easy “. Nick said.

” We now have Glenn with us nick, We can handle her provided she fights without an aid”.

They walked into the class and the biology teacher was already there.

“Get in Mr. Robert And Mrs. Laura”. She said.

“Or Rather Mr. And Mrs. Nick”. Lance said and everyone laughed out.

Rosita slapped his head and he turned back rubbing his head.

“Or Maybe She’s Jealous”. Lance added And All the students laughed more loudly.

“I never remembered employing you as a comedian in the this class Lance, 2 hours detention for disturbing my class”. Mrs. Rose said and the class became quiet.

Few minutes Later the bell was rung for break period and the students departed from the class while Lance followed Mrs. Rose to serve his detention.

Laura walked up to Rosita and sat on her desk.

“Hey girl sorry for the way I spoke yesterday am sorry”.

“It’s okay Laura never knew something was going on between nick and you”. Rosita replied.

“no. He’s just a friend”.

“Oh Okay”.

“friends?”. Laura said stretching forth her hand.

“Friends”. Rosita said and shook it.

Nick and Glen walked out of the class and headed for the library.

“when you said you were a demon hunter i thought you were kidding… I really love your arrival, you broke in with a unique style, bounced on the wall And oh my God it was awesome “. Glenn said.

” Are you done talking? Then keep shush cos there are many people around “. Nick said and he nodded.

They walked past the corridor that lead to the female restroom and Nick’s eyes drifted to the corridor.

His eyes caught something at the far end of the corridor, on the wall was a merged triangle sign ✡️.

” Oh my God “. Nick exclaimed and paused.


“Look”. Nick said pointing to the wall.

“What?”. Glenn asked and looked well.

“A triangle?”.

“It notifies a demonic presence”.

“So what are you insinuating?”.

“There’s a demon in that place”

“Nick? That’s a female restroom”.

“There’s a demon there, we must act”. Nick said and jogged through the corridor.

Glenn shrugged and followed after him.

Nick turned to the next corridor was saw two guys walking out of the rest room.

They quickly hid behind the wall and the girls passed.

Nick peeped out and the rest room seem to be deserted.

Nick and Glenn walked in and stared doors left and right.

that lead to the toilet

“There’s nothing here”. Glenn said and they heard a bang.

A woman grabbing a girl fell out from one of the door.

“Presence Of Evil Detected”. Unice said.

“Monica”. Nick said.

He ran quickly and pushed the woman off the girl.

“Run!”. Glenn beckoned at her and she ran out of the rest room.

It was Anita one of his classmates.

Monica grabbed Nick’s neck and pushed him to the wall.

He flung her away and made to push her but her hand sprout out from one of the door and grabbed him From behind, Monica punched Nick’s face and he fell to the door.

A zombie emerged from her body and grabbed him.

Glenn quickly grabbed the crowbar on the ground and smashed it on the zombies head.

Monica grabbed him from behind and made to bite him but nick kicked her face away.

Glenn used the crowbar to cut off the hand holding nick from behind and a zombie broke out of the door.

Nick grabbed his his head and smashed it on the wall causing blood to splattered on the wall

Glenn rushed at Monica and flung the crowbar to hit her but she dodges it and he hits the wall instead. She grabbed Glenn from behind but nick kicked her. She took four step backward and five zombies with snake tongue emerged from her body..

Two hands also sprout out from the ground and grabbed their legs.

“Get your hands off me”. Glenn said smashing the hands with the crowbar.

“Unice, Initialize Full Armour Sequence Of The Demon Hunter, The Red Samurai”.

The light projected enters into his body and he transformed.

He removed one the sword from his his back and slice off the hand holding his leg.

“After me”. Nick told Glenn and rushed the incoming zombies.

He slice off the head of the first too and kicked away the third.

The fourth tried to grab him but he dodges it and Nick smash the crowbar on his head.

Nick cut off the head off the last zombie but Monica was already at his front.

Five hands sprout out of her mouth as he grabbed Nick’s head.

Nick tried to force the sword into her stomach but another Hand sprout out of her stomach and grabbed his hand.

Nick rushed at her and raised the crowbar to hit her but a hand sprout out of his ear and punched his face away.

Nick left the sword and quickly pulled out his gun, he released quick shot into his stomach and she let go of him staggering back.

Glenn rushed forward at hit her on the head with the crowbar.

A snake shot out of her mouth to bite him but nick was faster to pull out his other sword and slice it.

“Now you’re doom Monica”. He said pointing the sword to her.

“Not me but you”. She fired back.

Unknown to them two zombies that were in the toilet staggered out and toward them but two piercing sound was heard and they looked back. Two fallen zombies and Rosita standing on the door with a gun in which a silencer was attached too.

Monica took that as an opportunity as her eyeballs 👀 fell out and two snakes crawled out to bite them.

“Stay down”. Rosita shouted and they laid low, Rosita aimed at her and shot repeatedly into her skull until she dropped down and groaned in pain.

“Haha”. She laughed out.

“It’s over Monica”. Nick said.

“No it’s isn’t DM, this just the beginning, killing me only opened the way so misery and the rest to come out and then you’ll be doomed”. She roared out and Nick forces the sword straight into her skull.

“And I’ll be ready for them”. He roared out.

Monica body vaporized into the atmosphere and vanishes.

“She’s dead”. Rosita said.

“Thanks for your help Rosita”. Glenn said.

“Glenn is part of this Too? “. She asked.

” A new member “.

” Me too “. Rosita replied.

” Let’s go before someone finds us and this mess “. Rosita said and they left immediately.

On their way back to class Unice vibrated and then spoke.

” Reward For Execution , New Armour Unlocked, The Steel Dragon “.

” Cool but learn to keep quiet in public”. Nice replied.

“Sorry boss”.

They entered into the class and sat on their various seat.

“Nick your cloth has a little stain of blood where went you?”. Laura asked.

“Monica showed up but we took care of her”.

“Wow! Hope you are alright”.

“Yeah Glenn helped me and Rosita And showed up, now I’ve seem. To understand how to beat this demons, it’s team work”. Nick said and she nodded.

“I’ve unlocked the next outfits, so if Damon ever shows up then we’ll be ready for him”.

Shortly the chemistry teacher enters and stood in front of the class.

“i guess you all have forgotten there’s a practical today”. She said and the door opened by itself.

Everyone was surprised.

“So now everyone move to the labo…”. She was saying when an invisible force threw her away and are stumbled over a desk.

The students were still trying to comprehend what just happened when Anita rose up and started screaming.

“leave me alone”. She shouted and started walking backward.

“What have i done?”. She said and started crying as she continued walking backward.

The students like maybe she was going insane or something like that.

She soon stopped at the Wall and screamed the more.

“Don’t touch me,Let me go, what have I done? “.

” Presence Of demon Detected, sorry boss for going against your order but i thought it important “. Unice whispered.

” I can see no demon Unice “. Nick said.

” Neither do i but I sense it “. Unice replied.

Nick looked to the wall and saw the merged triangle sign ✡️.

” No no no “. Nick whispered as his eyes drifted from left to right scanning the students got suspicious movement but non.

Suddenly a force rose her up choking her to the wall.

She struggled to breath and hit the air like someone was holding her neck.

Nick ran at the scenario and bounced on the desk flying up to grab her down but a force like a heavy slap hits him away.

He crashed roughly to a desk and Laura rose him up.

The entire students watched as a force threw her from the wall to the moving ceiling fan and it scattered her body into pieces splashing blood all over the classroom including the chalk board.




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