Dragon Girl – Chapter 3


👽 EPISODE 1️⃣1️⃣👽

#Possesed by love and Dragon


Previously on Epic diaries “The Dragon girl”

Officials from Fillory village cane to chance land after hearing information on the missing dragon.They went to Star falls college for the kids.

Now on Dragon girl.

Sandra:They look.more like babysitters to me..look at that old man.. stomach so big and almost touching the ground like elephant.

1st subject:you guys are really interesting with your rotten mouth..I hope you cooperate with us

2nd subject: especially this tall one (Dash)

3rd:I keep getting weird feelings about that girl (Judith)my instincts is never wrong

Judith:tour instincts?have you started the test already?if it’s based on instincts you will get everyone killed Mr Subject

1st subject:well we’re going to  run a test on you all.we can do that at least

Principal:base on the contrary you have to discuss with their parents first

4th subject:we already discussed that with your parents,the second thing is to allow you all to follow us back to Fillory

Dash:what?that village?

Juliet:wow..I really love that village especially with the beautiful ancient clothes worn by the royals not to talk of their designs on the silk.

Dash:what can you possibly like in that cloth!

Judith: I’m not wearing that cloth with you

Dorothy:I won’t even step that village

Sandra:it’s a cool village even if we end up going it will be cool

1st subject:well excuse us for now

The four subjects went to the PTA hall to discuss with the parents while Judith and the rest collapsed weakly on their chairs cuz of the mess they are in.

Two hours later

The meeting with the parents was really a tough one that it got the subjects sweating profusely.

1st subject:you guys are lucky I guess

2nd subject:Your parents disagreed on taking you now..but

Dennis:but what?

1st subject:since your graduation from middle school is in four we are to stay here and continue our investigation with the police..and anyone weird among you all is following us to Fillory.

Rise: I’m very sure I’m not following you

Closing hour, Students went home and the envoy departed to their lodge.anout Judith’s behavior changing after the excursion,her classmates testify to that so Judith is the one on the first row of the list.then after that five more people appear on the list.

Judith Home

Judith:Dragon,what can we do before I graduated school now?

Dragon:(turning on the ground playfully)stop asking me questions because I have no idea what you can do at all

Judith:look at how you’re playing with my life on the floor…how many people are left on the list?

Dragon:My dragon diaries?there are 20 people left on the list

Judith:All of them are corrupted?

Dragon:yes,they are involved in the act of chaining me down… I’m sure we will turn the paper blank before four years.

Judith:and I will be free?

Dragon:yes…I will save my friends at Fillory alone

Judith:why don’t you call Athusar for help?

Dragonilla:Athusar cannot return back to Fillory.hes still cultivation his chi

Four years later💗💗💗💗💗

It’s the day for the farewell party for the seniors,it was a memorable day for them all and the envoy came with flowers to congratulate them and also disclose the people going to Fillory

Dorothy:had I known I would have travelled out of the country..

Denis:but you still have the chance to graduate..

Dorothy:you’re very lucky you’re gonna take over your father’s business

Sara:that’s right since you’re prince charming

Dash:what brings about prince charming in this situation?do you wanna be his Cinderella?

Sara:ah uhm well

Judith: Denis has many lovers


Judith:stop dreaming Sara he’s got his Cinderella already.

Then the envoys joined them

1st envoy: Congratulations to you all and good morning

Rose:what’s good about the morning?

4th envoy: During the past four years we only had 5 people on the list but now you’re seven.. because 7 out of 19 of you are strange.

Rose:who are those?

1st envoy:Lisa,Diana,Ellen,Adam,Carl, Desmond,Olive,Shittu,and Sara you nine are safe…but Judith, Juliet,Dennis,Dash,Gareth, Katherine,Dorothy and Sandra you’re on the suspicion list.

Katherine:what? I’m innocent!

2nd envoy:yes, according to our investigation you’re easily scared scared,careless and gentle but still there is something strange with how you look

Juliet:it’s a pity Dennis,you won’t be able to take  over your father’s business anymore

Rise:well farewell to you guys

Dash:oh what a wow. The village girls will be so pretty in that ancient clothes I’m gonna flirt with them

Juliet:Flirt with death

3rd envoy:end if go home now and pack your bags.

Dennis:you want us to go home now and follow you?

Juliet:to go home and shout happily saying”mama,mama ,I’ve been picked”we’re not even traveling abroad

2nd envoy:Girls a special warning to you.there are two princes 🤴🤴 in Fillory so mind your ways of interacting with them

Katherine:may I know their name?

2nd envoy:That’s exactly what’s strange about you.





👽 EPISODE 1️⃣2️⃣👽

🧚🏾‍♂️Possessed by love and Dragon 🧚🏾‍♂️

The envoys said they should go home to pack their bags and meet back here in 2 hours.

Katherine:you haven’t tell me their names

2nd:Prince Fredrick and prince Arien.

Juliet:their names sound seductive..just like Drones

Katherine:aw….I wish to be the king’s daughter

Juliet:so simple.You can just knock on the king’s door and say”Hello father I’m your hidden daughter I know you but you don’t know me

Judith:Being a princess suit you best Kate

Katherine:thanks baby

Dash:I can’t believe I’m going with you

3rd:well since you will be living in our kingdom for a while now …I will advise you to be careful and always stay where you are put


1st sub:That’s what I can tell you for now.

They all departed and went home to pack

Judith Home

Judith:mom,bye I’m going now

Mrs Brian:Did you pack all the hand cream I bought for you?I want you to look very fresh

Judith:yes Mom I’ll be back soon,don’t worry too much.

Mrs Brian:oh my lovely daughter I’m going to miss you

Judith:mom just think that you baby is going on a long vacation okay?

Mrs Brian:Take care(almost crying)

Dennis home

Mr Wilson:Dennis don’t do anything stupid over there okay?

Dennis:yes father I understand

Mr Wilson:so….bye

Dennis:Dad I know you’re angry I won’t be able to take over your business right?

Mr Wilson:no no you’re coming back anyway

Dennis:still you’re frustrated right?

Mr Wilson:yes so get your butt out of my house and go to that Fillory kingdom

Katherine house

Kate:Mom,dad I’m going now


Father:you must not trip on your dress

Kate:I won’t fall down mommy

Mother:mommy this  mommy that when will you stop.all your childish behavior

Kate:mom you’re scolding me again

Mother:I hope that kingdom will change you

Kate:okay…(clears throat)un un,Hey yo I’m the dragon girl I’m gonna puff out fire to your face.

Mother:you’re going to puff out fire to your father’s mother face not me

Father:My grandma?

Kate:sorry dad bye(she ran away)

They gathered back at the same spot and they start their journey.after 5 hours they reach the kingdom’s border and a royal carriage came for them.They arrive at Fillory and it look more beautiful than before except the entrance of the palace that looks spooky but inside is like paradise.The two princes came to welcome them.The girls alighted from the carriage and the wind blowing through their hairs making them look like fallen angels

Prince Arien:Fresh blood

Prince Fredrick:wow…what a wow so the world is still beautiful in some angles

Prince Arien:you just have to locate it.

Prince Fredrick:look at that girl with blonde hair and blue eyes

Prince Arien:that one with brown hairs oh my God.i feel like locking her up and throw away the key.

Prince Frederick:you can talk to father about her.

1st envoy:Good evening your highness (snapping them out of their reel thought)

2nd envoy: we’re back your highnesses

Both:yes we can see that

Prince Arien:are these girls staying with us?

3rd envoy:yes your highness

Prince Fredrick:for how long?

2nd envoy:2 to 3 years if we’re fast with the test

Prince Arien:Hi I’m prince Arien(cute shiny brown eyes and thick eyebrows but light eyelashes)

Judith: my name is Judith Brian(she stretch forth her hand )

Prince Arien shake her and it feels like magic so soft and yet full of many things

Prince Arien:Have you wield a sword before?

Judith:no never(she released her hand)

Prince Fredrick: I’m prince Fredrick

Dorothy:Dorothy Hikes nice meeting you

Sandra:Sandra Morgan

Katherine: Katherine,nice meeting you

Prince Arien:you even forgot your last spirit is not with you.. sexiness 0%, hotness 0%,beauty?..hmm 20% tai no I don’t wanna greet you

Fredrick:Hello Katherine you’re highly welcomed here

Katherine:thanks a lot your highness

Fredrick:uhm..Dorothy welcome once again

Dennis:Prince?hi take your eye off her she’s with me

Prince Arien:it seems you took the wrong path brother

2nd envoy:you’re not going to greet the boys?

Arien:No not interested


Dash:phew I’m now at ease I can’t be bending my back like eunuch just because I want to greet a prince.

They went inside to greet the king and they arranged their pavilion.

Dorothy:wait the more I think about it I think it’s stupid to have brought me here

Katherine:what is it?

Dorothy:the dragon killed my father and I was around that day I even saw the dragon myself so how am I on the list?

Juliet:I didn’t even think about that

Dash:the subjects must be really stupid

Judith:I think the reason is that they want you to know your father’s killer

Dorothy:that may be right

Then the two princes came in with 12 maids carrying clothes and few boxes it contains their clothes and shoes

Prince Arien:if you’re in Rome live like Romans.

Dash:don’t tell me I’ll be wearing that?no never i can’t be walking around in that it looks embarrassing for me

Juliet:what?Royal clothes so grand like this (picking a red silky skirt).

They all pick their clothes except Dash he said he’s going to continue wearing his city clothes.They changed their clothes and it fits the girls the most.

Sandra:(holding her long wavy skirt,she turn around)I look like Cinderella

Juliet:Clothes make the girl

Katherine:hi.. girls (to the maid)can you tell us about the two princes?

Maid:of course .Prince Arien is Mr privacy he hates people entering his room or disturbing him when he’s working,he cares a lot about his body.He started wielding sword at the age of 9 so he’s best in sword fighting and a great Archer.

Prince Fredrick is a gentle sea..he’s calm and generous he can relate with anyone not minding the status he has many talents but hate marriage.

Judith:but why?

Maid:if you will excuse me now(she left the room)

They retired to their Chambers when it’s getting more darker.Juliet did not go to her room she decided to sit in a corner near the palace training ground to get fresh air.And Curious Judith who knows nothing about the palace,she decided not to change to a dragon so she wander out in her human form.on her way she bump into prince Arien,he’s not looking very friendly,his cute eyes have changed and he’s holding a sword in his hand

Judith:oh hi prince Arien

Arien:what are you doing outside so late?were you not warned?(holding her tightly)

Judith:you’re hurting me…uh I thought the palace breeze will be okay so I just want to hang around

Arien:the breeze is okay but the atmosphere and time is not..go back in now…and Run if you can

She keep looking at him confused until she heard a loud roar from afar and women screaming in pain

Judith:whatttt what iss that?

Arien:Run!!!!lock your door and put out the light

She ran with full speed and now she could hear some wild animals chasing her.

Juliet is still where she is receiving fresh air when she notice a fast movement at her back,it sounds like Hyena and later, something growling in the dark it has red eyes.She started shivering unable to move

Juliet:who who is there?


Juliet:(then she stand up and start running as fast as she can)is anyone there?save me please

Then she bump into Judith they both scream they were so scared that they forgot they are enemies,they helped each other and hid in a big water drum and cover it.They keep hearing indistinct growls like animals fighting.They hold each other and start praying after few minutes that the growling stop and the animals left they came out and set to leave when they saw prince Arien again

Juliet:oh it’s good you’re here,do you know about what happened just now?

Prince Arien:yes I do and that’s why I told you to run.Its not advisable to keep you alive since you both know the palace secret.Prince Arien raised his sword to cut Juliet but Judith pushed her away and she was cut instead on her shoulder.

Arien:why did you have to get in between I didn’t mean to hurt you girls…it was the bug

A dead bug is seen on the floor slice into two

Arien:it’s a monster bug.

Juliet:oh my GOD she’s bleeding

Judith:BBB blood?(Dragonilla is still inside me)





👽 EPISODE 1️⃣3️⃣👽

Possessed by love and Dragon


Judith ran to her room leaving Juliet and Prince Arien at the scene she closed the door and put out the lights. She started painting heavily.She felt as if her whole body is on fire she rip the clothes covering the area where she was cut and to her surprise it has healed.She tried calling Dragonilla out of her but no response just a whisper that says”I’m stuck”Judith regretted her actions and she start crying.Her hairs became longer like Rapunzel and her fingernails are sharper than before.

She didn’t know what’s walking through her body like lightening and the pain is worst than before.In her human form two big dragon wings pop out of her back making her skin to Pierce open exposing her spinal cord and a small dragon scale on her head.She was sad and disappointed in herself she pass out.

The memories of being in Fillory came rushing at her ,now she have access to Dragonilla’s memory the secret is too much for her to handle and she woke up gasping for breathe.

The wing is still on her and she didn’t know how to turn back to her human form she cuddle beside the lamp stand

Judith: I’m I’m sorry Dragonilla….I caused this for you you’re stucked..forever.

Dragonilla:It’s okay Judith don’t blame yourself.

I want you to help Prince Arien

Judith:Prince Arien?why?

Dragonilla:He’s someone very close to us but he said I shouldn’t disclose his identity I saw him tonight and recognized him I was surprised as well… I’m sure as long as he’s here he will continue to look after you.

He’s helping the Fillory spirits to restore the village.Hes fighting the bad animals that went berserk…A great fight is coming

Judith:I just arrived at Fillory and I’m faced with challenges already.

Then someone came inside through the walls Judith was scared and she stood up immediately.

Prince Arien:I know that you’re 100% full blooded dragon.





🐞 EPISODE 1️⃣4️⃣🐞

🦂 Possessed by love and Dragon


Some came inside through the walls

Prince Arien:I know you’re 💯% full blooded dragon.

Judith:(scared)prince Arien?

Prince Arien:you’re too clumsy and careless to be a dragon

Judith:now that you found me…are you gonna expose me?

Prince Arien:of course that’s my duty as a prince…but as..never mind anyway I’m not telling on you.Show me you deserve the possession and I’ll leave you alone

Judith:what’s good about the possession that I’ll be happy over?I won’t be able to grow hold I won’t be able to get married nothing will be okay

Prince Arien: I’ll marry you

Judith:(waking up from her gibberish she was saying)pardon?…your highness

Prince Arien:now you’re blushing…calling me your highness in this situation sound seductive (he said in a deep hungry voice)you’re beautiful and your dragon form is hot and demanding

Judith:(she arch her eyebrows in confusion)

Prince Arien:you don’t know what the possession meant right?…Dragonilla didn’t tell you because she doesn’t want to feel greedy

Judith:how did you know Dragonilla?

Prince Arien:listen will you?

If you get hurt with Dragonilla…he will be trapped in you forever but her spirit will be free .you will only get her dragon form you will be able to switch whenever you wish to half dragon half human..not a full dragon the fire element will be in you.During possession your whole body will emit fire and you can even summon  an inferno from your hands..the cool features in it is that you can summon weapons if you stretch your hands forward.

Judith:how come Dragonilla didn’t tell me all these?and who are you?where will Dragonilla go?

Prince Arien: Dragonilla will be free she will finally return back home

Judith:where is her home if not Fillory?

Prince Arien:She is a mystical creature she will return back to spirit world.

Judith:now I understand..she really cares for me she didn’t tell me because she’s not selfish

Prince Arien: I’ll help you with discovering your new abilities well like she requested

Judith:who are you?

Prince Arien: Dragonilla left already no one will tell you.figure it out yourself who I am!(he lean over and use his index finger to poke Judith’s forehead and two swords appear from her hands)…just like that

Judith was surprised and she dropped the sword Prince Arien went out and Judith sat down hugging her knees she feel lonely but assured at the same time because someone very dangerous but trustworthy knows her secret.

The next morning,sound of drums was heard it was so loud and deafening as if it’s made of iron

Guest pavilion

Maid:wake up sleepy heads time for your worst nightmare 🌃

Dorothy:(yawning) what’s this …’s too loud(painfully)

Dash:what the ****.You’re ruining my life

Prince Fredrick:wake up teenagers today is your first day the welcome party is over

Juliet:When I was going to school I never get up at 4:00

Prince Arien:That will stop now I guess

Katherine:good morning Prince Fredrick (smiling broadly )

Prince Fredrick:arh . morning beauty how are you(keeping his smile to avoid upsetting her silly action)

Sandra:you’re head over heels for the prince.

Dennis:Let go already.

Dorothy:where is Judith?

Prince Arien:she woke up before you guys.. and why are you all sleeping here together?

Dash:Juliet told us a ghost story and we slept off in her room

Prince Arien:(he wink at Juliet)thanks baby(he whisper)

Dash caught them and he started making up thoughts.

When Judith woke up she’s already in her human form she went to join the rest at the East part of the palace.

Juliet:uhm what are we doing here?don’t tell me we are taking our bath together and in front of you?

Prince Arien:well yes… hi I’ll be in charge of your test. in exposing the possessed

Judith:(silently_keeping my secrets and firing me)

Prince Fredrick:This river is an enchanted river.a witch who died in Fillory was buried here and it became a river so even with this water we can expose the invisible

Dash:wow…cool😲I thought history remains in movies

Dennis: so I’m gonna bath in that?

Sandra:eeww the witch must have rotten  already… disgusting

Prince Fredrick:You only need to go inside and stay underwater for 5 minutes

Juliet:I can’t even last for 5 seconds underwater while swimming.

Prince Arien:this is not an ordinary river…if you’re clean you will survive but if you’re the dragon the witch will trap you inside.

Katherine:the witch (breathing heavily and her)

Dennis:this weird girl should go first.

Sandra: we’re going together

They entered the river and they continued going deeper till the water covered them all.

During this process,A white creature came out of the river and she sweep all of them out with her powers.Prince Fredrick and prince Arien we’re not surprised who it is but we’re surprised that she’s back and alive.

Nimueh:Hello husband it’s been a while

Prince Fredrick:NIMUEH?

Nimueh is a white Satyress (one of the mystical being that went berserk to help king Topaz and he promised her marriage with his son Fredrick but somehow separated when they were young.





👽 EPISODE 1️⃣5️⃣👽

Possessed by love and Dragon


Nimueh:Hi husband

Prince Fredrick: Nimueh!!?

Nimueh:looks like someone is exited to see me(she flung her hair to the back)

Dash:am I dreaming right now?

Juliet:Do mystical creatures truly exist?

Nimueh:hmmm smell fresh blood Humans I see you all smell delicious

Katherine:Did she just call him husband?

Judith:that’s what you could grab from the suspense going on Kate?

Prince Arien:you’re interrupting our work here what are you doing here?

Nimueh:so you’re sad I’m back?(her face turn red)

Prince Fredrick:no no Nimueh don’t

Nimueh used her laser eyes to attack Prince Arien but he Dodge it with a dragon sword

Nimueh:hunnn interesting you still got that sword with you

She walk towards Judith and the rest

Prince Fredrick:Don’t touch our guest..let go and see Father

Nimueh:you should have said that before

She changed from Satyress to a pretty lady with two legs but the two legs are like horse’s.she sway her hips as she walks then she stop and face Arien

Nimueh:The river is fake..I ate that witch already no one is there to expose any soul

Fredrick went to the king and prince Arien left the river angrily like he’s pissed..

Judith:Dear girl(the maid)can you please explain everything to us?

Maid:since you’re seeing everything now it’s not right to keep the truth from you any longer.Nimueh was betrothed to Prince Fredrick as peace treaty when they were small but one day they left the palace to hang out and they stayed outside late…when the hungry wolves and some evil mystical creatures attacked them.Prince Fredrick,Nimueh,Prince Arien and Ana were still young and didn’t know how to defend themselves

Dorothy: who’s Ana?

Maid:Prince Arien friend (a female friend)

They keep running for their lives but Nimueh being a very young Satyress couldn’t save them either and they got stucked to a cave.Prince Arien saw a dragon sword, the one he’s been holding since then and tried fighting off the animals.An animal charged towards prince Fredrick and Nimueh used Ana as a bait for them to escape.and Ana was eaten.Prince Fredrick and the rest continued running and got to a cliff.Prince Arien being very angry charged toward Nimueh..she was moving backward and she fell off the cliff and since then nobody heard from her.

Katherine:oh my heavens what a Bitch she was

Judith:what of Ana?

Dennis:She died?

Dash:dude she was eaten

Juliet:now what’s gonna happen?

Sandra:Won’t she pose threat?


King Topaz have no choice than to rearrange the marriage because Nimueh is now powerful and threatening.Prince Fredrick rejected her and told his father he already have a woman he loves.

King:Show me that girl in three days or else you are going to marry her.

Nimueh went to the palace training ground to play with arrows and swords but met Prince Arien.

Nimueh:Well well well look who we’ve got here

Prince Arien:(remains silent and arch his bow with arrow)

Nimueh:Don’t you miss me?

Prince Arien shoot at her but she was quick to evade the attack.

Prince Arien:I don’t have anything to discuss with you than death

Then Judith arrived at the scene

Judith:uhm.. I’ll come back later I guess

Before she could turn away ,Nimueh ran fast and blocked her way.

Nimueh:(using her finger to raise her chin up)why do I keep getting this feeling whenever I see you?but I don’t know who you are still?

Judith: I’m just a normal human being not a monster like you.

Nimueh slapped her and her eyeballs turned yellow

Prince Arien:I’ve had enough of your nonsense Nimueh

Nimueh: interesting…you know what she is and you’re deceiving everyone

Judith:you won’t live to tell tales(she said in electrifying voice)

Nimueh:(feeling scared)Half human half dragon you’re more dangerous than I thought.

She ran off like lightening

Judith:oh my God what have I done?

Prince Arien:Get ready to be captured.I won’t be able to help you anymore.i thought I can build you to be like me

Judith:haaaa.te . ATHUSAR?

Prince Arien:Yes Athusar.

He left the training ground


Nimueh went deep into the forest and she unleashed the three sisters of Gorgon,she picked a fight and ran the Gorgons are matching towards the palace.(A Gorgon is a mystical creature that turns people to stone by just looking at them”that is if they make eye contact.)

Nimueh:Get ready for a party hahahaha(she laughed wickedly)..Prince Fredrick that’s your bachelor’s party.




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