My Crazy – Final Chapter


πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’


πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 23πŸ’–πŸ’–


😌😌davis 😌😌


Our date went wellΒ  I took her to kacy’s one of the most expensive restaurant around


We talked about somethings like family,Β  friends and also about highschool days.


But I still need to let her know about what I did the other day


“Baby wanna tell you something promise you not gonna get mad at me ” I said feeling un easy


“What is it davis tell me” she said still eating her fries


“Just promise you won’t get mad” I said again to be sure


“πŸ‘Œ okay I promise now tell me ” she said paying attention to me


“Actually last week Friday,…. I went to the pub because I was lonely…. I was seated by the bar drinking with out talking to anyoneΒ  then suddenly….. ” I said scratching my neck


“Then what happened ” she said with a serious πŸ˜’ face


“Erhmmm I got drunk and mistakenly had sex with a red haired

I didn’t want to but she challenge my drunken state and I got angry and end up damaging her p****y, but swears I was drunk it was a mistakeΒ  ” I said not looking at her


” wooow bravo the best fuck award goes to davis king monteiro, you moron how could πŸ‘ you” she said angrily as she throw her 🍟 fries at me


“Baby please πŸ™ am sorry it was a mistake promise its not gonna happen again ” I said feeling guilty


She stood up and wanted leaving when I rushed to her front and knelt before her by now the whole restaurant is watching us but ion care


“Please don’t go hit me, Do whatever you want with me but don’t leave me alone I would die if ion feel your love for a second am so sorry I know am the biggest fool right but please πŸ™ forgive me” I said with sad eyes


The whole restaurant we’re murmuring to each other


“Its okay babe y you don’t have to kneel I love you okay?Β  And please don’t do that again come here” she said and pull me up I felt relieved 😌 as the crowd πŸ“£ cheer us


“I love you much more my forever ” I cooed and placed my lips πŸ’‹ on hers


Kissed her for a while before leaving the restaurant


Love is a beautiful feeling when you are with the right person


“My place or yours ” I asked the moment we stepped in to the car


“Nah let’s go to mine wanna spoil you today ” she said licking her lips


“Crazy girl okay then its settled let’s get going ” I said and ignited the engine πŸš’ before zooming off




Argh?!!?!Β  How dare you sky”. I roared and πŸ‘Š punch my room door


You even had the guts to slap me just because of that puppet,


Screw you bitch!!Β  You will pay for this alone side your puppet


AfterΒ  all have done she still choose davis over me but notΒ  to worry


For the humiliation she gave to me today am gonna take her life once and for all then blame it on Davis


Yes that’s what I will do,, skyler gray your doom is near




We got to my mansion not long but we both refused to go in


He is claiming gentleman and am also claiming a gentle lady πŸ˜†


We argued till we got into the house


We got to the couch where I started kissing him again.


The kiss was getting intense

WhenΒ  a thunder like voice stop us.. It was my dad

making me jerk off immediately


“, what’s going on here ” he roared


Uh oh πŸ™€




πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’


πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 24πŸ’–πŸ’–


πŸ˜’πŸ˜’skyler πŸ˜’πŸ˜’


“Daddy? How did you get into my mansion, and secondly you not suppose to be inΒ  LA till next month ” I said angrily


I hope he didn’t come all the way from Paris to talk me outta my relationship with davis


“Skyler where have I gone wrong as a father huh, did he brainwashed you with his lies again that made so optimistic about him” he said calmly


“Listen to me for once dad, davis is not what you think he is or what you think they told you. He is the only person that has ever loved me from the heart” I said


But he kept quiet 😢


“Mr gray am so sorry for whatever things you heard about me but the truth is I love sky with all of me, am ready to go extra miles for her, please πŸ™ you more like a father to me therefore you have every right to be mad me” davis said


I could bet my dad was surprised 😲


“Hmm so what about kelvin, that boy likes you too ” he said walking to my mini sized bar and helped himself to a drink


“what kelvin feel for me isnt love but lust daddy please try and understand me this one” I said with pleading eyes


“Oh don’t give me that look you know I can’t resist them fine bring in over to the house next week me and your mom would like to have dinner with him. Davis ion know what or how you did it cause haven’t seen my daughter so happy like this, I have accepted you as her man and don’t you ever think of breaking her heart orΒ  you gonna loose your head” dad said and sipped from his 🍸 glass


I screamed and jumped on him with so much happiness at last


“Thank You so much sir I promise to be best man in her life” davis said with a charming smile


“Thanks daddy you the best dad ever” I said and earned a chuckle from him


“Its okay my dear now if you don’t mind have got a flight to catch am off to Texas, see you next week ” dad said and winked before leaving in a hurry


I ran into the warm embrace of davis


Have never been so happy πŸ˜€


“We did baby ” davis muttered into my ear


“I love ❀️ You ” I said quietly


“I love you so much more ” he said and tickled my sides


I burst out laughing πŸ˜‚


πŸ‘£πŸ‘£mr grayπŸ‘£πŸ‘£


I guess those two deserve to be together


But kelvin doesn’t get this, you can’t force someone to love you


I didn’t leave the mansion completely I stood beside the pillars outside and watched how happy they we’re through the glass door.


I glance at my wrist watch before walking to my car my driver was already seated waiting


Also immediately I my cellphone rang I brought it out to see who it was


Speak of the devil, its Kelvin, I answered it and placed on my ear as I ordered my driver in audibly to drive


πŸ“žgood day mister gray ” he said from the other side


πŸ“žhow are you doing Kelvin ” I asked flicking through the magazine close to me


πŸ“žyou should know theΒ  answer to that question since you failed to get skyler to fall for me ” he said rudely triggering my anger

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πŸ“žmind Your tongue young man ” I warned


πŸ“žlove can’t forced thats your problem if skyler decided to go for the man of her dreams, now if you would excuse me have got better things to think about ” I said obviously lost my temper


πŸ“žyou will pay for this mister gray ” he said


Okay that’s it


πŸ“žexcuse me young man you can’t threaten me remember I can get you locked with just a phone call now get lost and don’t ever show your disgusting faustrated face around my family. Good day” I said and hang up angrily


How dare that little brat try to insult me




πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’


πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 25πŸ’–πŸ’–




They have dared me and I promise that old fool he is gonna kiss my feet and beg me for mercy


I better call my guys.


πŸ“žboss ” he said from the other side


πŸ“ž mark I have a job for you, I will send you the details I want him eliminated ASAP. You will your pay once the job is done” I said angrily


πŸ“žnoted boss you can count on me ” he said and hang up


Watch out sky am coming for you and your stupid lover






We are in Paris presently, am so happy her family finally accepts me


Well except one person πŸ™ πŸ™ scarlet she still wants to marry me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ crazy being


Wait I thought sky was the only daughter of Mr gray how come there is that scarlet witch

I better ask her


By the way we at Eiffel tower πŸ—Ό I just love the view there at night


Me and sky took so many pictures, she made me buy cotton candy, I must say it was tasty.


We’re we resting on an artificial grass not far from the Eiffel tower


She placed her head on my thighs as we said so many funny things before seating in silence watching the beauty of the tower


“Baby!Β  Can I ask you something? ” I said


“Yeah sure what’s it dear” she said seating up


“I thought you the only daughter of Mr gray, when did your mom had scarlet? Sorry for asking tho just wanted to satisfy my curious mind ” I said


“Oh that, well scarlet is my adopted sister, she was adopted by my mom at the NGO she runs when she was still a baby. ” she said and smiled then touched my cheek


“Woow no 😀 wonder she acts like a witch sometimes ” I said and burst into laughter πŸ˜‚


She joined me in laughing


“Common sweetie let’s get going, its late already ” I said and took her hand and pulled her to me before sneaking my hand around her waist.


I really want to get a taste of those sexy lips πŸ’‹


I kissed her gently while she responded it was a kiss of deep emotions as we kissed passionately


She broke the kiss afterwards


” come on davis people are watching let’s go to the car ” she said


I groaned as she pulled me along


We entered the back seat of the car as we started kissing again


She tugg on my tee shirt and opened it aggressively as she sent my buttons flying around the car.


I bit her earlobes tenderly and kissed her all over the body before raising her dress up


I groaned softly as I felt my hardness trying to break through my denim jean


She trailed her hand around my belt before releasing the beast from its cave


I closed my eyes when I felt her hand on it.


She gave me a good hand Job, I couldn’t hold back my moan for the feeling was something else


She stopped stroking it and inserted my beast into her warm honey pot,


How have missed that p***y

I slowed my pace at first before increasing the tempo


As I thrust deep into her honey pot. Our moans filled the car.


Soon we reached climax, I cummed in her for the first time.


I sat up to catch my breath.


Sex in the car was superb πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


You should try it some time


πŸ’‹πŸ’‹Skyler πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


Its been days since we came back from Paris, its was a memorable moments at Paris for my parents had accepted davis


As my boyfriend, I couldn’t contain my happiness



After work πŸ’Ό on Monday I walked to my car tiredly


Strange there was someone atΒ  the driver side he was dressed like a chauffeur


“Maam your father hired me as your driver he said


I shrug my shoulder and got into the car for I was too tired to ask questions


Immediately I got into the car a strange stood up at the back seat..


I wanted to scream but he used something to cover my nose


I blacked out immediately


“Take her to the warehouse ” was the only thing I heard before I blacked out


πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’


πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 26πŸ’–πŸ’–


😞😞 Davis 😞😞


Why am I having this feeling something was awfully wrong


I couldn’t concentrate a bit at work, what could be the reason for this feeling


I picked up my cell phone and dialed sky’s line strange it wasn’t going through


That’s so unlike sky cause we were supposed to meet up for dinner tonight


I stopped working and clear up my desk before walking outta the company to the parking lot,.I better check on her


Just then my phone started ringing,at first I thought it was sky but surprisingly it was from an unknown number


I hesitated before picking up


πŸ“žHello ? Who is this” I asked immediately I answered the call


πŸ“žYou worst nightmare” I heard a familiar voice


πŸ“ž Kelvin??, what do you want from me” I barked at him


πŸ“žHold your horses nigga ,you don’t want your girlfriend to get hurt do you?” He said sarcastically


I was surprised what’s he talking about


πŸ“žDon’t you dare touch my woman or I promise am gonna cut off your fingers” I groaned


πŸ“žOh really? Okay say hi to your girlfriend” he said


Immediately I heard Skyler’s voice my blood boiled with anger


πŸ“ž Davis please help me” I heard her faint voice


πŸ“žListen to me Kelvin if you touch a strand of her hair swears am gonna kill you” I growled


πŸ“žShh Shh now you listen to me,I will send you an address to your phone come to the address by 7:00 sharp mind you don’t even think of involving the cops or else kiss your girlfriend goodbye” he said and hang up on me


Argh !!! I groaned and punched the car how dare Kelvin try to touch my sky


😭😭 Skyler Skyler 😭😭


I woke up with a terrible head ache


What!! Where am I ? Everything is blurry as my sight hasn’t cleared up yet that was when I remembered the days event


Have been kidnapped

I heard footsteps coming closer soon my blindfold was removed only to be face to face with the devil Kelvin??


“Why did you bring me here you fool” I tried to struggle free but I my arms were tied strongly to a steel chair


“Calm down sweetie your boyfriend will soon join us” he said and dialed Davis line


“Davis please help me” I managed to say


After the call one of his boys came with a bucket of water and splashed it on me


It was damn cold as I shivered

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“You imbecile you won’t get away with this” I said but he slapped me hard across the face and stripped off my clothes

Leaving me with just my undies


“Pour more cold water on her” he commanded as they kept pouring me more water


” Just agree to be mine and free yourself of this pain” he whispered in my ear


“Never!! I would never be a woman to disgusting guy like you”I said and spat on his face


He got really furious


“You shouldn’t have done that sweetie” he said and punched me on the lips bursting my lips in the process



πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’


πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 27πŸ’–πŸ’–


😑 Kelvin 😑


“Trust me you shouldn’t have done that sweetie” I said and brought my laptop closer so she can see how I waste her precious daddy


“Take a look at your precious daddy baby” i said mockingly


“Kelvin what’s your problem why are you monitoring my father? Just leave him outta this please” she sobbed


Oh how I enjoyed torturing her


“Sorry sweetie but because of your foolish act your father is gonna pay for it”,Β  I said still holding my phone


“With what is it money you want !?? Just name your price am gonna pay up just leave me and my family alone”, he growled


“Chill out am not done talking yet,he is gonna pay for it right now with his ……life ” I said and boom


The conference room in which mister gray and some other influential men are holding a meeting blow up instantly


“No!!! No!!!! Daddy!!! Kelvin can you be so cruel huh !! Just kill me instead but I swear you gonna regret every bit of what you have done” she yelled out tears as she broke down crying


“Shh don’t cry baby it’s not right for a princess to cry,how about I have a sweet taste of what you have been giving to that fool” i said licking my lips


She raised her head up immediately I could see the look of fear written all over her


“What are you talking about Kelvin” she panicked


“You know exactly what am talking about bitch ” I roared and slapped her hard making her fall on the ground with the chair


She groan in pain but I won’t stop ion feel pity for anyone not even my mom


I called my boys to untie her and hold her firmly


“Please I beg you in the name of God don’t do this ” I cried out loud while my boys keep hitting her


I grabbed hold of both sides of her pants and wanted ripping it when a voice stopped me


“Don’t you dare or you gonna regret every bit of it” he growled with blood shot eyes

As he pointed two guns at me and my boys


“πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚You think you can stop me !??” I said moving closer gently not to gain his attention


Skyler limped to his back, the look on his face was intimating but am not gonna give up soon not without a fight.



Seriously Kelvin you just messed with the wrong dude


I fixed my phone back and quickly dialed James number he picked up the phone shortly


πŸ“ž James I need the stuff now”, I said not waiting for him to say a word


πŸ“žBut why ? You haven’t used it before” he try to said


πŸ“žThere is always a first time for everything,bring it to hilltop gate

I will be waiting someone just stepped on my toe” I said in between clenched teeth


πŸ“žVery well then am on my way” he said and hang up..



I got the address Kelvin sent to me,so I decided to go in through the back not after throwing a smoke bomb at the boys outside ,they will fall asleep immediately

But it’s temporary


I walked quietly into the warehouse Skyler’s cry filled the place it was as if something had pierced my heart

This got me even more angry am going to blow off that dude’s head.


I got there right on time,he dare tried to do the unforgivable with my sky


I brought our the guns and pointed it at them


“Don’t even dare or you will regret every bit of it” i said with venom running through my vein


” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚You think you can stop??” He laughed is this a joke to him, sky limped to my side I felt hurt seeing her like this.


I got distracted thinking about sky that I didn’t see Kelvin coming,he kicked the gun outta my hands and landed a hard kick on my stomach ,I groaned and staggered backwards


Sky gasps and shifts from my side that’s what I wanted


He tried to kick me again but he was unlucky this time as I caught hold of his foot and gave a squeeze before pushing him off ,he fell on his minions


Those ones try to attack me,I didn’t break a sweat before beating them up.

Kelvin used a whip on me and held on to my neck firmly with the whip around


We were both struggling as I also tried to reach the gun close to me but I couldn’t


My face was turning red as I could hardly breathe when I heard a gunshot just behind me making Kelvin stop.


He left me and turnedΒ Β  And fell to the ground that was when I saw Skyler holding up the gun

She had shot Kelvin,she dropped the gun and started crying,.police sirens could be heard coming closer.


Before coming I had asked James to call the police in an hour time.


I removed my jacket and used it to cover Skyler and hugged her to myself


She won’t stop crying,i never Kelvin wasn’t dead .


He got hold of my gun quietly and shot me three times at the back


I looked at Skyler ,then back to my bleeding stomach,


She screamed immediately


😭😭 Skyler 😭😭


It was as if my world had broken.


I got infuriated and took the other gun from the floor swears I will kill this guy today i don’t mind going to jail for it


I walked towards him with anger..


“I hate you..I hate you” i yelled and wasted all the bullets on him with my eyes closed that I didn’t know I had wasted all the bullets on his left hand and leg


He screamed in pain as blood came gushing out.


The police came in immediately I dropped the gun and ran to Davis


“Breathe breathe baby ” i said with shaky voice as tears cloud my eyes


” I….I… Love…. you” was the only thing he said before blacking out


He stopped breathing




πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’


πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 28πŸ’–πŸ’–


πŸ˜₯ Skyler πŸ˜₯


“No no Davis you can’t just leave me alone like this” I yelled out more tears


The ambulance had already arrived,the police took Kelvin and his men away


Too bad he survived,


“Step aside ma’am will take it from here” the medics said as they rushed to attend to him


“He is still breathing quick bring the stretcher” one of them said as he tend to Davis wound


I was some how happy . Davis was taken into the ambulance with a oxygen mask fix on his nose.


I sat beside him as I took his hand in mine ,I not letting go


He looked so peaceful and vulnerable too

Kelvin is gonna rot in hell for this…



At the hospital.


He had been taken to a ward since but I haven’t heard anything makes me worry even more.


They had asked to treat my wounds but I refused, mine are minor injuries


I pace back and forth the reception,I might go crazy if I don’t get answers soon


I called Mom , thank goodness my dad is alive and well at the hospital ,even though some of the men at the meeting didn’t survive at all


After waiting for so long, the doctor came outta the theater with his face mask on he removed it the moment he got to me.


“Doctor how is he doing” I rushed the doctor with questions


“Miss gray please come with me to my office” he said and walked away


While I trailed after him.


“Please seat” he said gesturing me to a chair


“Doctor am not in the mood to seat just tell me how is he ???, If it’s Money you want don’t worry I will pay double the bills to ensure he is okay” I panicked


“Calm down miss gray and have your seat first” he said


I sat down tired ,as I felt dizzy Abit and at the edge of puking but I held it back


“We managed to pull out the bullets safely ,.he is stable now but I can’t say he is out of danger, because I found out his molecules are slowing down,and if it keeps dropping he might slip into coma” he said


I wanted to say something but my mouth failed me I ended running out ,I located the toilet instantly as I puked continuously


The doctor came to where I was ,he examined me for time before speaking up


” Miss gray come with me to the lab I need to run some tests on you,you don’t look so good” he said as he held my hand and led to the lab..


Right now am seated at his office waiting for the test results,the doctor is yet to come.


I sat down impatiently not until I heard the door open it was the doctor he had a smile on his face


He gave me the results before seating down


” Congrats miss gray” he said


Congrats?? What’s he talking about,I quickly read the content of the results


Tears gathered as I read through it my hands became shaky


“Congrats miss gray you are two weeks pregnant” he said smiling


“Am pregnant?? “I shuttered


Right now am the happiest person on Earth and at the same time sad


This a happy moment for me but I can’t be happy knowing Davis is in there struggling for his life


“Please doctor take me to his room” i said and wiped off my tears.


“Okay miss come with me ” he said and lead the way


I saw him through the glass,he looked pale as all his wounds have been covered up but yet still handsome


I walked quietly to his side and sat beside him taking his hand in mine,he was still wearing a oxygen mask

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“Baby please come back to me ,I missed you so much don’t do this to me remember your promise” i said as more tears threatened to fall


I rocked his palm thinking about all the fun adventures we had together


I laughed out tears


“Davis please come back to us ,our baby needs his daddy to teach him how to walk ..yes Davis am pregnant,you gonna be a father soon “I said and used his hand to touch my Tommy


Something happened,he moved his hand


Later he opened his eyes as he gasps .





πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’


πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 29πŸ’–πŸ’–


πŸ’‹ Skyler πŸ’‹


He gasps for air ,as I ran out to get the doctor and nurse


I came back shortly with the doctor but he asked me to wait outside


Which I did ,am so happy he is okay


After a while came out with a big grin on his face


“Doctor how is he now ” i asked curiously


“I don’t know if i should call a miracle but his molecules are normal and he is outta danger,he is resting for now I advise you go home and freshen up you look messes up” he said and walked


Yes!! Yess!!


Thank goodness he is okay ,let me quickly go home and freshen up


Am gonna spoil his face with plenty of kisses and also a dirty slap too for scaring me like that




πŸ˜‘Davis πŸ˜‘


I regained consciousness but my eyes were still heavy


I couldn’t opened them yet but I had to force them open only for the sharp light shine bright on my eyes making hurt


I shot them back and relaxed for a while before opening then again


My vision was blurry but became clear as I adapt to the bright lights


I looked around meΒ  the place was unfamiliar to me,.there was no one in the room


I tried to seat up but I couldn’t ,I felt a sharp pain at my back bone ..


So many wires were connected to my body.


Event of how Kelvin shot me and tried to hurt sky came flashing.


The door cracked open revealing my angel she had tears In her eyes


“Come here baby” i whisper audibly


She ran into my arms and tried to suffocate the life outta me


“Easy kitten I can’t breathe” I murmured


“Sorry guess am just too overwhelming,I thought have lost you for good” she sniffed


“Never am not gonna leave you, even death can’t separate us ” I cooed


She gave me a dirty slap,is this how to welcome someone who just excaped death.


“Don’t ever scare me like that again” she said and kissed me deeply


I so much miss those lips


We kissed passionately


“I love you baby” i whisper into her ear


“We love you so much” she said



“We??” I asked


She took my hand to her tummy and rubbed it


Hope it’s not what am thinking


“You going to be a father soon Davis” she blurted out


“OMG OMG am gonna be a daddy” I grinned happily


“A m gonna be a father !!!!” IΒ  said excitedly




πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’




πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 30πŸ’–πŸ’–


😍 Skyler POV 😍


It’s been two months since Davis had been discharged.

We all went back to our lives ,with no fear of someone hurting us.

My baby bump is starting to show


And look chubby too


I woke up from my slumber and stretch out Abit.


Breakfast had already been served it was brought to my room by the maid


After taking my bathe I was clad in a loose floral gown


I packed my hair In a ponytail before heading downstairs


Davis called out to me almost immediately


“Baby am home!!” He said loudly


” It’s good to have you back it’s felt like you were gone for ever” I pouts


“Common sweetie don’t miss me that much am here now ” he said and placed a kiss on my glossy lips.


“Wanna take you somewhere dear come with me” he said and kissed my forehead


“Where could that be? Besides am not properly dressed yet” I muttered


“It doesn’t matter what you put on you will always look pretty to me,come now we don’t wanna be late baby”he said and sweep me off the ground unexpected


Where is he taking me to ??


He placed me on the passenger seat of the car and went over to the driver seat.


Looked extremely happy right now ,I wonder what’s up with him.



He drove for a couple of minutes and came to halt infront of Tiffany’s


“What are we doing here Davis” I asked curiously


“Relax baby it’s a surprise but first thing first I need to blindfold you in order not to ruin our suprise” he winked.


Huh! You not tryna kidnap me?” I said childishly


“Oh common baby just do it already and stop whining like a pregnant woman” he said placing a scarf on my eyes.


“Oh great am a pregnant lady so what are trying to say ?” I pouts.


He guided me to God knows where, suddenly we came to a stop I guess we’re inside Tiffany’s already.


“Are you ready for this baby ?” He whispered into my ear


” I was born ready ” I boasted


“Okay good 1,2,3” he said and removed the blindfold


I gasps on seeing the beautiful decorated place


“Suprise !!!!! Everyone chorus


“Happy birthday my love” Davis chip in


My family members, friends well wishers, Davis family too and lot of people too


“Woow I don’t know what to say” I said happily


“Now for your birthday present” Davis said and went on his knees


🀭Davis 🀭


“Have never done this before,I don’t even know where to start from , Skyler gray I know have never the prince charming you have always dreamt about when you were a kid,.it’s true have been an asshole and womanizer in the past, thanks to you I’m an independent man now ,you made me realize somany things ,you thought me how to love and made my world shine bright and it will be a shame if you not by my asking you here and now before the peopleΒ  MARRY ME SKYLER GRAY”Β  IΒ  said nervously

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He gasps as she used her palm to cover her mouth


Say yes ” I heard everyone murmuring


“No I will not” she said with a smile


I almost fainted

“Why ? I asked feeling uneasy


“Because am your bride already, kindly slide the ring into my finger” she said with chuckle

I haved a sign of relief


Everyone cheered happily,I stood and kissed her passionately

Tears roll down her cheeks immediately

“Shh please don’t cry baby,I want you to know that I love you with all my life” I said and wiped off her tears before hugging her tightly


“I love you too hubby” she whispered into my ear



πŸ”žmy crazy andΒ  erotic romance πŸ”ž


Written ✍ by munay berry πŸ˜’




πŸ’–πŸ’–chapter 31πŸ’–πŸ’–




😍Love they say is a very beautiful thing when you are with the right person,well I found my own right person in skyler


We were two different people with different personalities but at the end


We became one


“Do you Davis king monteiro take Skyler gray to be your lawfully wedded wife?”, The priest asked


Smiled at the beautiful lady standing in front of me


“Yes I do ” I said with a grin.


“And do you Skyler gray take this handsome gentleman as your lovely wedded husband?” The priest asked her.


“I do ” she said not breaking eye contact with me.


“Very well then you may now kiss the πŸ‘° bride ” the priest said


I crashed my lips on hers immediately she held onto me tightly as we kissed passionately


“Erm please go get a room” I heard Scarlett said from behind.


Well Scarlett is officially dating my cousin brother Finn the HIGHSCHOOL cutie 🀣


“I can’t wait to erm…you know!” I whispered into Skyler’s ear


“You such a pervert” she teased and punch my shoulder


“Ouch my shoulder you broke my arm” I cried in pretence


“Am so sorry dear where does it hurt” she asked touching me all over.


“It’s hurting down there ” I said pointing towards my manhood stylishly


“Stupid husband” she mumbled




I laid on the bed waiting for my wife to come out from the bathroom she had been in there for a while now


Boom she came out looking smoking hot in those lingerie her baby bump wasn’t showing that much


“You want this” she asked seductively


I nodded like a puppy hungry for bone


“Well come and get it it’s all yours” she said still standing


I raced with speed and sweep her off the floor and placed her on the bed while she giggled like a child


Ready to devour 😝😝😝


If you know what I mean




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