My School Task - Nigerian Story

My School Task (Episode One)


‘Its Monday again, I don’t feel like going to school’. Amira said as her alarm rang, then she remembered Julia her best friend and rushed to d bathroom. ‘I can’t miss Julia’ she said. She got dressed and rushed out of d house without breakfast after greeting her parents. On getting to d bus-stop, she saw Julia waiting patiently, Amira smiled and hugged her from the back. Julia smiled because she knew it would be Amira, they greeted each other with jokes and not long the bus came.

They walked into d school still chatting and laughing den a car drove pass them and almost all d female students ran to d car standing some miles away from d car blushing. It was Dennis the most handsome and famous male student in d school. His parents were so rich and his father was d director of d school. Apart from that, he was very brilliant and cool, he had no time for girls as he sees them as cheap girls without life. That doesn’t stop d girls from flocking around him not because he is rich but because he is so handsome and cool.

It turned out that Julia was dating him, unbelievably how did that happen. Amira hated Dennis with all her heart and still wondered why her best friend would date a rude class president that she never liked for once. Julia would ignore Amira and still flock around Dennis who never had time for her because he never liked her. Their dating was by mistake and unintentional, I was drunkenness that made Dennis ask her out that night they went for a school party and without wasting time, Julia agreed.

‘I just wish u will come back to your senses and let go of this he goat’. Amira said to Julia. Julia would not listen to her but glance at her angrily and Amira would have no choice but to b quiet.
Julia quickly ran after Dennis as he pompously walked into the school to his class. Julia followed him and called his name in d midst of d girls to show them she was dating Dennis. Luckily for her Dennis stopped for her to talk while Amira watch them tiredly.


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