Pain Killer – Chapter 2




I was to start work today. I had finally gotten over giving my daughter away; not completely but enough for me to explore the next phase of my life. I quickly prepared for school after delivering the morning papers. I didn’t want to stop, so I could save all the money I could get and start a business of my own.


“You look fantastic,” Nancy commented as she dropped the take away bags she brought in. “I got you breakfast. Don’t want you to start your first day hungry.”


I smiled at the gesture, “Thank you so much but I have to catch the bus.”


“No way. School starts at 8am and it’s just 7am. Do you want to unlock the gates for the students?” she chuckled and I joined her.


She had a point. So I sat and joined her for breakfast. “I’m nervous.”


She shook her head at me and enclosed my palm in hers, “Don’t be. You’ll be fine.”


“This is the first time. What if I ruin it?” I complained.


“You won’t. There’s always a first time for everything. And if you ruin it, you always have other days to fix it all up. Always think positive,” she told me.


“You sound like Derek,” I laughed but she didn’t. I shut up and finished my food in silence.


“Good luck,” Nancy told me as I ran for the bus stop.


I got to the school at 7:45am and found my way to the dance studio. I dropped my stuff and admired the room a while, then rushed off to the receptionist.


“Hey,” I greeted her and she looked up from her stack of papers. “Well, I wanted to see the principal. I was told to meet him on my first day.”


Her face set into a deep frown as she looked through another stack of papers on her desk and singled out two. “Here’s the map of the school. And this is schedule.” she handed me the paper and pointed me to a door, “That’s the principal’s.” And she went back to work.


“Uh. Don’t I get to know your name? Since we’ll be colleagues, sort of,” I pressed.


She looked up again with a frown, “That’s what the name pin on my shirt is supposed to tell you. Now go away, you’re bothering me.”


Woah. That was direct. Receptionists are supposed to be welcoming and friendly. Where did they pick this one from?


I scoffed and made my way to the principal’s office. I knocked twice, then entered. The principal sat behind a huge mahogany desk with files on one side, a laptop in the middle and a cup of stationary on the other side. A telephone and his name plaque rested on the table too. The name plaque read ‘Walter Miles’. There was a shelf in the corner of the big room and a couple of sofas and a centre table in the center of the room. The principal was a young man in his late thirties. He looked tall while in his swivel chair. His head was bent over a paper scribbling away.


“Good morning, sir,” I greeted. He scribbled some more before looking up and froze as I froze too.


It was the man from the ice cream shop. The man whose suit I ruined on the day of the interview. The same man I bumped into again in this same school. He frowned. Why was everyone frowning today?


“What do you want?” he asked immediately.


I got cold feet. What if he fired me on the spot for being clumsy when we met? What if he knew I was an ex-convict and not deem me fit to continue working here?


“A question requires an answer,” he snapped me back to reality.


“Um… Uh… I just got employed and I was asked to see you on my first day,” I told him and he frowned deeper.


“You’re an employee? Here?” he bellowed. I nodded in confirmation. “Didn’t you show them how clumsy you are?”


“Those were mistakes and you were always in the way,” I defended.


“Name and your position,” he asked.


“Victoria Williams. Dance tutor,” I replied.


He glared at me, “The ex convict or is that a mistake?”


Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. “I… Uh… Note the word ex,” I said boldly. I was done with people labeling me.


He scoffed, “I hope you don’t end up murdering us.”


I felt my tummy knot. I felt nauseous. Can I get over this already?


“Would that be all? Sir?” I gritted my teeth.


“Here’s your name pin. And your employment letter. Enjoy the rest of your day,” he said and I turned to leave. “Don’t end up murdering kids. I’m sure you could do that too.”


I ignored him and moved on. When I got to dance studio, I saw an elderly woman going through my bag. “Hey.” I called out and she turned.


“I’m sorry. I thought someone forgot it here. Just wanted to know who owned it and return it,” she explained and I forced a smile.


“It’s mine. Thank you,” I grabbed the bag and checked if anything was missing.


“You must be the new dance tutor,” she asked as she watched me.


“Yes I am,” I shut the bag and extended my palm. “Victoria.”


“Mercy,” she replied and I smiled uncertainly. “I like going by my first name,” she explained and took my palm in a firm grip.


“Nice to make your acquaintance,” I said.


“Same here. Get ready, it’s almost Assembly time. You’ll be announced,” she said and my tummy did a flip.


I hope this turns out good.







First Day was awesome. Made new friends that were mostly pupils. Who knew kids were this fun? I smiled to myself as I walked the hallway to the principal’s office. I was to make a first day report to him and any complaint and questions I had.


“Good afternoon, Mr. Miles,” I greeted as I shut the door behind me.


“Good afternoon, Miss Williams,” he replied and swiveled his chair.


“I’m here to drop my report,” I dropped a brown envelope on his desk.


He nodded in acknowledgement, “Good.” He extracted the sheet of paper from the envelope and glanced through it. “This is well done.”


I smiled, “Thank you, Mr. Miles.”


“Any questions?” he asked as he looked at me and dropped the paper.


“Not at all, Sir. Mercy had run me through most everything I needed to know.”


“I see,” he mumbled to himself. “I hope you didn’t murder any kid.”


I smiled, choosing not to let it get to me. “I am not a murderer, Sir.”


He rolled his eyes and swiveled, “Well, the law said so.”


“Maybe if you’d look deeper than the surface, you’ll see the real thing,” I countered and he appeared struck.


“That’s a deep one. You can go. See you tomorrow,” and he waved me off.


I kept smiling and walked gaily, replying and acknowledging the students who greeted me. I found Nancy waiting outside the school gates and I was shocked. She smiled when she saw me and waved me over.


“How was your first day?” she asked as I approached her.


Still shocked, I replied, “As awesome as awesome can be.” And she laughed heartily.


“Let’s go,” she urged and we walked.


“What are you doing here?” I asked and she shot me a glare. “I mean do you have a business to do around here or you were waiting up for me?”


“It seems you don’t like that I waited up for you, so I’ll just tell you I had a business,” she shrugged soberly.


“No. I didn’t mean it that way. I do appreciate but I’m just surprised,” I clarified.


“It’s okay. Where are you going to now?” she asked chirpy again.


“Ice cream shop. I can’t wait to tell Derek about my first day. Maybe you should come over so I can tell you both together. We could do that over ice cream,” I said excited, clapping my hands at intervals.


She became sober again, “Nah. I’ll pass. I’ll just be at home waiting.”


“Nancy, I thought we were over this,” I draped an arm over her shoulder, pulling her close.


She snuggled into me, as we walked, “I know. But I just can’t get over it. It’ll pass, just give me time.”


I laughed, “You talk like I’m your girlfriend. I mean the intimate relationship kind.”


She forced a laugh but didn’t say anything. We were silent the rest of the way. When we got to the ice cream shop, we saw Derek handing a crying child an ice cream and the child smiled. He talked with the child as we stopped and watched from afar.


“Isn’t he so kind?” I asked and Nancy snorted.


I ignored her. Soon, Derek saw us and waved us over.


“What were you doing standing there?” he asked and held the door open for me and Nancy. Such a gentleman.


“Thinking of ways to ambush you,” Nancy replied dryly.


I laughed, “We were just watching.”


“She was the only one watching. I was gagging at your mere sight,” Nancy said spitefully.


We walked to a booth to eat ice cream, as there were no customers in the shop to serve.


“I see your feelings towards me haven’t changed,” Derek noted.


Nancy scoffed, “And it never will if you keep up the act.”


“Nancy,” I scolded her. “We’re working on those feelings,” I told Derek.


“Just you,” she mumbled.


“Well, I guess ice cream should make our grumpy fellow better,” Derek said as he placed ice cream plates and spoons in front of each of us.


“Is it poisoned?” she asked warily and we both laughed at her attitude.


While we ate, I gave details on my first day and they both listened intently, never interrupting.


“What was the principal’s name again?” Derek asked.


“Walter Miles,” I answered and Derek and Nancy exchanged uneasy looks. “Why?”


“Nothing,” Nancy answered for him and that threw me off balance.


Nancy and Derek knew something and they were not telling me.


“You both are doing that thing again,” I commented.


“What are we doing?” Derek asked.


“Knowing something I should know but not letting me know,” I said.


They both laughed. “There are no secrets. He’s just popular in town,” Nancy said and brushed off the topic.


After working in the ice cream shop, with Nancy and Derek bickering, Derek walked us home. We said our goodbyes at the gate and as we entered, a car drove in. The window was wound down and I saw a man at the wheels. He smiled at Nancy and frowned at me. He was Walter Miles.






“Nancy, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked as I stormed into our apartment.


“I’m sorry,” she pleaded.


After I saw Mr. Miles park in the driveway and waltz into the mansion, I lost it. I was mad at Nancy for lying to me. Why would she say there was nothing much to Walter Miles when he was living in the same compound with us.


“Why would you lie about little things?” I thundered.


She ran a hand across her face, “I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell you.”


“You lied about there being no secrets. When were you going to tell me?” I asked.


“Does it really matter?” she asked too.


I gave her an icy glare, “My boss living in the same compound as me doesn’t matter?”


“Okay. Look I’m sorry. I didn’t know it mattered that much,” she said.


I shook my head in disappointment. She didn’t just get it. I brushed past her to my room and banged the door shut.


She came pounding on the door, “Victoria, I’m sorry.”


I tucked myself in bed. “Just let me be. Hopefully by morning I’ll talk to you.”


But by morning, I didn’t reply to her cheery greeting. Didn’t eat the food she brought me. Just headed straight for the bus station. Mr. Mile’s car wasn’t in the driveway. I wondered what time he always left for school. I wondered what he’d think about me living in the house he freely gave someone else. Would he throw me out? Would you seize my salary and use it as rent? I needed to get on his good side and fast.


I wasn’t sure of what I was doing or why I needed to do it but I hurried into a store and got some fruits. I got to school just as the bell went for Assembly.


“You’re late on your second day,” the receptionist sneered while I signed in.


“I’m not,” I simply told her and rushed off to the principal’s office.


I felt someone staring holes into my head and turned to see it was the receptionist. I gave her an endearing smile, knocked and entered. The principal was buttoning his suit jacket and on his way out.


“Hey,” I smiled.


He stopped right in front of me, “What do you want?”


I was caught off guard a bit but remembered he had always been that way. “Well, I too was surprised to see you yesterday at the mansion.”


“So?” he frowned deeply.


“Well, as the owner of the house, Nancy should’ve informed you she was staying with someone. And not you finding out the way you did,” I blabbed. “I apologize on her behalf. Please do accept our apologies,” I handed him the bag of fruits.


He took the fruits and went straight to waste bin by the door and dumped them there. “I can’t believe I waited for this.” He exited the office, leaving me dumbstruck.


I blinked my eyes several times and pinched myself. That just happened? I went about my day with low vibes, avoiding the principal. After the final bell, I made my way to the school gates when I heard my name. Turned out to be the principal.


“I’ll drive you home. Come to the garage,” he simply said and walked ahead of me.


My legs felt like jelly. I was shaking all over. Was he gonna fire me? Was he gonna scold me? For goodness sake, Victoria you’re twenty five years old. You shouldn’t be afraid of scolding. I got to the garage and found Mr. Miles standing by his blue car.


“Come in,” he got in.


I got in as he put on his seat belt and I did same. I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t actually going home but I was so curious as to what he had to say. He drove out the garage unto the road.


“You shouldn’t have brought house matters to school,” he said suddenly snapping me out of my thoughts.


“It wasn’t nice dumping those fruits in the wastebin. That was my money,” I snapped too.


“What? It’s not about the fruits but your code of conduct,” he countered.


“No matter, you shouldn’t have. Some people don’t have money to throw around,” I said too.


“Was that why you gave up your daughter? Because you didn’t have the money to throw around? So pathetic,” he said and I felt a blow to my chest.


“How? How? Who?” I couldn’t form the question.


He smiled smugly, “I love to know everything about my staff. Especially this new ex convict staff I got. She seems interesting.”


I saw red. “Drop me here right now.”


He laughed. “Oh. Come on. I was just having fun.”


The steam was leaving my ears now. “You call this fun? Toiling with a person’s emotions? You’re callous.”


“I know someone who’s murdered isn’t human,” he mumbled and I dived for his steering wheel. He struggled to keep my palms away but I got hold of it and steered to the roadside. I quickly stepped on the breaks and we both jerked forward as the car came to a halt in the middle of the road. “What is wrong with you, woman?”


“I’m trying so hard not to murder you too.” I got out the car and walked to the side of the road; not minding the zooming cars, angry honks, swearing voices and reckless swervings. I got to the other side intact.





I got to Derek’s ice cream shop and slumped in a booth. He came rushing over immediately. He got a new help so he wasn’t worried about the customers.


“What’s wrong?” he inquired.


“I am trying so hard not to give up,” I confessed.


If people were going to keep reopening my healing wounds intentionally, I may as well just hide away in a jungle. There’ll be food and water so I shouldn’t worry.


“No reason should be good enough to give up on life. Whatever the problem is, it must have a solution. Now, tell me what happened,” he smiled sweetly and I swooned inwardly.


I told him everything that transpired today.


“I wonder why he’s decided to make my life miserable. He’s taking this murder and ex convict stuff too serious. I know my sins were meant to catch up to me, but this is just too much. I didn’t even do the stuff intentionally,” I ranted.


“Okay. Calm down. Do you want to quit your job?” he asked me.


“No!” I yelled. “This is my second chance. I can’t throw it away because of one douche bag.”


He nodded in understanding, “Do we get a restraining order?”


I laughed bitterly, “That won’t work out fine either.”


“Why not?” he asked in wonder.


“Well, he’s my boss and I’ve have to answer to him. How can I get a restraining order for someone who’s in the same work place and living space as me? Doesn’t just make sense,” I thought.


“So, what do we do then?” he asked thinking.


I smiled at his concern. Seeing this side of his always tugged on my heart. “First of all, I want ice cream.”


He laughed heartily, “It’ll all turn out fine.”


“You and Nancy always say that,” I noted and he smiled.


He went to get an ice cream plate and returned, “She still doesn’t like me, does she?”


I laughed and shook my head, “Some feelings don’t just go away.”


“I don’t want what I feel now to go away either,” he said.


I stared at him, “What feeling is that?”


“Happiness,” he smiled longingly at me.


“Why are you wasting my time, lady?” an elderly woman screamed at Derek’s help at the counter.


We turned to the ruckus. The young girl cowered and hurried to get the orders that was placed by the woman. Derek went over.join us on telegram through+233544142683 for more exciting stories. I watched as his face lit in recognition and he embraced the woman. He dragged the woman to out booth and sat her down.


“Mum, when did you return?” he asked, completely forgetting my existence.


The woman was dressed in stylish and fancy clothing and she had an aura of importance oozing from her.


“I came in last night. Got to the mansion and found only your brother. Where is your sister by the way?” her brows scrunched up.


Derek scratched the back of his head and looked at his shoe, “I don’t know, Mum. I do see her around but we hardly keep in touch.”


She shook her head in disappointment, “You aren’t making mama proud, boy. Your younger brother is by far more responsible than you are. He was the one who directed me here, even though he confessed you both don’t keep in touch. You’re supposed to look after your siblings as the eldest. You’re supposed to be the one in charge of our establishment but then, you decided to sell ice cream and left your younger brother in charge. That’s so disappointing.”


“Mum. I love what I do,” he said.


“I thought you’d outgrow your youthful exuberance. I thought you’d be more like a man now, but you still behave like a child,” she tsked.


“Mum, I’m not a child,” Derek countered.


“Okay then,” she said, placing her arms on the table leaning forward. “Where are your wife and kids? I was hoping to see them.”


I choked on my ice cream and coughed. Her attention drifted to me. Why did I even choke in the first place.


Her face lit up in a smile, “Is she the one?”.


Derek looked at me, just as I looked at him. I began shaking my head when he said, “Yes, she is the one.”


My mouth fell open.






I left him standing at the door because I wasn’t cut out for his annoying attitude. I just hoped he wouldn’t ruin things for his brother since his Mum portrayed him as Mr. Perfect. I couldn’t wait for the night to be over, so Derek would explain all these to me. Walter Miles was his brother? Unity High School was supposed to be his? Why did he decide to sell ice cream? Do I know his sister? I slumped into my chair and picked at my food.


“Welcome, son,” Mrs. Miles acknowledged Walter as he stepped in.


“Hey Mum,” he kissed her on the forehead and sat by her. “Derek.”


“Walter,” Derek grunted. “How’ve you been?”


Walter served himself as he answered, “I’ve been good. Just too busy doing actual work. And you?”


Derek shrugged, “Just here. Life’s been good.”


“I’m sure he didn’t tell you that he got a wife,” Mrs. Miles chipped in.


Walter laughed out loud, “I wonder who knocked the sense into him. Here I was thinking I’d be the first. Congratulations bro.” He looked towards the other doors searching, “And where is this pretty damsel?” he sipped his drink now.


Mrs. Miles smiled at me just as I shut my eyes tight, praying he wouldn’t mess this up, “She’s sitted right here.”


I heard him spit his drink and stand up, “Who? Her?”


I opened my eyes to see Mrs. Miles’ confused look. “Yes. Why?”


Derek stood immediately and dragged Walter into one of the bedrooms. There was grave silence as I thought what Walter would’ve done and Mrs. Miles reflected on what just happened.


“What’s going on, Elena?” she asked me.


I wanted to tell her the truth. After all, Walter would ruin everything and it was better she knew the truth from me and not Walter.


I scratched my ear, “Well I… I am not… ”


Derek clapped his hand, walking in with Walter. “Everything has been sorted out Mum. Nothing you worry about.”


Mrs. Miles looked at Walter who smiled at her. He was so cute when he smiled. “Yes Mum. I misunderstood some things that has been cleared now.”


I wondered what he misunderstood and what had been cleared but I kept quiet.


“If you say so,” she resumed eating. “So, how long have you been married?”


“A year,” Derek said as I said, “Three years,” at the same time.


Walter snickered watching us. I’m sure he was glad seeing me suffering.


“Oh?” Mrs. Miles said uncertainly.


I forced a laugh, “What we meant to say is that we’ve known each other for three years but we got married a year ago.”


She nodded her head as she sipped her drink, absorbing that information. “I’m pretty sure it was a court wedding.”


“Yes. We wanted something small,” Derek concurred.


Mrs. Miles grinned, “Well, now I’m here, we’re going to make big.”


“What?” I, Derek and Walter exclaimed together.


After a moment of silence, we three began talking at the same time.


“That’s such a bad idea, Mum,” Derek said.


“They wanted something small. Derek is a man now,” Walter said.


“I am content with what we had,” I said.


Mrs. Miles covered her ears with her palms, “Okay. Okay. Enough already. Let’s just eat.”


We resumed eating immediately.


“So, Mum how long are you staying?” Derek inquired.


“Just two,” she replied.


“Mum, could you hurry up? I’d like to leave soon,” Walter told Mrs. Miles.


“You can go ahead. I’ll crash here for the night,” she said casually.


I felt a headache coming, “I have a sleepover with a friend tonight.”


“Cancelled. And does a married woman still do sleepovers? Who’ll take care of your husband?” she chided and I facepalmed.


I looked to Derek and pleaded with my eyes for him not to let this happen. “Mum, you really can’t sleep here.”


She looked hurt, “Why not? Are there monsters that eat people here?”


We were lost for words. Looked like this was really happening.


After dinner, Walter left. Derek showed his mum to the room he hurriedly prepared for her. And I cleared the dishes. As I washed the dishes, I felt Derek hug me from behind.


“Thank you for tonight.”


“It’s no problem. My problem now is I still have that role to play till morning,” I complained.


He turned me to face him and cradled my face in his palms, “I’m sorry I dragged you into my mess.”


I smiled, “It’s alright. You’ve been with me through my messes too. It’s only fair I return the favour.”


He smiled and just gazed at me. I felt shy and ducked my head, he laughed. But then I remembered something and gave him a big blow to his chest.


“Ow. What was that for?” he groaned in pain.


“I told about Walter Miles several times and it didn’t occur to you to tell me he was your brother?” I queried.


He scratched his head, “I don’t know. I just thought that you wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore if you knew that.”


“Why would you think that?” I asked surprised.


He laughed, “Just a thought. But really, it changed nothing.”


“True though. I’ll sleep on the couch,” I turned back to the dishes.


“Oh no you don’t. I’ll sleep on the couch. You sleep in my room.”


For some of you wondering, two bedrooms out of the three are for sleeping; the third he used was his study.


While I washed, Derek arranged.


“You both are so cute,” Mrs. Miles voice rang.


We both turned to see her leaning on the door way in a nightwear.


“Mum. I thought you were asleep already,” Derek said.

She gave him the bird and entered, “I needed coffee.”


“Coffee?” I asked.

“Yes, I need to work,” she replied, going to the coffee machine already.


Derek chuckled, “Mum hasn’t changed.”


“You both go to bed now,” she said.


I walked towards the door Derek said to be his room and Derek went towards the sitting room with a pillow and a comforter.


“Where are you going with that, Derek?” Mrs. Miles asked.


“To the sitting room,” he replied and made to go.


“Why would you do that?”


“Uh… You’re in my room and now I’d be sleeping in his room,” I said.


Her eyes were round in shock. “What? You don’t sleep in the same room? No wonder there aren’t babies yet. Tonight, that changes. Derek, you’re sleeping with Elena tonight.”


Okay. I don’t know why that sounded funny in my ears. I blushed.


“Mummmmm. No one is complaining,” Derek whined.


“I am. Come on. Go on,” she dragged Derek and me to his room and shut the door.


We both stood for five minutes, going over everything.


“Your Mum is bossy but sweet,” I noted.


He smiled, “Yes she is. Uh… You could sleep on the bed, I’ll stay on the floor.”


I disagreed, “No. This is your house. I can’t come here and make you uncomfortable. Lemme stay on the floor and you on the bed.”


Derek knew there was no point arguing with me, so he gathered the pillow and used it to divide the bed in two.


“You sleep on that side, and I’ll sleep over here.”


“Works fine for me,” I said and we both tucked in.


“Goodnight Derek.”


“Goodnight Elena.”


I giggled as he put off the light.





“Oh my God,” she screeched and gave me a bear hug. For someone like her, that was quite surprising. I thought she’d be a snub.


I looked to Derek for help. Asking with my eyes what he was getting me into. I’ve had enough drama in my life and this would just add to the huge pile. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to it.


She released me and looked at my face, using her palm to raise my chin, “What’s your name, sweetie?”


Do I say my real name? My real name always brought me bad luck. My eyes shifted to Derek, quietly seeking for his help. “Elena,” I finally said.


“Oh dear. That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” she praised and I smiled weirdly.


“I guess you could say that, Mrs…?”


“Miles. Mrs. Miles,” she sat.


My eyes were round. What? Miles? Wasn’t that the principal’s surname? Victoria, calm down. Must be another family.


“Mrs. Miles. I’m glad to have finally met you. Derek has told me a lot about you,” I said.


“Did he?” she frowned at him. “I hope they were good things.”


Derek laughed, “Mummmm?”


She stood and we did same, “Well, I have to go now.” She looked at me and asked, “How about dinner tonight?”


I glanced at Derek and he was still. “Yes. Sure. Wonderful,” I rambled and she laughed.


“You must be shy. I like how you look at him though,” she commended. “Derek, bring her to the mansion at seven then.”


“No!” Derek said hurriedly and then smiled. “How about you come over to our house? You’ve never been to my house.”


She seemed to think about it while I mouthed to Derek ‘What are you doing?’


“Okay then. See you at eight,” she replied, walking towards the door while dragging Derek along.


I sighed heavily and sat down. I looked at Mrs. Miles hold Derek’s cheeks and looked at him with so much affection. My mom hardly did that to me. The tears soaked my neck already and I hurriedly wiped them off as I saw Derek coming into the shop.


“What happened to you?” he rushed to my side in a flash.


“A drop of ice cream entered my eyes,” I lied.


He gave me a look and burst out laughing, “That would be the strangest lie I’ve ever heard.”


I smiled, “What just happened?”


He stood and sat at the other side of the booth, “Well, you’re my wife now.”


“Isn’t that crazy? I have a lot going on in my life already and you’re adding to the list. Why would you lie to her?”


He rubbed his neck, “She’s always seen me as a failure. Didn’t want to disappoint her again.”

I shook my head, “Lying about a wife is something big. It won’t be easy to get away from. She’ll find out sooner or later and she won’t just see you as a disappointment then. She’ll see you as a liar and won’t trust you anymore.”


He looked at his shoes, sober. “I know. But what do I do now?”


I looked him in the eye, “It’s simple. Tell her the truth.”


“No no. I can’t do that. Not now.”


I stood and hung my handbag, “I can’t be a part of this.”


He knelt in front of me, “Please. I beg of you. Just do this for me. Please, help me. I know I’m doing it the wrong way but I can’t do it alone. Please.”


I felt for him. I remembered all he’s done for me and how I couldn’t find a way to repay him. And he was my friend. Friends help each other. But this was wrong. So wrong.


“Okay. But just for tonight,” I consented and he jumped to his feet, embracing me.


“Thank you so much,” I felt his smile.


I instantly became shy and disentangled from him. “Uh… I… Uh… I have a dinner to prepare for.”


“That’s true. We have to go,” he said going over to his help, Linda.


“We?” I asked. “Where are we going?”


He returned to me and laced our fingers, “Our home.”




Derek’s house was a bungalow that sat in the middle of a fenced compound. A car was in the driveway.


“I didn’t know you had a car,” I noted.


“It’s just one of those things people don’t know about me,” he brushed it off and pulled me into his house.


Three bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen, a dining and two bathrooms. I dropped my bag on a sofa in the sitting room and followed him to the kitchen. He handed me an apron and wore one himself.


“So, what are we making?” I asked him.


He blushed, “I can’t cook.”


“Oh.” I checked the cupboards and found spaghetti. “I guess we’ll be making spaghetti then.”


“What do I help with?”


Soon, we were cutting, slicing, shredding and cooking. The food was ready and I set the table. Derek made punch. While I was giving some finishing touches, the doorbell dinged.


“I’ll get it,” Derek shouted from somewhere in the house and I had the door open.


“Your house is cute. Small but cute,” I heard her voice ring.


“Hello to you too, Mum,” I heard Derek reply.


“Where’s our wife?” I heard her voice draw closer and she was at the doorway in no time. “Elena.”


“Mrs. Miles,” she embraced me.


“Just call me Mum,” she chided me and gasped at the sight of our little feast. “You made all these for me?”


“Yes. And your wife made them for you,” Derek said.


She laughed and I smiled. I don’t know why my stomach felt wheezy when they referred to me as his wife.


“Let’s eat,” I told them and they sat. I served them and served myself too.


The clinging of cutleries and plates filled the room.


“So,” Mrs. Miles sipped her drink. “Who are your parents?”


I looked at Derek and he nodded at me. “They’re dead,” I blurted out.


Derek’s eyes shot open, “Yes. They died when she was young.”


“Awwwwn. I’m sorry about that,” she sympathized.


“It’s in the past now. I’m over it,” I brushed it off.


“That’s good. I know you’re glad to have met Derek,” she said.


“Yes. He’s been of great help,” I said.


“Do you have siblings?” she asked.


“No,” I said.


She was about to fire another question when the doorbell dinged.


“Oh. That must be your brother,” Mrs. Miles said and Derek looked shocked.


He didn’t move to answer the door, so I did. I opened the door to find Walter Miles frowning.


“What are you doing here?” he demanded.






I got to school, partially happy that I got to meet Derek’s family. Happy to leave that lying role. Happy to face another day. I’d have to say that even though it was a facade, I enjoyed being referred to as Derek’s wife. I giggled at my thought. Stupid Victoria. I wasn’t sure I was ready for marriage. As I passed by the receptionist, she beckoned on me.


“Hello grumpy,” I greeted her gaily.


Her frown deepened. She looked like she wanted to bite my head off. “The principal needs your attention.”


My heart skipped. “So early in the morning? Did he say what I did?”


She smirked then frowned, “Now who’s grumpy? Run along now, Miss Sunshine.”


I gave her a look, “You don’t even know the right words for expressions. Maybe you should go back to elementary school.”


I walked out, feeling fulfilled at her expression. I got to the principal’s door and waited, trying to calm myself. I inhaled and exhaled and rubbed my palms together. Then knocked and entered. He looked up immediately and smiled.


“Ah. I’ve been expecting you,” he smiled more.


I got scared, “Good morning, Mr. Miles.”


He laughed, “Oh come on. You’ve never called me that.”


I was quiet.


“Would you like some coffee? Burger? Food?” Then he was grim, “Money?”


I gave him a questioning look.


He laughed, “Oh. We’re playing that game now?”


“What game?” I questioned.


“Come of it. How much did Derek pay you? I’ll double it,” he said.


“Derek has never given me money. And I don’t know what you’re trying to say here,” I told him.


“Not only are you a murderer, you’re also a liar and a gold digger,” he accused.


I felt like crying. What did I ever do to this guy? I have had enough.


He stood and pointed at me, “Stay away from my family. I don’t want them to be your next targets. Especially my mum. Stay away from them.”


I stood too and gave him a hardened look, “Mr. Miles, I really do not understand what your problem is with me but you have no right to meddle in my life. Who I relate with or what I do with them is none of your damn business. Mind your business and I’ll mind mine. I never bother you but you keep bothering and meddling in my shit.”


He chuckled, “How interesting. She’s fiery too. Look, I really don’t care  about the mess your vomiting from your hole. You’ve been warned. When the consequences come, don’t forget I did.”


“I’ve had enough of you. I quit,” I said and stormed out the school.


I went straight to the ice cream shop and walked in to find Derek, Nancy and can hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. Miles laughing at a booth. They noticed me immediately before I could process things and get out.


“Oh my. Why are you crying, sweet pie?” Mrs. Miles asked walking over to me and walking me to their booth.


Nancy came over to where I sat and knelt, “Babe, what’s wrong? Who hurt you?”


Derek was quiet, studying me with concern in his eyes. He nodded at me in understanding, telling me he knew who. If I wasn’t in pains, I’d have smiled and blushed at that.


“I quit. I blew it up,” I wailed. “My chance. My opportunity. I didn’t even get my first pay.”


Nancy breathed heavily understanding what I was saying.


“What are you saying, Elena?” Mrs. Miles asked and Nancy had a look of confusion.


“Elena?” Nancy asked.


“Yes. I’m sure Derek didn’t tell you. She’s his wife,” Mrs. Miles smiled.


Nancy clenched her teeth and fisted her palm, “Really?”


“Yes. Elena meet Nancy, Derek’s and Walter’s kid sister,” she introduced, completely forgetting I was crying some seconds ago.


I wasn’t crying anymore. I was shocked, angry and annoyed. Nancy could sell me and I wouldn’t even know. “Sister?”


“Yes. Well, I have to go now.” She picked her bag. “Take care of your wife and deal with the scumbag who made her cry.” She left.


If only she knew it was her son.


I starred at Nancy, “Sister. Wow.”


She forced a smile and scratched her head. “That’s how we saw it.”


I looked at Derek but his eyes were downcast. “What else don’t I know about you, Derek?”


“I swear. This should be the last,” he mumbled.


“Really? Should be? So I’ll keep finding them out like this?” I looked at the two siblings. “You know now I think of it, you both were never my friends. I’d choose Walter over you both. At least I know who I’d be dealing with. With you both, I don’t know what to expect anymore.” I flared.


“I’m sorry, Vicky,” Nancy said.


“You always say that and when I forgive you, you fuck up again,” I snapped at her.


Derek looked at me, pleading with his eyes, “Derek.” I didn’t know what to tell him. “I have to go.”


I walked out and none of them ran after me. If only they knew this would be the last time they’ll see me. I’ve had enough of them and this city. I think I should leave and start a new life in a new environment.






I shivered as the cold wind hit me. I laid under a bench, covered with a thin blanket and used my luggage as my pillow. Sleep wouldn’t come, as the cold and my thoughts kept me awake. Where do I go from here? How am I going to cope? These thoughts made me feel stupid for not thinking this through and just making irrational decisions.


I slept off early hours of the next day and woke to the rustle of a broom sweeping. I jerked awake and banged my head on the bench. I heard footsteps hurrying to the bench and the face of an elderly woman appeared as she crouched and looked at me.


“My dear, are you okay?” she asked tenderly.


I didn’t answer. I was stunned by her beauty. “You are so pretty.”


She smiled warmly and took a luggage, “Come on in. You must be cold.”


I watched her walk towards a canteen behind the bench and followed her. We entered to find a young man wiping off the counter with a rag. He smiled at the woman and the woman returned it.


“Quick. Get me a glass of water,” she told him.


We sat at a table. She watched me intently, “You slept outside with all the cold?”


The man brought the water and handed it to me; I gulped.


I smiled uncomfortably, “Pretty obvious.”


“Why? Are you homeless? Don’t you have a family you could’ve crashed with?” she queried.


I rubbed my arm, “No. I know no one here. I’m new.”


Her eyes filled with sympathy, “Oh. Things were rough back at home?” I nodded. “What’s your name?”


Back to the name issue. I’ve been wondering last night if I should use my real name. My name was bad luck. New life, new environment, new name and I must get a new disguise.


“I’m Alex Brown,” I told her.


She looked like she was thinking, “Are you sure you’re not related to the Browns?”


“I’m sure I’m not,” I told her.


“I’m Miss Jane Donovan and that’s my son, Jonas Donovan,” she introduced.


I watched her son wipe off the tables and chairs. He was beautiful. Are people in this town all beautiful?


She stood, “Looks like you have nowhere to go. You’re welcome to stay.”


I was dumbfounded. Just like that? “Thank you ma’am. Do you need a helping hand here?”


“Yes, I do.”


“What’s the pay?” I asked.


“Food and shelter and some clothes. I’ll let you look for a job that’ll give you money. You can stay with us till you’re settled.”


Wow. She’s an angel. But I was skeptical. Can I trust her? I have no choice, I have to.


“Jonas, take her to the house and show her to the guest room,” she told her son and then turned to me, “Freshen up. There’s a change of clothes in the wardrobe there. Come down when you’re ready and I’ll give you food, then you can start work.”


I embraced her, “Thank you so much ma’am. I’m so grateful.”


As I walked with Jonas, I studied him. He had a good body build up and was tall. He wore a tank top that showed his flexing muscles.


“What’s your name?” he asked me.


His voice was a rich baritone that soothes. I smiled. “Alex.”


“Alex, my mother can be too trusting but I am not,” he told me.


“Okay?” I asked unsure of what to say that.


Their house was behind the canteen. It was a bungalow. We entered and he showed me to the guest room. There was an adjoining door that he said was our bathroom. I didn’t quite understand what he meant by ‘our’ since the door leading to it was in my room, but I brushed it off.


“Do you have a scissors?” I asked him after he told me where things were.


He looked at me skeptically, “If you want to commit suicide, it shouldn’t be in my house.”


I laughed. “You’re being paranoid. I just need to fix somethings on my body.”


“Save the details. It’s in the bathroom. Knock yourself out,” and he walked out.


I smiled. It’ll be fun riling up this not-so-trusting Jonas. I got to the bathroom and got to work.





When I got to the entrance of the canteen, I observed the city was already bubbling and the canteen was already bustling with customers. Miss Jane was in an apron taking orders at tables while Jonas was at the counter dishing out the order. Looks like they prepared the food earlier on. How had these two been coping cooking and taking orders for all these customers? They must be hardworking.


I entered. Miss Jane looked up from a customer and her face was in shock. Jonas looked at me and his mouth opened. Did I look so bad? The mirror didn’t say so. Miss Jane excused herself and rushed to me. She took in my appearance one more time and dragged me behind the counter.


“Why would you cut your hair? Do you have a disease or something?” she asked, concerned.


I smiled at her concern, “No, Miss. I just wanted to try a new look.”


She smiled. “I was worried for you and my customers. Didn’t want a disease flying and then they’ll shut us down.”


I smiled reassuringly. “I’m fine.”


“Mother, customers,” Jonas reminded his mother.


“Oh right. Jonas set her up. She’ll be in charge of the bills,” she said.


“Mother,” Jonas called. “She’s a stranger. Aren’t you being too trusting? Especially with money?”


Miss Jane only smiled and dashed off, leaving Jonas bewildered. He turned to me and pointed to a cash register on the counter.


“That’s your duty post,” and as I walked towards it, he warned, “My eyes are on you.”


I scoffed and said, “I hope you don’t get blinded by my beauty.”


He was shocked for a moment and laughed, “You wish.” He resumed dishing food and I began attending to customers who wanted to pay.


We worked from morning till ten in the night and we began closing.


“You both did well,” Miss Jane commended as we walked home. “You’ll sleep till one am, so we can prepare for the day.”


I stopped in my tracks and opened my eyes wide.


Miss Jane smiled and patted my shoulder, “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”


Jonas laughed, “I’m quite sure she prefers her beauty sleep to working.”


I snorted, “Oh please. Shut up.”


Miss Jane chuckled. “I see you’ve found your match, Jonas.”


He groaned and entered his room that was beside mine. Miss Jane stayed back in the sitting room and I entered the room. The house was tastefully furnished. I was proud of this mother and son. They work their butts off and they’re getting their reward. I smiled and tucked in bed.


“But Mother, she’s a stranger. You shouldn’t just trust her,” I heard Jonas voice. He wasn’t yelling, but I could hear the strong disapproval in his voice.


“It’s a test, son. If she fails, I’ll send her away,” Miss Jane’s soothing voice told him.


“And what if she disappears?” Jonas asked.


Miss Jane chuckled, “Come on. You should know your mother. She can’t get away.”


I got scared a bit. Was nice, angelic Miss Jane dangerous too?


“I don’t mess with people but they dare not mess with me,” she bragged.


“Okay, mother. I trust you,” Jonas said.


“Now go rest. I’ll be out here. And do give her a chance,” she told him.


“Mother, why don’t you take your pills? They’ll help you sleep,” he said, almost in a whisper.


Miss Jane giggled, “Too much meds in the system, son. And they do nothing. I’ll just let it be.”


“Okay, mother. Goodnight,” I heard him kiss her and his footsteps making its ways to his room.


I got to my door in a flash and stopped him in the hallway.


“Hey,” I said.


He grunted in response.


“I don’t expect you to trust me cos we just met and you know nothing about me. But I want you to know that I’m so grateful to your mom for accepting me. And I would never think of hurting her.”


“You could hurt me but please not Mother,” he pleaded.


I smiled at his devotion and love.


“I promise I won’t,” I assured him.


I wanted to enter my room when he asked, “Won’t you appreciate me too?”


I turned back to him and asked, “For?”


“Accepting you.”


I smirked, “Just like I need to earn your trust, you need to earn the appreciation. Goodnight.”


I saw him smile and just before I entered my room, he said, “Your hair looks good though.”


I wanted to thank him but he had already disappeared into his room. I smiled and got to bed.





It’s been a month now and I had gotten accustomed to our daily schedule- wake at one am to prepare for the day, open the canteen at five am to place things in order, work begins at seven am till ten pm and then sleep till one am.


At first, I fell terribly ill trying to adjust but with the help of Miss Jane and Jonas, I found my feet. Jonas was a bit free with me now but I knew he still didn’t trust me. I think he was of the school of thought that believes in keeping their enemies closer. But he’s been nice; doesn’t pester as much as when I I first arrived.


Miss Jane took me as her daughter. She got me pretty clothes and jewelries and anything I needed. I had changed my number already and was enjoying this new life.


Right now, I was receiving payments, Jonas was dishing out orders and Miss Jane collected the orders.


“Oh my goodness. Is this you?” I heard Miss Jane squeal and saw her embrace an older woman.


The woman blushed and disentangled. “It’s been a while, Jane. You look so good and look what you’ve achieved.” The woman’s eyes gleamed.


“And you look stunning, Grace. Your husband’s new office is doing you well,” Miss Jane ushered Grace to a table and waved at me to take over from her. I set to work immediately, while watching the two women discreetly and listening to their conversation.


“The stress that comes along with being the mayor’s wife is far more than the stress of running a canteen,” Grace said after sitting down and Miss Jane’s voice rang in delight.


“You haven’t changed at all,” Miss Jane noted.


Grace’s eyes zoomed in on Jonas and she smiled, “Well, your son has. Look how grown and strong he is now. And I last saw you both two months ago. What are you feeding him?”


“Oh please. I’m sure Lucas would be more dashing,” then in a whisper, she told her friend, “Don’t let Jonas know I said that.” And they both chuckled.


When the laughter had died down, Grace said, “We got Lucas a wife. Even though the girl is being stubborn but I’m sure she’ll come around soon. Their engagement party is this weekend and I’d like you, my childhood friend, to be in charge of the refreshments. We’ll pay handsomely, just give us your best.”


Miss Jane embraced her friend, “Thank you so much. I know I can always count on you. I won’t fail you.” When she released Grace, her expensive clothes had wrinkled and Grace used her hand to straighten them out.


“Okay then. I have to be on my way now. Duty calls,” Grace said.


“Oh. I’m so sorry I didn’t offer you anything. I was just too excited to even remember that. Before you go, Alex,” Miss Jane called me over.


I excused myself from the customer I was attending to and walked to them.


“Grace, meet Alex Brown. Alex, meet Grace Brown. My childhood best friend and wife to the mayor,” Miss Jane introduced.


Grace’s eyebrows furrowed in concentration, “Brown? Are you from here?” she inquired.


“No ma’am. I migrated,” I answered.


“From?” she asked. When I told her the city, she relaxed. “Oh. Okay. Thought you were a relation.”


Miss Jane giggled, “That’s what I thought too at first. Said I’ll ask you.”


“Jane, as much as I’d love to stay, I have to go,” Grace said.


Miss Jane embraced her again and walked her to the door where men in black suits and glasses stood waiting by a car. I watched them wave each other bye.


After we had closed for the day, Jonas stormed into the house. He had been quiet since after Grace’s visit and his face had been stony. When I and Miss Jane got to the house, he was pacing in the sitting room.


“What’s the matter, dear?” Miss Jane asked her son.


Jonas stopped in front of his mother and fired, “Mother, how could you? How could you let your friend force her son into marriage?”


“But that is not my business,” Miss Jane said casually.


“That is not right. And it is your place as a friend to tell her so,” Jonas fired back.


“There are lines that should not be crossed in every relationship, son. I’m sure Lucas does not mind either. We even got a job out of this. And why does this bother you?” Miss Jane asked getting angry.


“Mother, it’s not about Lucas. That scumbag can rot in hell for all I care. I’m just concerned about the girl. Put yourself in her shoes. I know I haven’t met her but I feel for her. I can’t believe you and your friend don’t feel compassion for her. You taught me to be selfless but here you are being so selfish,” he yelled and a slap followed after that.


“Watch your tongue,” Miss Jane said breathing heavily. “I trained you for twenty eight years alone. Without help from anyone and I wouldn’t let you insult me.”


Jonas stormed into his room and Miss Jane slumped into a sofa. I went to sit on the arm of the sofa and hold her by her shoulders.


“Calm down. Breathe in. Out. In. Out,” I instructed her and she did so.


When she was calm, she began talking, “I had Jonas when I was sixteen. His father abandoned us. Said he was the father of my child. My parents threw me out. But I didn’t let that weigh me down. I promised myself not to let my son suffer. Grace helped me through everything. And now she’s happy for her son’s marriage, Jonas wants me to destroy it. These things happen everyday, so why should this make a difference?”


I heaved a sigh and spoke up, “I wish I had the powers to make things like this stop for good. I had a friend who was forced into marriage like this. She ended up murdering the man, unintentionally and spent some years in prison. Had a child there and gave the child up. Now she’s seeking for the child and healing from the trauma. My friend is strong but I don’t know how other girls have coped in this situation. If I were you, friendship or not, I’ll stand for what is right. Put yourself in that girl’s shoes.”


I left her to brood over what I said. I knocked on Jonas door and entered.


He shot me a glare and asked, “Weren’t you taught to wait for a reply after knocking?”


I shrugged, “I’m sure you’d have told me to go away and I’d have still entered whether you wanted it or not.”


“What if I was naked?” he asked.


I shrugged again and sat on his bed, “It’s nothing I’ve not seen before.”


He rubbed his forehead, “You’re here now to give me a headache. What do you want?”


“Why do you hate Lucas?” I asked him.


He laughed scornfully, “I don’t hate him, I just have a strong dislike for him.”


I gave him a look, “You know you just defined hate, right?”


He groaned and said, “Okay. I do hate him. He just doesn’t care about people’s feelings. He’s a bully. He’s mean. And a playboy. He hates me and is always grumpy around me.”


I laughed, “Like you are around me.”


He smiled, “That has changed now though.”


“True,” I agreed.”But you still don’t trust me.”


“We’re getting there,” he said and I smiled.


“How about we speed up the process?” I asked, smirking.


“How do you mean?” he queried.


“Well, I had a friend who’s been forced into marriage and her life has been a mess since then. I don’t want this girl to go through the same. She might not survive it.”


“So what are you trying to say?” he asked me, still confused.


I swallowed my spit, “Let’s stop the engagement.”


His eyes were round in shock, “And how do we do that?”


I opened my palm to him, “Do you trust me?”


He looked at my open palm, contemplating, struggling, before finally placing his palm in mine. “Yes. I do trust you.”






The rest of the week was full of preparation for the engagement party. Miss Jane was delighted that we were going through with her. She said she was glad we were back to our senses and not poking our noses in other people’s business. Jonas at first didn’t want to help his mother in the preparations but I told him that if he did that, and we’re successful in this plan, we’ll be the first suspects. He reluctantly agreed.


“Hurry up you two or we’ll get there when everything is ended,” Miss Jane screamed from somewhere in the house. We were supposed to be at the venue before the main event so we could set up the refreshments.


I looked at my appearance in the mirror and smiled at it. I was dressed to slay, in order to distract Lucas and give Jonas enough time to execute our plans. I wore a short bright red chiffon gown, that had a slit to the thigh, and matching lipstick. I styled my short hair and dyed it white and wore a matching white stiletto heels. I had a bright red purse and my nails were painted white. I put on an alluring perfume and strode out.


Miss Jane was stunned when she saw me while Jonas whistled, smirked and gave me a thumbs up. Miss Jane was beautiful in her golden floor length gown. She tied her hair in a French plait and held a matching golden purse. Jonas wore an all black three piece suit, without a tie, and shoes. He looked dashing with his hair all messed up in style.


“Do you two want to create chaos? Why aren’t you wearing the colours of the day? I know I got you both golden wear. Where are they?” Miss Jane ranted.


No one answered her. Jonas held out his elbow to me and I hooked my arm in it. I blew Miss Jane a kiss, in a way saying, ‘Dont worry,’ and Jonas pulled me out the door into the night.


Jonas decided to wear all black so he could camouflage when executing our plan. We got to the limousine ride Miss Jane ordered and waited for Miss Jane. As soon as she arrived, we zoomed off to the party.


We were directed to the back of the compound when we arrived. It was an outdoor event and guests hadn’t arrived yet. We began setting things up and after two hours, we were done and the party had began. Miss Jane dragged I and Jonas to meet Lucas and his family. Mr. Kane, the mayor and Lucas father, was a bundle of joy. He smiled at everything we said and soon got away. Grace and Miss Jane were laughing at their jokes. I and Jonas stood for a while.


“He’ll soon come for you. Act interested. Flirt. Laugh. Play. But don’t be swindled. I’ll never forgive you if you fall for his tricks. And yes, he has his tricks too,” Jonas told me and left me.


I got a glass of wine from a server passing by. I was about to sip it when I felt a hand hold my lower waist from behind. I gasped in surprise and I heard a deep chuckle. I turned to see Lucas smirking face.


“I can get more than a gasp from you. What do you say?” he said, smiling down at me.


Damn he was tall. I wanted to tell him to shove his disgusting offer up his anus but I remembered our plan and smiled instead. I I entagled my hands round his neck and swayed with him to the slow music.


“I see you’re a rebellious one,” he whispered.


I giggled, “Why do you think so?”


He gave me a once over and grinned, “Your outfit stands out and it’s dashing.”


“Why, thank you,” I said.


I heard him inhale, “You smell good. And I’m sure your soul is as pure as your soul.”


I laughed because that was the worst pick up line I’d ever heard. When I saw his smug look, I knew he misinterpreted my laughter.


He looked into my eyes and asked, “Can we go somewhere?”


“I don’t want the police to come after me for kidnappings you. Especially on the day of your engagement,” I replied sweetly.


He looked irritated but covered it with a smile, “I can call off this engagement if you ask me to.”


I began contemplating. This was not a good offer but it’ll come im handy, especially if our plans failed. If I accepted, he’ll free the girl. And when it’s time for me to fulfill my end of the bargain, I could think of something.


I was about to accept when Jonas appeared from somewhere, pulled me away from Lucas and punched him in the face. He looked so livid. I wondered what got him so worked up. He pounced on Lucas and kept giving him blows to the face, as people screamed. Security came and Jonas away.


A girl’s voice kept pleading and crying, “Please, don’t hurt him. Please, let him go.” She wanted to go after the men and Jonas but some security men held her back.


Lucas stood and brushed his suit with his handkerchief and went straight to the crying girl. He whispered something in her ears and she stopped crying immediately, her face filled with horror. He dragged her to the stage and stopped the music and ruckus with a wine glass and spoon.


“Let’s get this done with,” he said and got down on one knee, after placing his handkerchief there. “As you saw, I took a blow for you. I’ve been bruised for you. That should show you how much I’m willing to sacrifice for you. Marry me.”


This should be the most irritating engagement I’d ever seen. Even if the marriage was forced, wasn’t he supposed to come up with something better for the camera?


The girl forced a smile and said, “Yes.” My heart shattered.


He forced the ring to her finger and the crowd erupted in cheers. Miss Jane hurried to me then.


“Where is Jonas? Where did they take him?” she inquired.

When she said the name ‘Jonas’, my anger rose to the surface. He caused this. If he had gone through with the plan, this asshole won’t have a girl to force a proposal on. Because he had to be violent, this girl just signed a jail term.


With the anger seeping into my voice, I told Miss Jane, “Let’s go find him. He has a lot of explaining to do.”




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