Sold To Mr. Rude – Chapter 1


💖Sold To Mr Rude💖



🍀Episode 01🍀



🍒Diana 🍒

I’m eighteen and so sad… I’m going to see Mr Jude’s home …


It’s was so huge.  I hate him . I can’t believe my parents sold me to him.


I won’t forgive them..


I moved inside as I saw him in his suit. He crossed his legs.


His hair rough and the moment i came in, he eyed me from head to toe.


I stood staring at him. He stood up and his jaw tightened.


“Not bad… you’ve grown to become a beautiful woman”,He said walking around me.


He touches my hair.amd I pushed his hands away and to my surprise he spank me on my ass making me jump.


“How dare you? It’s not right to treat women that way”


“I can bitch… and you are such a kid so i treat you how I want”


“That’s where you are wrong?”,I yelled


“And this my house okay”


I stared at him .


“Now you are going to be a good girl and follow my rules”


“You have no right to wear anything inappropriate”


“Why?”,I asked.


“Because I said so. One more talk from you and I’m going to punish you”


What does he mean?


How will he punish me?.


“You are not switching on the television…or hearing anything music”


“So I’m going to stay there and be like a robot”


He hit my ass harder.


“What is wrong with you?”,I said and was about to hit me again but i quickly apologised.


“Good girl. Don’t touch anything of mine or else ”


He glared at me, “I have somewhere to be, bitch”,He said and walked out on me.





I always mention her name. I always fantasize about her.


She is so beautiful and she is angry she looks more pretty.


Her parents hand her to me since childhood.


I promised to take care of everything she needed and I did.


Since childhood I made sure Liana never lacked anything.


Yesterday she graduated high school. I was there proud of my little girl.


But all she did was glare at me the whole of yesterday.


She knows the truth and I had no choice but bring her home.


I’m rude but i know one thing, Liana ingnites the fire in me.


Whenever she is around, she makes me happy and angry at the same time.


That’s why I called her bitch and when I spank her, i like the way she gasps, it’s turns me on.


She is innocent and I want to be the first man to ruin her.


But she doesn’t a feel a thing for me because I’m a Bastard.


A rude Bastard.


I asked her not honest bikinis because only God know that if she does, I will end up raping her and I don’t want to hurt her.


No music and no television, I know Liana so well just like the back of my hand.


When I used to visit her parents, I mostly find her in the living room dancing sexually… which turn me on


Only a few will understand…


I’m a man for God sake and I have hormones.


I moved out on her, while my guards opened the passenger door for me.


I want to give her space.


But I can’t wait have her in bed tonight and have her warm skin against mine.






💖Sold To Mr Rude💖



🍀Episode 02🍀



🍒Jude 🍒

After excess meeting, finally i arrived home.


It was quiet just like i expected.


Lily was serving the evening meal. The aroma filled my lungs.


It would taste so delicious. My mouth watered.


She turned staring at me, “Welcome boss”


I nod, “Where is D iana?”


“She is in her room, sir”,she said and i nod.


I went upstairs and slowly knocked but i heard nothing.


“Bitch… open up”,I heard nothing then I entered and saw the bed neatly arranged just like in the morning.


“Bitch!!!”,I checked the bathroom and saw nothing.


I moved downstairs a nd saw Lily my maid.


“Are you sure, she is in there”,I asked her again.


“Yes sir, that’s what she told me today”


“Okay …”,I went outside when I heard “Whoo!!!”.


I rushed to the behind the mansion and stand by the pool.


I saw a bottle of whiskey.


She swam in the pool with her eyes closed.


“Whoo!!!”,she shouted again.


Was she drunk?


“Fuck everyone who messed up with my life including Mr Rude”


My heart boils and i cleared my throat.


She opened her eyes and scream.


“I heard everything Bitch, come here”


“No I’m not”


“If i don’t… ?”


“Oh,  you won’t like me”


“Then I’m not coming…”


I glared at her and she glared at me back.


I entered inside the water and trapped her as she struggled.


She smelled of alcohol and I realised she was drunk.


I carried her as she struggled more.


“What did i tell you about bikini huh?”,she was onmy shoulders and I spanked her ass.


“Fuck you”,I spanked her ass again.


“Please stop!!!”,she wailed.


“Then you are going to be a good girl”


“Yes.. .”


“Liar”,I spanked her hard.




“Apologise Bitch”


“I’m sorry ….”


“Good girl”, I said and still carried her on her shoulders to the bedroom.


I open the marble bathroom and placed her under the shower while the water poured on us .


“What are you doing? I’m not bathing you”


She struggled and I spanked her again.


“Learn to respect”,I spanked her hard and she whimpered and stopped struggling.

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I took the gel and massaged her scalp. She just stood there crying.


I just wanted to hug her but she won’t allow it.


I slowly removed my shirt and hugged her close.


She didn’t flinched and the water cascades on our skin. I slowly removed untie her bikini…


I looked at petite breasts. It’s beautiful.


I hugged her tight and slowly inturn off the shower and wrapped her in a towel.


I lead her to the bedroom and she sat down.


I entered into the dressing room to wear my pjyamas.


When I returned, she was fast asleep.


Her thighs were on display which turned me on.


I removed her towel and stared at her for a while.


Then I wore her with one of the night gowns.


And her close to me as we cuddle with mine.


Her legs cuddled with mine and her breathe nuzzled my neck.


She turns me on without knowing. I stared at her lips and parted  them with my thump as she pout.


My fingers brushed her cheeks and I slowly kissed her cheeks.


“Good night, my beautiful bitch”,I whispered.






💖Sold To Mr Rude💖



🍀Episode 03🍀




I woke up the next morning and realised I was sleeping on his chest.


I stared at his face staring at his handsome face.


Why is he so ride when he is cute like this.


I wanted to touch his face but i stopped.


What if he ends up spanking me.


I slowly crawled out of the bed checking the time.


It was 5:30am.


I was shocked to realised I was wearing a night gown.


Did he dressed me up last night.


I wanted to squeeze his neck but something stopped me.


I moved to the kitchen seeing Lily washing some plates.


“Good morning ma’am”, she said with a smile.


“Good morning Lily”


“What are cooking this morning?”


“Just some sandwich and juice”


“I wanted to prepare the breakfast today”


“but Mr Jude Blake said…”


“Forget about what he said I just want to surprise him”


She smiled at me, “Okay ma’am”


“Thank you”,I smiled at her and started making the sandwiches right away.


He doesn’t know what i plan for him.


After preparing the breakfast, I served it on the dinning table and move upstairs.


“You Bastard, how dare you to dress up”,I jumped on him trying squeezed his neckbut he got my wrists and threw me on the other side of the bed.


“Aaargh!!”,I shouted again attacking him but he got my wrists again and damn his eyes were cold.


Like he wanted… to hurt me.


He pinned my wrists above my head and stared at me as we both pant.


“You are a bitch.  I was on trying to help and you are attacking like an enemy”


“I feel like hitting you right now”


“Oh really,”..


“Yes really. You have no right to touch what’s mine”


“What’s yours? This body had always been mine”


I laughed, “It was never yours and it will never be yours”


“I just want to prove that you only belong to me. You are my bitch”


“I’m not yours”,I said out loud and he hit my side. along me whimper.


His spread my legs with his strong muscled thigh.


I felt his hands cupping my sex. His breathe nuzzled my neck.


I shouldn’t feel turn on right now but i am.


I’m so turn on.


Why won’t l be when I’m a virgin. He sucked on my neck giving me soft bites.


“Mr Jude, my God, you just suck in everything.. . I’m not turn on one bite.

Maybe one of these days I need to see my boyfriends to get a good fuck”


He smacked my side again making me groan then his hand slowly moved into my panties and he felt my wetness there…


“So soft, you are bitch now”


“I’m not”


“You are…”,his lips, kissed my nipples through the gown.


I didn’t fight, I just remain there.


When I felt his grasp getting weak, I pushed him and entered the bathroom looking the door.


I was falling for his touches.


What is wrong with me.


I really hate this but it felt good to have his lips on my neck.




She didn’t mean that?


That she has a boyfriend.


She is mine.


only mine.


I just wanted to make  her come but she pushed me.


I feel different when I’m with her.


I heard the sound of the shower and I only wished I was there.


I moved downstairs and found the breakfast on the dinning.


I sat down and took the sandwich and took a bite.


Mmm, Its so delicious.


“Lily!!”,I shouted.


“Yes sir”, she came close to me.


“Did you made this?”


“No sir. It was Madam Diana. She prepared this”


I was in shock.


“Okay, you can go now”


“Okay sir”


I dropped the sandwich and moved to bathroom.


I don’t know how but i opened the door.


She screams, “What are you doing here? ”


I rolled my eyes and moved under the shower as my clothes became wet.


Her hands covered her breast and she was looking somewhere else.


“How dare you?”, I said.


“What did i do this time?”


“I told you not to touch anything of mine  but you did huh!!”


“I’m sorry okay but i though it was best for Lily to rest while I prepared the breakfast”


She was scared. I moved closed..


“Are you going to spank me again”




I pulled her in my arms and she shivered. I stared at her and my hands rubbed her bare ass.


She close her eyes waiting for what would come next.


I watched her parted lips and I lose control.


My hand moved to her hair and my lips crushed on hers.






💖Sold To Mr Rude💖



🍀Episode 04🍀




My fingers pulled his hair while he deepened the kiss.


My body burn for his touch.Gosh, I can’t stop kissing him.


His strong hands rubbed  wrapped my bare back which made goose bumps rushed on my skin.


I moaned as he pushed his tongue into my mouth.


I was wet down there.


I just want  him to touch me every where.


I could feel his heart pounding fast.


Mine was pounding too.


He placed soft kisses on my neck and sucked on my earlope biting it at the same.


I shivered in his arms and he smiled, “So easy to seduce.”,he said softly and kissed me with force.


I moaned.


“You are my bitch, you have just prove that. Now I’m giving ten minutes to get out of the bathroom and have your spanking”


I gasped as he left me.


My lips were still burning..from his hot kiss.


I quickly showered and moved to the bedroom but i couldn’t find him.


it’s good he is gone.


At least he forget his spanking.


I quickly dressed and move downstairs.


I saw Lily holding a long sheet and a basket too.


“Lily…. where are you going?”,I asked.


“My boss asked me to get some fruits”


“Oh okay.. . I’m so bored at home. Can i escort you”


“Sure..”,she said and we moved to the supermarket.


We bought grits while Lily told me about her childhood memories while I laughed.


We returned home but I still haven’t caught the sight of Jude.


Where could he be.


I decided to check his office and there I heard moans.


He was with someone.


A lady.


“Oh Gosh, fuck me harder, kid”


My eyes widened and I opened the door ajar then I saw him.




Fucking a woman in her mid-forties.


His jaw was tensed as he moved more faster.


It’s like a live porn and I wasn’t turn on a bit.


I felt disgusted and betrayed.


I thought he wanted me in the first place but i was wrong.


I stood there watching him till his eyes met with mine..


That was when I had to ran  to my room.




After the hot kiss, I knew I I couldn’t have enough of her.


She was mine.


And I’m sure there will be a next time.


I was waiting for her so I could spank her add but  then I had a call from Victoria.


I met Victoria during my teenage years.


I worked for his husband who barely had time for her wife.


I was his right hand man and the trusted  one too.


Sometimes the boss had send me back to the house , the wife usually wore short seductive dress to turn me and hell yes she succeeded in doing that.


She was older than me but she had a hot body.


I was a teenager then and I had more hormones.


Till oneday when I arrived, she was naked and i was hard and we hard sex.


And damn, she was really good with her mouth and pussy.


But as this relationship between my boss’ wife and me, I realised I had failed greatly so I decided to start a new.


And now here I am, a 27 years old billionaire who had everything.


Why is she here anyway?


I moved to my office… and found her sitting on my office chair.


“Mrs victoria”,I said


“Jude…”,she stood up.


“What are you doing here?”


“I came to see you. I missed you”


“You have a husband”


“Not anymore, we are divorced”


She removed her cost, showing her lingerie.


She was sexy.


“I miss you so much Jude and I want you”


She sucked on my neck giving it soft bites.

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I was hard again the moment her hands touches my erection , I pulled her in my arms kissing her while I removed her lingerie and bend her on the desk fucking her while her moans feels the air.


I saw the door opened ajar  and my eyes met Diana.


For the first time I hate myself.


I saw disgust on her face.


She ran and I stopped.


I zipped up my jeans.


“Where are you going?”,she asked.


“Just leave Victoria… You came to seduce me and you succeed.. now I want you to get out of my life…”


“Is it because of her”


“Yes it is”


“Okay… I will leave but no one can pleasure you like i do. You will come back running to me.”


“I won’t . .. please leave”


She took her purse and left while I went to the room, seeing Diana.


The moment, she saw me, she stood up heading yo the bathroom.


I stopped her.


She had been crying.


Was she jealous.



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