THe Liquidator

The Liquidator – Prologue & Chapter 1


THe Liquidator


The scene opens in the market square. Everyone in the town of Draka had gathered together to observe their annual new year festival. Music’s of various types could be heard loud and clear. Everyone danced to the rhythm of the music. It was a new year 2019 and everyone were happy, they were happy because they were still alive and not slaves or dead. Some redcoat soldiers could be seen in the close by bush holding their rifle steadily ready for command from their able commander, Zapata. “Kill the men, capture the women and children”. He whispered. The redcoat soldiers nodded. Zapata raised his hand up and they flee out of the bush. They pressed the trigger of the rifles and splattered bullets on the men.

The whole place was put into confusion as people ran helter-skelter. The gunmen shot the women on the legs anyone of them who tried to run. And some of the women dare not run, they surrendered.
The soldiers spared not the men they killed them brutally. They also shot down children who tried to run. Now the scene which was filled with celebrants seconds ago was now filled with blood and crying citizens. The redcoat soldiers began to chain the hand and leg of the people who were alive, the linked all the chained people together with another rope, so they wouldn’t escape. The soldiers then pushed the new slaves away leaving the injured and the dead. This was not a new thing in Draka anymore, the terrorist entered into the town anytime they wanted and slaughtered the people anyhow.

This terrorist group were called The Birak, they lived in a close by town and had lots of soldiers called the redcoat who wore red jackets. They were accurate shooters who never missed shots and made it impossible for their victims to escape. Because of this, the king couldn’t raise an army to face them, he was afraid to defeat.  Through all this year, many innocent souls were wasted. The people of Draka always prayed and hoped that when day, a deliverer will arrive and save them. Then the young warrior is born, with blood lust, wanting to kill anywhere anytime, wanting to spill blood. But here’s the question is this child the deliverer they prayed for or another thorn in the flesh of the town of Draka.

They call him CONNOR.
Some call him THE KILLER.
The children call him THE WARRIOR.
The ladies and young girls call him THE HERO BOY.
But I call him.



In the town of Draka, there lived a hunter, he was the best in the land who uses skillful arts today catch wild animals and his name was Johnson, he Had a wife, Clara, who was baring but they hoped for a child.
Johnson lives in the southern part of Draka of which the red coat soldiers hardly but Johnson already made up his mind to fight any damn soldier who dare attack his home. As usual in the evening, Johnson prepared his weapon to go hunting. He carefully placed two knives in the sheath on his knee and then hung his rifle over his back. “you forgot your sword”. Clara shouted, running out of the house.

She hands in over to him. “Thanks dear, how forgetful was i”. He said. He placed the sword into his sheath and mounted his horse, snowy. Snowy and Johnson understood each other a lot and understand signs they make to each other. “Stay safe and return early, remember the wolves creep out at night”. Clara warned. “Sure”. He answered and rode away. John’s rode to the northern side of the forests were bears are located. Snowy was moving slowly when Johnson began to hear some funny sound the bush close by. “Halt!”. He said and snowy stopped. Johnson got down from the horse and removed his rifle.
He stealthily walked backward looking at his left and right. Suddenly a huge bear broke out of the bush and slash snowy’s neck. The horse rose it leg Up and trample on the bear, injuring it ear.”god damn it”. Johnson said aiming his rifle. Johnson aimed at the head and a h or but as it raised it hand up to slash away snowy, the bullet caught the bear on the arm. It groaned and charged toward Johnson.
He pressed the trigger but no bullet was released. He then remembered that it was only one bullet left the rifle. And he didn’t take ammo before leaving the house.

“Marathon Activated!”. He thought as he took to his heel, running fast. He jumped on a rock and claimed the hill fast. The bear tried to follow but it slides down due to the sloppiness of the area.
“Hey come get me bunny bear”. Johnson said. The bear groans and tried to climb again.
Johnson starred at the sword on his waist. “Clara you saved the day”. He muttered. He drew out the sword and jumped from the rock, forcing it straight into the skull of the huge bear, it collapse slowly to the ground. There was a loud boom. Johnson said fell in love the chest of the bear, so he laid down for some time. “wow! So cool and fresh!”. He exclaimed. Johnson later cut off the part he wanted from the bear and putting them into his bag. “Sorry buddy”. Johnson Said caressing snowy.
He looks up an saw it was already dark. He went to a close by tree and wrote with his knife. “JOHNSON KILLED A BEAR HERE {2019}”. Johnson mounted his horse and rode away.

The rage were almost getting to intersection when five wolves crept out of their hiding and went after them. Snowy galloped up to inform Johnson there was a problem. He looked back and saw the fiery wolves in a danger dash mode. “Faster!”. He shouted tapping snowy’s neck and it increases it speed.
One of the wolf got close wanting to bite the horse but the used it was hind leg to hit it head away.
Johnson removed a catapult from his bag with a thorny round iron. He placed it and shot it straight into the skull of one that leapt at them. He then used his sword to caught the branch of a tree away and it hits two away, leaving one. They were getting close to the southern part of the Draka. The last wolf leapt at Johnson but he detached the head from the bodyguard with the aid of his sword.
Johnson got home and got down from the horse. Clara hugged him tightly. “You smell blood”. She said.
“Yeah, today was little twisty”. He said. “But nevertheless, there’s not bear for supper”. He said handing over the bag to her. And she chuckled softly. “Snowy has some little injury, so I’ll take him to the stable to fix him up”. Johnson said wanting to leave with snowy. Clara turned and moved toward the house.
He felt a sharp pain in her Tommy which caused the bag to fall. He visionary became blurry, she fell slowly to the ground. Johnson turned back and saw that his wife had fainted.
“Clara!”. He shouted running toward her.


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