The Maid – Chapter 1


THE MAID: The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 01🍓



“Today,my sons are coming back home,so l need u to prepare their special meal.”,Mrs Gina said.

“Yes….”,as we all exclaimed.

“Do u know their sons”,l asked.

“And who doesn’t know the famous Willson family and their industries.They are ruthless,arrogant and one of them love women.Not just women but beautiful women like you

..”,Elle answered.Elle is a maid.

“Wow!…. Really”


I can’t wait to meet them,I thought.

My name is Adriana.l have a beautiful name but am just a poor girl who lives deep in the forest with my grandpa but I’m happy since it has waterfalls,rivers and fruits.l have no parents and l don’t know what happened to them.l work in the Willson’s family house.

l am smart,intelligent and l am somehow a herbalist buh l have one secret gift which no one knows and that taming wild animals and l have been thinking if l could try on humans.

it’s actually my secret.. please don’t tell anyone or else I will use it on you.

ln the evening,l heard giggles and l knew their sons was back.l have only an hour to go home.My grandpa must be worried.

“Adriana you will serve them tonight”,the older maid said.

“What! but I’m late”

“l don’t care.Now go serve them with the donuts”

l was really nervous as l went to the sitting room,they were all staring at me.l cleared my throat and served them.

“Adriana,can u serve us with a bottle of champagne..”,Mr Gina said.

“Okay…”as l went in.

The moment l was l was serving them,l almost fell as one of their son held me.

“Are you.. alright”

l looked at him because he was too beautiful.

My mouth went dry and I clenched my thighs together. Why am I wet for him.

I could look at him all day without getting tired. His smile was beautiful and his eyes were bright with with happiness. His lips were tempting and he smells of him, sweat an gaby@zero eight one six zero four four two eight seven two for more stories

“Yea…”,as l finished serving them.

l was done serving,now l need to go home then suddenly l slip and almost fell but he caught me and unfortunately we both fell.

“This is the second time I’m saving you”

“l think you were created as my saviour..”,as we both smiled.

“My name is Justin Willson and you…”

“Erm…,l don’t have a name”,as l stood up and left.

l was running so fast,l don’t want my grandpa to get worried suddenly l heard a sound.

l moved closer to the sound that’s where l saw a tigeress growling in pain.Even though in pain,its still wild.The more l moved close to it the more it roared. I became nervous about this animal. But then I had an idea. The only way was to wrap my body to her to just earn trust. it’s was a dangerous idea but I didn’t care so I tried and to my surprise she didn’t bite.

I knelt in front of her As I remove the stick from its feet. it roared and licked my fingers.

I pat it’s head and played a little with it and went home.

When I reached home my grandpa was asleep.



“Hey,wait…”,as l rushed to reach her buh she was already gone.l returned back to the kitchen and saw Elle cleaning the dishes.

“Who is she?”,l asked.


“The young maid”


“And where does she live?”

“No one knows where she lives”

“Okay…”,l looked at her curiously.

“Don’t tell me you think about fucking her already”

l smiled and said, “No,she isn’t my type”

Suddenly my phone rings,lts Vicky.l ignore it besides she’s too extravagant. I met her at one of my hotels and boom we fuck but I never cared for her anyway.

I don’t do relationship or love. it’s doesn’t exist in my world. I only adore sex and nothing else.

Just seeing a beautiful woman and I’m ready to f.

A lot of woman like me because of my money and because I was so good in bed. I could f them till they can’t walk but after seeing her today . I want to f my maid too. She is so beautiful and too innocent for me.

And then my phone rings again.

“Fuck..!”, I cursed. it’s Tera.

l answered and told her to come to my house besides am in the mood to f her.

l went to meet my older bro,Christian…He is two years older.l went to chat him a little while l was waiting for Tera.

“Hi bro….”,l called out.

“Hey…”, I said.

“What’s up…”,


“How are your girls….or dates I guess”,he smirk

“They are fine…”

“I was wondering when you would get serious with one of them.”

“it’s never happening…”

“Oh you never changed ….”

“Nope…. I’m still the same…”

“F off…”

“Go to hE-ll.. “,l laughed.






🍒The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 02🍓


🌺Justin 🌺

lts late now,l guess Tera won’t come so l went into my bedroom to change.

l went into the bathrooom.

lts been a tiring day.l got out while to my surprise,l saw Tera naked on my bed.

“Come here baby”,she said as l looked at her fascinating body.She then opened her legs and gave me a wink as she massaged her breasts.

Without any second thought,l grabbed her by my arms and started kissing her roughly suddenly the thought of Adriana came into my mind.

That girl is a real beauty.All l could think was her lips and her body.

What’s happening to me?

“Tera,l cant”

“No… you can”,as she tried kissing me but l ignored.

“Tera no! Get dressed and leave”

“You can’t deny me like this..”

“l already did just leave!”,as she took her clothes angrily and left.

Oh my I can’t believe I just sacked her. What am I doing to myself.. it’s like I’m  being charmed by her.

This is just tearing me out.

When l woke up the next morning,all the maids had their day off expect Adriana.She was in the kitchen making breakfast for Christian and l.

I watched dress as it’s hugged her mid thighs. Her hair lose and her lips plump like she just had a c* in her mouth and her eyes bright and beautiful…

Oh Gosh I just feel like bending her over the counter and rip her clothes  and f her brains out…its will be so nice to hear her m0an and beg.

“Hi Adriana….”,I smiled


“Can you serve me here?”

“And me too…”,Chris said. She served us nicely as she continue with washing the dishes.

“Wow,she is beautiful…”,Chris whispered

l then ignored him , “Would mind if you join us…?”

“No,sir… not necessary”

“Just call me Justin…”

“Adriana,l have some books on my bed,would you mind if you put it somewhere.See you later,bro…”,as he pat my shoulder and left.

l keep staring at her, “You are beautiful”

“ls that even necessary?”

“Yea…,it is”

“l hate that look…”,she frowned.

“What look?”

“That l-wanna-f-u-look and l bet you Mr Willson,that won’t work on me”.

l was speechless. I’m glad she can see through me and she knows what I want.

Wow,l never knew she was so smart.l want her.



l like her and l can’t wait to make friends with her.

l want to know more about her.

Hm,l will follow her tonite to her home to surprise her.

l can’t wait to see her shocked face when she sees me.

lt was lunch and l saw her packing some foods.l think she is going to give to someone so l decided to follow her to find out who dat person was.

By the way why is she heading the forest way.

it’s dangerous there.

Does she leave there.

Ouch! as l screamed and saw the snake, it bit my leg.l became weak as l sat on the ground.l saw Adria rushing to see me.

“Oh sir,what happened to you”

l couldn’t speak but she looked at my leg and saw the mark.

“Help”,she screamed as she tore her cloth then I felt her lips on the spot Where the snake bite. it was very soothing and I like the warm of her lips on my legs. She sUcked the poison out of my legs and spit it then she sucked my leg again and tie the piece of cloth around.Where we were wasn’t far from our home.Suddenly Justin arrived,

“What is wrong with him”.

“He was bitten by a snake”.

He then carried me and sent me home.



l have brought my bro home but l can’t find Adriana.Where is she? .l tried to call the ambulance but my phone is dead.Suddenly l saw Adria with herbs.She rub the herbs on her hand and squeeze its water on his leg.He then groaned in pain as she bandage his leg.

“He will be well by tomorrow”,as she left me.

it was left with my bro and I alone.

“You see what womanizing has lead you bro.. I just wish it bit your d”,I burst out laughing as he tossed the pillow on my face.

The next morning,l was anxiously waiting for Adria so l could thank her for saving my bro.l was sipping my juice when Tara coming towards me…Not again.

“Hello baby”

“What do you  want.l remember perfectly well that the last time l saw u was when l sacked you from my room”

“l came to pay you a visit and l don’t give a damn whether you are done with me”,she said angrily as l saw Adria walking towards our home.

“Hey,stupid biT-ch come here”,she yell at Adria and I was pissed but I kept quiet.

“What did you just call me?”she asked frowning.

“Stupid bitch…”

“Okay Miss..,what can l get u”

“Get me a cold juice”,as l watched Adria left our sight.

“U shouldn’t have done that,Tara”,I yelled at her.

“But she is just a maid and a nobody”

“That maid is far better than u because do you know why? Because she just doesn’t open your legs to men like you do.. You’ve just made everyone realised how cheap you are…”I said as tears wailed up in her eyes. She was hurt by my words and i knew but I just don’t regret a thing I did…

She slapped me hard as my tongue move to my left cheek easing the pain.

“How dare you?”,she sobbed

l kept quiet as l saw Adria bringing the juice.

“Here is your juice,miss” as Adria poured the juice one.

“How dare you?”

“I dare anything”and she slapped her on Tara’s cheek and all l could see after that was both of them rolling on the floor.





The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 03🍓



l separate them and realized that Tara was really beaten. l mean really beaten but then it wasn’t enough for Tara so she decided to jump on Adria.

“Stop it both of you.Thats enough”,as Adria left angrily.l then turned to Tara.

“l guess its time for you to leave now”


“We are done anyway…Just leave Tara”

l left her looking for Adria.l was heading to the kitchen when l heard her say:

“l should have rip her eyes out!”.

“I should have rip her too…”,she shouted at herself.

“Are you talking to yourself”, i said smiling at her.

She looked at me as if she wanted to say something but she close her lips as l move close to her.

l then took cottonas l clean the blood from her lower lip.l just want to kiss her.She was staring at me angrily as l stared back and smiled.

“You are angry at me and l know that.lf l were to be you l would have smiled”

“Why would l do that”

“Because you are strong and a good fighter.l like the way u beat her up though and you were right.You should have rip her hair”,l smiled at her and she laughed her ass out.

“You are such a terrible boyfriend to her”

“We are done anyway”

“I’m sorry sir. I shouldn’t have fought her then. Please get her back..”

“No it’s not because of fight…”


“I’m sorry for her harsh behaviour”

“lts okay….”

I moved more closer as my lips brushed hers…

Her breathing changed.I’m glad i had effect on her.

“What are you doing…”,she whispered

“What does it’s look like I’m doing?”


“Shh… I’m attracted to you”,I say as her eyes went wide. She was pulling away but I held her tight to me.

“Please Sir… don’t do this”

“But why? Do you how hungry you get me when I see you..”

“Let not do this…” ,she said as I kissed her. it was a soft one.

She pushed me as she ran off.

What have I done… I have fucked up.

. .



l moved to Chris’ room.He was really healthy and happy.

“How are you doing Chris”.

“l’m good.Thanks for saving me.l really like you and l want us to be friends” as he decided to shake me.

l giggled and he laughed.

“l want to know u more” he said

“Me too”

“Um..l have been thinking if l could be your tutor since you lack education”

“l would love that…”

l then shook him as he pulled me and we both land on the bed.His weight on mine.

He was handsome too and I was breathless looking at him. His hands pushed my hair from my face.

“Christian I…..”

“Shh.. you are beautiful and you don’t how insane that makes me. I like you a lot Adria..”

I remain utterly still, staring at him for a long moment. Restless or perhaps embarrassed by my intimate scrutiny, i shifts but he pinned me down with his body.

His lips crushed on mine and I remain still for a while but then I responded. His kiss was roughand I couldn’t deny him.

My hands moved to his hair as I kissed him with such passion.

What am I doing. I just kiss two handsome brothers today..I’m acting like a whore..

“I’m sorry…”,he apologised.

“it’s okay…”,as I pushed him away from me.



Days passed and l started falling for her but l can’t tell her about that since l promise to be her friend.

She is beautiful and so addictive and I can’t wait to have her on my bed. I love her and it’s just driving me insane.

Tutoring her was a difficult task for her because of the way her lips moved and her body is so attractive.

lt was evening and l escort her to where we meet. She thank me for our first lesson then she headed home.

I just wish I knew her home to be visiting her always.

This is the second time I falling in love.

The first love was my Vera… she died in a plane crash because she was paying a surprise visit to see me..

that’s was a long time ago..

l went into my room as l saw Justin sitting on the bed.

“Whats up..,bro”

“Nothing much…”

“Do you like her”,he ask.

“Yea a lot…. We even kissed today and I just love how she responded”

“What.. .?”


“How could you bro…you just took advantage of her..”

“Don’t tell me about it… I like her and I’m ready to have a serious relationship with her and not mess around with her like you do..”

“Don’t you dare?”

“Dare what Justin..”,I asked as he left angrily.

What’s his problem anyway?


🍒Justin 🍒

How can he like her? l like her too infact I’m inlove with her.

I know i don’t do relationship but I seriously wants to see her in my bed everyday.

I like women and I know no one will believe me when I say I’m in love with her and nothing else is going to stop me.

I want her and that’s it.

l always see them together and l feel so jealous.l cant belive a playboy like me can be in love with a maid. This is so insane.

This is so serious.My bro and l falling for one girl and I feel so stupid for getting jealous of him.

I feel so sad to start a fight with my bro just because of a girl.

I don’t know what to do but I’m not ready to give up on her.

The next morning l saw her doing some dance moves.l think she was trying to waltz. Her hair swinging from one to another and she was smiling. I moved close and l touched her as she screamed.

She touch her chest trying hard to breath. Her lips parted and her eyes wide. Why is it that everything she does is so sexy?

“Don’t ever do that again…”,she warned.

“l’m sorry but what were u …..”

“That isn’t part of your business”,as she was trying to leave but l caught her arm ,place my hands around her waist and started to waltz with her.

“See,l just want to help.Nothing else”,as she place her head on my shoulder.l then tightened my grip.

“Whats between u and my bro”

“He’s my teacher and also a great friend.Why ask?”


“Hope you aren’t jealous?”

“l am”

“Hmm…l have to go”

“No,you are not going anywhere”

“But why?”

“Because l want to kiss you and don’t say l didn’t warn you”

“l…” as my lips crushed with her.She was trying to fight me but l pushed her to the tree as l deepened the kiss and she was shy to respond.

She moaned as her arms were on my cheek.l guess she has give in and and not ready to stop kissing her luscious lips. My hands cupped her breastscas she gasps and my lips moved to her neck sucking and giving little bites and slowly I moved back to her lips.

I parted my lips from hers as she close her eyes to feel the sensation.

“Why did you stop?”,she asked breathlessly.

“You want more?” as she nodded.

“Then I’m inviting u to my birthday party”,as l place my credit card in her hand.

“This is too much sir? l won’t accept”

“Please do and don’t call me,sir”

“Okay Justin..”

“l will be waiting for you.Don’t miss” and l left.




Did we just…or did l just kiss him? Oh my l cant belive I’m feeling something for him. I wish he kissed me again.

l hid the card as Elena and l worked all day buh then l told her about it.

At 6pm we went to the botique.l have changed more than 10 times but l can’t find…wait a minute.This dress has been hanging here for a long time and l didn’t take notice.l bought the gown as Elena helped me with the make up.

lts time for me to go.l’m already late.l was walking on the street looking for cab when posh car was infront of me.A man got out

“Your car is waiting,..miss”

“Who sent you”

“The young master,Sir Justin Willson”

“l guess am cinderella tonite” l whispered as l entered inside the car.

I smiled at myself but I was nervous too. How is the party going to be like…

Hmm…. I’m so excited.







🍒The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 04🍓





Where is Adria? It’s almost two hours as l glance at my watch.

Reporters and photogragraphers were taking pics of me.lts not obvious since I’m one of the richest guy in the country.

Girls were just approaching to me after all I’m a man.

I saw Tara sipping her juice.

Wait …. who even invited her here. I moved close to her.

“Leave now!”,I commanded.

“I’m not going anywhere…Your mom invited me and I’m not going anywhere ”

“Okay… this is my party and I want you to leave… “,I yelled to her face.

“She isn’t going anywhere Justin”,my mom yelled at my face.

“She is…”

“I said she isn’t leaving. if she leaves you won’t be my son anymore”

“Wait… are you choosing her over me”

“Just one move Justin and I will do what I had to”

I was so angry as I left. I don’t know what my mom has seen in Tara.

She is been worrying me to marry her for months now and when I deny her that.. all she had to do is to make my life miserable.

l was just welcoming my new guests when a car approaches and oh my God,l was so shock to see her.She is so beautiful and suddenly all photographers were taking pictures of her.She is very gorgeous and l’m very nervous now.

She was standing there as my bro brought her to our table.

I just wished it was me. Damn him.

“You look so beautiful”,l said.


“Don’t you think it will be nice if Adriana give the speech”,my mom said.

I know my mom is doing this on purpose.She knew Adria is uneducated.

l guess she wanted the whole world to know how horrible she is. I just have to stop this bullshit. She wants to take control over me just like she did to my dad.

I just hate what’s my mom is doing right now.

“l……..”,she trailed off nervously.

“Come on Adria..”,my mom gave her that pretending smile.

“Mom…she won’t”,Chris and I cut her off.

My mom went to the platform and then introduce Adria as our guest of honour and also ask her to give a speech on a microphone infront of everyone.

“Mom…you went to far”,l yelled.

“Mom… I can’t believe you did this”,Chris yelled as I saw Tara walking towards us.

“lts okay”,Adria assured to Christian and i.

l watched her as she walked on the platform. I was very nervous as if I was the one who wanted to give that..speech.

I hope she found a way out of this mess..

She stood in front of us.. her smile widens.

Chris and I looked at eachother then we look back at her.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen,my name is Adriana Styles.

lt’s a great honour to stand here to give a speech. Actually the truth is I wasn’t prepared for this speech but all I want to say is happy birthday to this handsome guy on my left…He deserve all the happiness in the world..”.

Yea my happiness lies with you Adria.

After that all I heard was applauds for her as Chris and I stood by her as we all climbed down.Chris gave me a hard stare and I rolled my eyes.

What’s the matter with him.




l was in the middle of them as Justin held my waist while Chris held my hand.I looked at them and l know they are both in love with me but the truth is l love both of them. Yea I know what am saying is insane but that’s what I feel and for now I don’t want to lose any of them and now that l see their mom hates me,l have stay away from them.

“Baby…”,Tara said softly and kissed Justin as photographers gave a shot.

I just feel like crying.. Does him love her?

No he doesn’t. But I saw how he held her in his arms.

Christian was behind me as I felt ashamed to look at him. Tears were in my eyes.

“Excuse me..”,I said as I ran to the bathroom. I wiped my tears and looked at myself in the mirror. it’s worthless crying over a womanizer like him. i put on a light make up to lighten up.

The moment I opened the door he’s in front of me, lifting me into his arms. Caught completely off guard, I gasp. Christian. His free hand in my long hair and pulls my head back, claiming my mouth. My fingers grab the fabric of his shirt and try to pull him closer. I feel like my whole body has just come alive and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m twenty and I’ve never been kissed like this before. But this doesn’t feel like any kiss I’ve ever imagined. It feels like he’s devouring my body with his mouth, his teeth, his tongue. It feels like Christian is ravishing my soul.

“Tell me you want.. .me”,he whispered against my lips.


“Please just say the word.. please”

I kissed him deeply, “I want you..Chris”

He held me tightly, “Do you love my brother?

“Christian please…”

“Answer me..”,he said between kisses.

“I have to go…”,I pushed him but he was powerful against me.

“Please Christian let me go..”,I plead.

“Okay…”,as he kissed my forehead. I moved to the party as everyone was dancing.

“Dance with me”,Justin whispered in my ears. My heart pounded.

“l will…birthday boy”.

The song started as we waltz around and all l could to to look him in the eye.

“Where were you..?”,he asked.

“I was just around since you were with your girlfriend”

“She is my ex”

“I don’t give a damn”

“let get out of here..”,as we walked hand in hand to somewhere full of roses.He then stretched his hand


“My birthday gift…”

“Oh l forgot to get u one. Didn’t your girlfriend get you one..”

“Come on… just stop please”

“Okay fine..”

“So my gift”, He said as l removed one of my Gaby@zero eight one six zero four four two eight seven two for more stories

“Happy birthday” and l place it in his hand.

“Thank you it’s means a lot to me” as he laughed.



“Thank you” and l laughed because in my entire life no woman has given me earings as a gift.its cheap but its valuable to me. i really want her. l moved close to her.

“l remember you said u want more ”

“Yes…” she reply as my arms are on her waist.

“Then l guess l have no problem doing it now” as l kissed her. it was slow as I pulled her tighter to taste her more.

“Can you take me to your home tommorow”


“Just say yes please. “,l begged.


We chatted the whole night and my love for her grew more.

“Hey wake up…” as l felt someone pulling the sheet on me.Elena l knew it.

“Elena l’m not ready to eat breakfast”

“lts not that…,take a look” as l wake sleepily to cheek what she’s up to.What!

l took the magazine and watched properly.

lts Adriana and l kissing in the magazine.lts hot from the way l see it.lts titled “Has The Playboy Found Love”.l smiled and l like it.

l went to the kitchen to check on Adria.l saw her washing the dishes as l wrap my hand from behind as she leaned against me and I inhaled her scent and kissed her neck.

“Good morning”

“Morning” she replied.

“Have you heard it”

“Heard what?”

“Never mind.Come on let go to ur house” as l pulled her.





🍒The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 5🍓





“Wait…Are we going with your car?”,l asked.

“Yea why”

“We don’t need a car but we need to walk”

“Okay” as he walked hand in hand chatting romantically till we reached the forest.

“Adria where….” he trailed off as l placed strawberry in his mouth.

“ delicious like ur lips”

“So want to taste my lips too”

“Yea please”

l closed my eyes waiting for him to kiss him.

“Adria…” he said but l didnt mind him.

“kiss me already…”

“Adria…” and it was almost like a yell

“What?”, I yelled back.

“Please…look..down” he said shakely.

And l did and guess what it was a snake wrapped around his legs

“Oh that….lts doesn’t bite” as l removed it and wrap it around my neck.

“See l told u it doesnt bite”

“Adria!”,he warned

“Ok fine”, as l removed the snake around my neck.

A few mins we started talking again but l realised he was a little scared due to how he was looking around.

“Adria how many miles to reached ur home?”

“l don’t know but we need to cross the tigeress cave before we reached home”,l said as his eyes widen.

“lsn’t there any other way apart from that way”

“No and besides she is my friend”

“How can that wild thing be your friend”.

“It doesn’t bite okay… unless you harm it..”

“Adria… it’s a tigress”

“I know…”,i said as he walked passed me. I was behind him as I pluck leaves just playing with them.

We finally reached the waterfalls as I stood to look at it. I slowly tiptoed as I entered inside the water.

“isn’t it beautiful Adria”,he turned but I dive down so he couldn’t see me.

“Adria….”, he shouted.

“The water is really amazing ..”,i said as he frown.

“Adria please get out now”

“Nope… join me.”,l smiled.

“You are insane who knows what’s in there”

“Nothing is here..”

“I’m leaving..”,he frown as he turned.

“Help Justin…”,I shout pretending I was drowning.

“I’m not falling for your games Adria…”

I pretend to splash the water more to make him scared and slowly I sink down waiting for him to get in.

And finally he jumped in and he reached for me.

“Adria are you okay…”,he asked as I laughed.

“Seriously Adria… you thought this was a game. I was lost when you drown and you are seriously laughing…”,he said in a sad tone.

“I’m sorry but I thought…..”

“That I was joking too…. I nearly died when u drown..”,He moved close as he pushed the hair from my face.

“I’m sorry… really sorry”

“I……”,he trailed off

“You what?”,

“Never mind…”,he said as he moved more closer.

“Tell me you are not interested in my brother ”

“Justin…. ”

“Please just say the truth”,he begged.

I moved close to him,he pulled my legs to wrapped around his waist.

Slowly moving my eyes back to his face, I see his jaw is hard from clenching it. He’s so handsome. His eyes lock on mine, and they’re so green they almost look like colored contact lenses. Those blazing emeralds snap away and do a head to toe sweep of my body. My breath catches in my throat at the look he gives me.

My hands on his cheeks and slowly I kissed him.

His hands were in my hair as he captured my lips,slowly consuming me.

“Tell me you are mine… Adria”,he trailed kisses down my neck as I moaned.

“I can’t….”,i whispered.

“You can’t wait…”

“I can’t say them”,I blurt out as he let go of me.

He swam back to the shore as he wore his shirt.. What have I done.

I moved close to him, “I’m sorry Justin”

“You don’t have to be.. it’s okay”,as he tried to put a force smile.

“Okay… come on let’s go…”,as we walked but none of us talked. I know he is pissed at me right now.

We reached the tigeress cave… She was lying on the ground with her cubs around her. They were actually sucking her breasts and right there l felt Justin holding my hands tightly.

I thought he said he was kissed off but now why is he touching me.

The moved close as Justin held me tighter.

“Would you relax…its calm.”

I knelt in front of it as my hands brushed it fur.. .it’s then lie down on the floor as I played with its fur.

Justin was standing there looking at me with wide eyes.

“Come on touch it… it’s won’t bite you”,I say and slowly he knelt beside me as I pulled his hand to the animal guiding him on how to play with his fur.

“Wow… Adria you are amazing…”,He said kissing my cheeks.

“Thank you.”

We played with it for a while before we reached home.

“Well… this is my home”, I said embarrassed. it just a wooden structure and I personally decorated our home with flowers to make it more beautiful.

“Wow.. it’s pretty “,he states.

“Are you teasing me”

“No… I’m serious”

“Lets go inside…”,as I opened the door and he leads.

My grandpa was in the other room….

“Let me introduce you to my grandpa”,I said and he nodded.

We moved as I saw my grandpa having a juice,.

“Adria my dear you are back early..”

“Yea… meet Justin Willson. He owns where I work.”

“Nice meeting u young man”,my grandpa smiled as he shaked me..

“Nice meeting u too sir”,he replied.

“Dear I will leave you two. I have to see an old friend”

“okay grandpa take care..”,I said behind him as he slowly left us.

Justin made me gasps as he pulled me in his arms. His breaths tingling my neck.

“Today is my first time I had a girl scared the hell out of me..”, He whispered and I smiled.



I woke up feeling good. Last night was amazing with Adria. She drives me insane and I really enjoyed how she looked at me with lust in her eyes.

The way she kissed me was too consuming and I won’t forget that beautiful kiss.

I brushed my teeth as I moved to the kitchen for my breakfast.

I saw Elena busily washing the plates..

“Good morning Christian”,he said.

“Good morning Elena. Where is Adria..”

“She left with Justin this morning”

Anger started boiling in my chest. He just want to use her like the way he uses other girls and I won’t allow that.


I smash the glass on the wall as Elena gasp.

I left as I moved to the garden waiting for them patiently.

Three hours later I saw her with him … they were both laughing.

Justin’s hands on Adria hands…

“Get your hands off her”,I yelled at him.

“I won’t ..”,he yelled back.

Adria was just looking at me with confusion.

“She is mine…”,I growl

“She is mine too Christian so you have to back off..”

“I know you want to use and that’s it..”

“it’s true I used girls but Adria is different from all of them”

And with anger I punched him on his cheek.

“Asshole.. don’t ever lie like that again..”

“I have had enough… “,and he pushed me too.

He has the guts. I moved to him as Adria moved inbetween us and unfortunately she was punched by me. She spit blood on the ground as we both froze.

“I have had enough too..”,as She slapped me and then slapped Justin.

“I’m not yours…”,as She looked at both of us.

“I’m someone else’s… I’m sorry guys but l don’t you both so don’t get your hopes up.”,as she moved away but I held her wrists..

“What do you mean?”

“I’m sorry guys but I’m pregnant for some one else…”,she said and slowly I released her wrists.

“Tell me.. it isn’t true..”

“It is… I’m sorry guys and I’m in love with someone else..”

She moved away as I stared at Justin..

He was very shocked.

She moved into the house as we followed her.

The moment we entered we heard a sound and we rushed.

“Stay away from my son.. Justin”, she yelled at her as she held her right cheek. she was slapped by me.

“Then warn your sons to stay away from me…”

“What are they going to do with a low life like you..”

“Mom…”,I said softly as Adria left us.

I don’t believe Adria is pregnant. Maybe she is making this up to stop stay away from us… I understand her though.

Handling two guys is too difficult for her.

I went back to the kitchen..

“Sir do u want anything?”, Elena said

“Yea… does Adria has a boyfriend”

“No… she doesn’t have one..”

“Are you sure?”

“Why are you asking?”

“I just want to date her”

“You can go ahead because she doesn’t have any guy in her life right now.. “, she smiled and I smiled back.

I now understand this… she just made it all up..

I won’t leave her alone.



Adria pregnant? I can’t fucking believe it. I love her and she opened her legs for some stupid Bastard.

Damn her. How could she do this .

I had to speak to her..

I looked around but I couldn’t find her till I looked in the garden to find her.

She was in the garden sobbing.

“Adria…”,I said softly

“Please go away..”

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here”

“Just say whatever you have to say and leave please..”

“I don’t care whether you are pregnant or not Adria. I still want you and I love you”

She wiped her nose, “Huh?”

“I love you Adria…”,I looked in her eyes.

“I’m not playing games.. I need you”,and slowly I hugged her in my arms.. as she buried her face in my chest.


THE MAID: 🍒The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 06🍓




Justin loves me… I can’t believe this..

After all the the pretence that I was pregnant he still loves me. I love him too.

Yea… I  love him but I lust Christian that’s all.

Whenever I’m angry or jealous about Justin being with another girl that’s when I lust over him.

My head was buried in his chest listening to warm heartbeats. I love Justin.

I can’t believe I just figured it out.

I hugged him back as he played with my hair.

“I’m not pregnant. I just made it up to make you fall for me..”

“I know and I understand you”


“Look at me beautiful”

I then reached up to look at his handsome face.

“I may be a playboy but when it’s comes to matters like this. I don’t joke.

l love you so much and I’m not going to let you go..”,He continued as his hands brushed my bottom lips.

“please kiss me already..”,I begged as I felt his lips on mine. it’s was slow and sensual but I still want more. Our tongues battled together as my hands raked in hair.

I m0aned when I felt him pulled me into his arms.

“I love you more Justin”,I whispered against his lips and kissed him more.

“Tell me you are mine..”,he whispered.

“I’m yours alone Justin..”,

“Stay with me tonight please..”

“I will…”,I smiled at him.

“I mean I have an apartment… make sure by 6pm you are there”,as he hand me the card.


“I love you ..”

“l love you more Justin”,as I ran to the kitchen.

I kept smiling at myself as I prepared the meal for the family.

After I was done I just board a taxi to Justin’s home.

I was excited to see him. I just press on the door waiting for him to open.

“Hello baby..”,he said softly as I entered. The room was decorated with roses.

“Wow… nice place”

“Thanks…”,he smiled.

“I have prepared something for both of us”

I looked at him surprisingly.

“Hmm… what will Mr billionaire prepare”

“Nothing… just noodles”

“okay… let’s see how good you are in the kitchen. I sat down on the chair as he serve me.

“Won’t you have some..”

“I just prepare it for you..”

“okay..”,as I took a mussle of the food.

He is so good but then there is no salt.

l liked it anyway.

He stared at me as I finished my meal.

I was really shy and embarrassed.

After eating.. he held to the bedroom.

“Justin you are acting wierd”

“All this is new to me and I just don’t know how to make you happy”

“Just do it your own way Justin… be yourself”

He puts his hand on the back of my head and teases my lips, gently coaxing me to respond. I move closer and kiss him back, inviting him. My heartbeat speeds up when he traces my lips with his tongue and nibbles on my bottom lip. God, I miss this. His lips feel so good.

I open my mouth for him and I almost fall apart as he sweeps inside and claims my mouth with his kiss. His hard, forceful, insistent kiss.

I haven’t been kissed like this in a long time. A really long time. The more I allow myself to be carried away by these delicious sensations, the more I realize how long it has been and how much I miss this.

I kiss him back with all the passion that has been quietly growing inside me for months. He groans into my mouth and kisses me harder, more insistently. His hand on the back of my head grips my hair.

When he pulls away, I’m fighting to catch my breath and my hands are gripping his chiseled arms through his blue shirt. It feels great to run my hands up and down his upper arms through the fabric.

Justin pulls me by the hand until I collapse on top of him on the bed, our limbs tangled together. The air around us is electric. Every cell in my body is pulsating.

Our breaths grow frantic. When he pushes me onto my back and gets on top of me, I remember the lonely nights I spent missing the weight of a man’s body on top of me. I savor the warmth of his skin, the scent of his neck.

He pauses to look at me, his eyes full of concern. There’s no way he can fake that. Justin really does have genuine feelings about me. He’s been honest and truthful. I suppose it’s okay to give this a go. Who knows? Maybe this will really turn into something meaningful.

I smile, giving him permission to continue. I want his skin all over mine. I want to be enveloped by his masculine body. I want this, I tell him with my eyes. I want you.

Justin undoes the buttons of my maid dress. He maintains an eye contact contact as he travels down my throat, trailing light kisses to my b*. I arch my body with pleasure, offering more of me up to his mouth. He slips his hand underneath my body, unhooking b* and caressing my bare back.

Taking both my blouse and my b* off, Cole tosses them aside, letting them fall onto the carpeted floor. He stares at my exposed upper body, his gaze traveling from my navel up to the hardened tips of my b* and landing on my face. Without blinking, he takes it all in. I blush under his intense scrutiny. The hunger in his eyes makes me ache between my legs.

“My turn,” I say as I reach up and unbutton his business shirt. My fingers trace the lines of the muscles on his chest and abs.

His body is hard, sculpted, masculine.

He takes off his shirt. I can feel his c* pressed against my thigh, growing thick and hard in his p@nts. I reach my hand down and follow the little happy trail of hair on his abs down until I reach the waist of his pants. I look up into his eyes.

His hands touched my cheeks.

“You aren’t ready for this… “,as he wrapped his shirt around me.

Disappointment filled me.

“You don’t want me…”

“No baby… I badly want to f* you but I want to be better for you. You aren’t ready for this Adria but I can still make you come”.chat gaby@zero eight one six zero four four two eight seven two for more stories

He buttoned the shirt around me but left three buttons to expose my b”.

“You are so hot like this”,he says.

As he slips his hand inside my p@*, I shiver all over on the soft white sheets of his bed. His fingers dance over my wet folds, making me tremble with need. In this moment, there’s only one thing I want.

With a low growl, Justin pushes my shirt until it bunches up around my waist. He yanks my pa@nties off and pushes inside me with one fin-Ger, and then another one. I m0-an as he fills me up.

“Are you okay?”

“Yea… “,l m0-aned.

He f!ngered me slowly till I came undone.

After our mess,he pulled me into his arms.

“I love you Adria…”

“I love you more”,i replied as I felt his lips on my forehead.

The next morning I felt kisses on my cheeks as I smiled.

“What’s says the time?”

“seven thirty am”,he replied sucking my neck.

“oh shit…”,I got up and wore my maid attaire.

He was on the bed staring at me.

“I have to go now… my grandpa must be worried”

l kissed him.

“Promise me you will come tonight…”

“Justin…”,I whined and pulled me into his arms kissing my shoulder blades.


“I will try…”

“Say yes… please”

“Hmm… how can i refuse if you keep on kissing my neck.. yes”

“okay goodbye..”

“Bye.. .”,l kissed him And i ran as fast as possible to reach home.

On my way home realised that all the wild animals I used to meet were no longer there including my friend the tigress.

This weird.

I walked till I reached home. it wasn’t home.

My home was burnt into ashes.

“Grandpa….”,I shouted looking around the burnt area.

“Grandpa…”,and there I saw his previous clothes and his body lying there burnt.

I touched his face as I cried loudly.

“Grandpa please wake up … please”

“I have no one  please…”,I framed his face.

“Who could do this… what have I done to this..”,I shout

And right there I saw a ring on the floor. I have seen this ring some where. But where?

Mrs Gina… This is Mrs Gina.

Did she do this…. Oh God I can’t believe this.

How wicked of her. Why does she have to kill my Grandpa if she hates me.

I screamed once again. What am I going to do now.

I can’t tell Justin.He won’t believe me.

I hid the ring in my pocket as i went to work.

I tried my best to hide my tears but I couldn’t.

I moved to the mansion as I saw Mrs Gina and Tara.

“Adria follow me…”,as She stood along with Tara.

I follow them till we reached one of the guest rooms..

Tara pushed me as Mrs Gina took a gun at me.

“I told you to stay away from my sons but you refused to listen..”

“Mrs …..”

“Just shut up.. will you”

“Now listen to me carefully. You are going to write a letter to Justin that you don’t want him… write a letter to make him hate you … or else I will shoot you right here and now and after you are done please leave and never.. return”

oh no… I love Justin.

“What’s your decision bitch..”,Tara yelled

“I will write the letter…”,I said softly as they smiled at eachother.







The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 07🍓



I walked into the kitchen as I saw Adria wiping her tear as she saw me..

“Adria… what’s wrong.?”

“Nothing..”,she forced a smile.

“I know you well Adria… tell me what happened”

“Nothing Christian. I’m fine”

“Okay… then”

“okay…”,as She ran past me.

Something is wrong and I wonder what it is?

And for Christ sake where the hell is Justin..

I haven’t seen him all day or is something wrong?

Let me just check his room if I will get a clue.

I moved to his room and it was very neat just like two days ago.

And there I saw an envelope on the middle of the bed.

Curiosity crept inside me and I opened it.

it reads:

Last night when we had our kinky stuff and cuddled up with you .. it felt amazing.

I loved everything we did… I love the smile on your face but the painful part was I never loved you Justin. it was only pity that I had for you.

I was never happy when I’m with you… it’s like my heart is some where else and my body is right with you.

I never loved you and I will never love you.

I’m sorry Justin.

Adria x.

Adria never loved Justin. This is unbelievable. I closed the paper closely and I found droplets of water and I knew they were tears.. it’s written minutes ago.

She wasn’t happy with what she wrote. She was forced to write this..

My mom must know something about this because she was the one who hated Adria.

l moved in my mom’s room to ask her about Adria’s whereabout.l knew she had nothing to do with it

“Mom,whats this?”as l showed her the letter.

“lts Adria’s letter…”

“you forced her isn’t it..?”

“How do u expect me to accept that whore in my family”

“She isn’t a whore”,l defend.

“Well Tera is his and no one else and I won’t allow that girl to destroy their future.”

“I loved her mom… I love her so much..”

“You love her too…”

“Yea mom..”

“What is wrong with you two…You are not going anywherearound her. She is out of town any way.. ”


“Just leave me alone Christian. I want to think.”

l smiled ..,”But l could marry her when she arrives again.”

“Okay do whatever you want but remember I will make her life hell when you bring her. ”

“We shall see about that mom..”

My heart miss a beat when l realise l can have Adria all to myself and I’m not going to tell Justin about Adria being forced to write this letter.

I will have to hire a detective to search for Adria’s whereabouts. If Justin can’t love her that much then I will.

In the evening after attending my business meetings I realised Justin wasn’t there. I just came home to have a shower when I call.

it’s was Justin.

“Dude where are you?”,I said on my phone.

“I’m in my apartment…”

“I was worried sick and you didn’t even bother to call”

“I’m sorry… but have you seen Adria.”

“No I haven’t seen her since morning”,I lied.


“Yea … I thought she was with you…”

“No she isn’t here with me..”

“Really.. . I’m coming home right away to cheek for myself”

“Okay.. . hurry”,and I hang up.

I wonder how he will feel when he writes this letter.

Thirty minutes later he arrives as he entered into his room. I waited for him to get out but I received none.



I saw an envelope on the bed.

Hmm… I wonder who it is and I read as my heart wiped.

Adria can’t do this to me.. but it’s in her own hands.

She told me she loved me last night but now in the letter she said she was never happy with me.

She said she was mine and I believed it. I’m such a fool.

A big fool.

She lied to me and I believed her.

She has indeed broken my heart and she has won.

I hate her. i hate her!

I’m not crying over her. I have never cried over a girl and she won’t be my first but I’m really hurt.

I need a drink a lot of girls to fuck.

I contact my old friend.

“Fred I need an escort in my apartment. I want brunette with blue eyes… can i get one..”

“Yes sure…”

“thanks I’m waiting …”


I drove back to my apartment as I had more whiskey patiently waiting for my escort.

And finally she is here and I took all my anger on her. I needed her badly. I fuck her roughly. This is how my life will be..

I don’t need Adria… I don’t need her to fix me..

I can fix myself.

Days moved to months and mom has been forcing me to have another chance with Tera.

I don’t need her but I have to accept her since it’s my mom’s wish.

Two years passed and I’m better as ever.

I stay with Tera in my apartments on weekends.

She has changed so much and I like how she is.

She is caring,cool and sometimes pissed me off but I like her that way.

I felt her hands on my abs as she kissed my shoulder blades.

“last night was amazing…”

“I know…”,as the memories of her and me pop in my head.

We fuck really roughly last night.

She stepped in front of me and I kissed and we had sex again.



Finally l back to my town now.

A lot of memories rushed in my head.

it’s been two years and some months since I left here.

All these years I wonder how Justin will feel towards my letter.

He has already forgotten about me already. I heard he is getting married.

Life moves on.

Two years ago I had no where to go… I work in a mall to look after myself and I attend Unversity of fashion.

I work in New York now.. . and I just can’t believe I had become popular.

My first business as wedding planner was when the Prince of Wales allow me to decorated his wedding.

I cried that day and I was glad i was damn rich. I only wish grandpa was here. Nesa my assistant was a great help and great friend.

Christian has been visiting me and I have only seen him six time in two years.

He has been my happiness and I really liked him alot.

We’ve kissed several times and I really think having a future with him will be so good.

Nobody recognise me now. I came here because Chris wants to see me badly and I really missed him too.

Nesa has gone to visit her boyfriend and I just bought an apartment.

I then decided to visit my grandpa.. and I have my last respect to him.

For about an hour,l cried till l realized l need to meet to the couples.

l reached there as l check if it’s the right address.l entered into the office as the secretary told me wait.

l opened the door and saw Justin staring at his laptop.

So he is alive.Chris always contact me buh he never did. How could he since I wrote him that damn letter.

“l’m sorry for being late”

“lts nothing…” as he shake my hand.l felt the electric contact and gasp. He looked at me and I stared at him back. Did he feel it too. Maybe not.

“Have a seat…” he said and l did.He was so handsome and more hot. His shirt was open. I mean two buttons was opened and I really felt hot.

His lips are more attractive and from the way I see it he is more tall and his hair was wild.

I looked at him all day without getting tired.

“Your secretary told me you are getting married.So tell me how u want it to be.”,I tried to be serious. I don’t want my emotions to get in.

He doesn’t remember me and I’m really grateful for that.

“l want it grand and nice.Make it your own way”,he smiled and my knees went weak.

“l understand.l hope you are happy with her” as l felt pain in my heart.

“We are…. happy”

“ok then,l will leave now”.

“okay…. but it’s like you look familiar to someone I know…”


“You never mind…”,as he stood up and peck me.

I inhaled in his cologne and my arms wrapped around his neck. He held me tightly.

“I have to go now….”,I said softly.

“Right …”,he released me and pushed my hair behind my hair.


“Bye…”,I left him. I only wished I will kiss him right there.






The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 08🍓




I left as I tried my best to breathe out. He is going to get married.

I shouldn’t get jealous but I am dead jealous. I love him.

What is wrong with me.

I hate myself already. It’s Christian I want and I have got what I wanted. Why am I lying to myself.

I reached home and I saw Nessa applying make up…

“Where are you going?”,I smiled.

“To see my boyfriend.i miss him alot”,she smiled at me..

“Adria…. don’t be upset but I have something to say”

“Go on… I’m listening”,as I sat down on the couch waiting for her to spit it out.

“Adria…. Dating two brothers isn’t fair. it’s actually a taboo. it’s like you are playing with both of their feelings”

“I’m not doing that…”

“That exactly what you are doing…”

“No… it’s not that… I really love Justin and he has moved on so I had to moved that’s why I’m dating Christian. He is my happiness”

“He isn’t your happiness. And i hate that you are toying with Christian happiness”

“So what should I do now?”

“Just tell Christian what you feel about Justin..”

“if I tell then what? I’m going to stay single for the rest of my life.”

” I didn’t say that… there are lot of guys out there and it’s just horrible for you to date two brothers”

“I will think about it”

“Okay sis…”



Hmm… she is right. I know what I’m doing is the worst thing but sometimes I get my hopes up. I get my hopes up that I will love Christian but to be honest my heart doesn’t beat for him even though I like him alot.

Grandpa used to say when two people love each other,they hurt each other most times but when one person love his partner in a relationship without his partner loving him back they still get hurt because one is trying to fix the relationship while the other one is trying to destroy the relationshipso they both get hurt.

“So which one do you prefer”,he asked me most times but I never had an answer but today I do…

I prefer when two people love each other they hurt each other most times because that’s what I’m facing now.

My phone rang distracting me…

“Hey baby….”


“Christian…is everything alright ”

“Everything is okay.. My family have dinner tonight and I was wondering if you come.. Please say yes…”

“I will be there..”

“Do you want me to pick you up..?”

“No I will be there.. ..”

“I’m just dying to introduce you to them as my girlfriend”

“oh you are in such a hurry lover boy… I just can’t wait to see them…”

“Thanks. I love you”

“I know dear… take care of yourself”

“I will… bye”,he says

And I hang up. Am I ready for this. Am I ready to see Justin,Mrs Gina and Tera again.

God I just hate this… i hate going back to my past.

But no worries. Tonight I will just have to be beautiful as ever.



I can’t wait to see Adria tonight. I really missed her.

For the past two years we’ve been dating and I’m so glad she is mine now.She has always made me the happiest man in the world.

I live because of her. Her encouragement and the way she spoke to me made me love her more.

I remember I decide to give her a loan for her to expand her business but she refused saying she was likes to be independent and now she is one if the most wealthiest woman and any guy is dying to date her.

And now that I have her in not going to let her go… she is mine.

lt was evening,when l arrived from work. I was tired and really stressed. I just need some rest but then maybe I wish I would the night with Adria at my mom’s home.

it will be fun… She dressed in my shirt while my hands wrapped around her,kissing her till she begs me to stop.

Such a beautiful imagination.

I enters the living room and l saw Tara my bro girlfriend sitting on his laps,busily kissing eachother.

Their kisses were hot and i think if i dont do something they will have sex infront of me.

l cleared my throat as they stared at me smiling..

“Hi bro…”,he said smiling.

“Some few more days and u two would be married soon l will stop looking at this thing you guys are doing”,l said and they both burst out laughing.

“3 years and no girlfriend,When?”

“She wil be here tonight…”

“So you had a girlfriend and you acted as if you didn’t gave one…”

“Well what can I say but she is mine now and I’m hers too…”

“Wow…”,Tara exclaimed.

” congratulations” as he hug me.

“I’m proud of you bro… ”

“I know….”

I said and walked out of the room because they were kissing again. Mom had always love Tera like her own daughter. She gives her everything she needed and sometimes I just wish that she will like Adriana too but I know that’s impossible and I’m ready to fight for Adria.

I moved to my room as I took a cold shower and try my best to refreshed my mind.

We decided to have dinner in the garden but Justin kept teasing me about my girlfriend.

“What s up with your girlfriend… Doesn’t she knows that we hungry”,he said.

“She will be her any minute… you’ll see..”

“I just hope she is wealthy…”,my Mom states

“Mom…”,I warned.

“What I won’t sit there for you to marry some wretched whore.. .”

“That’s enough….Ypu haven’t even seen her here and you are just saying bullshit.. ”

“Christian she is your mom…”,Tera said.

“I know that but tell her to fucking mind her own shit…”,I said angrily.

I was really pissed off at them.

Silence was around the table as Elena served us drinks.

Suddenly a main gate was opened and I saw an SUV moving inside our house.

My heart swelled and I knew it was Adria. She really had taste for cars. That’s my girl.

“Woah.. ..”,Tera stood up looking surprised.

“Is that her car… she own that..”,Justin asked curiously.

“Yea…its hers”

I studied my mom’s face and it looks like she is more surprised and shocked than all of us.

Slowly my girlfriend got out if the car.

She stared at me and I knew she was nervous. She wore white gown which showed all her curves and my mouth water thinking about ripping them off her body.

She was so beautiful and I can look at her without getting tired.

“My… looked so gorgeous” and I hugged her inhaling her. She smiled of flowers and vanilla and herself.

“Please kiss me. I miss your lips and it’s really killing me,” l whispered.

She raised a brow then looked at me. Her hands wrapped around my neck and slowly my met her.

I kissed her deeply to take everything.

l didn’t care if family were watching or not.

All l want to do is to consume her.

Suddenly l heard some clearing their throat.

Abruptly we both stopped and she hid her face in my chest.

“Erm…. baby,meet my mom ,dad,my bro Justin and his girl friend,Tera” ,She shaked them giving the most sweetest smile.

“lts nice meeting you all.Actually Chris has told me more about you all”

“Can we have our dinner now…”,Mrs Gina said

“Sure….”,I replied.

We sat down waiting for the meal as I held my girlfriend hand. I don’t know why I was so excited to have her here. Justin was staring at her and I knew she was uncomfortable.

Bastard… He shouldn’t even think about hanging out with my woman.

“l know you .You came to my office this morning right?”

“Yes I did….”,she answered.

“And you are…?”,he asked as Adria and I looked at eachother.



“Yes u are…?” I asked.

Damn! all l could do was stare at her lips.

l know its not right to be interested in bro’s girlfriend but then l felt this way since morning.

“Ur name is…”,l trailed off as l was trying my best to remember the name.

“Adriana Styles….Her name is Adriana Styles” ,Chris said as everyone was surprised.

I couldnt believe this is Adriana…My Adria.She is very beautiful.

“l have seen you on magazines several times buh l didnt realise that it was you.”,my dad said and she smiled.

She was with all these while. How long have they been dating?

Have he seen her naked? How many times do they even had sex.

I can’t even think of his hands in her body.

Damn I hate this….. Why does has to bring back the past.

Suddenly a pretty girl was walking towards us.

“Adria” she said through sobs.

“Nesa…”,Adria panicked as the lady hugged her.

“Who’s ass am l kicking today,tell me Nesa”as she patted her.

They stood up and went a little far but we could hear them.

I still can’t believe Adria is inform of me.

So my brother knew where she was all this year’s and he never bothered to tell me about but rather took her as his girlfriend.

How selfish of him.

“My boyfriend”

“What did he do now?”

“He cheated on me”

“See l told u that guy doesn’t deserve you”

“Yea but l didn’t listen”,she said as l looked at chris.

“So since when did you start dating Adria?”,l asked Christian.

“lts two yearrs now”

“wow!”,I smiled.






The Maid🍒



🍓Episode 09🍓





“wow!”, i smiled.


l was impressed and angry at him.He knew perfectly well l was inlove with her and he betray me like this. I felt heartbroken all this while and kept it a secret always seeing Adria.

It reached a time I became so sick that I wanted to see her but what did he do… He told me Adria never wanted me.

When she left after six months I began searching for her just to hear her part of story. Maybe she is innocent after all but whenever I ask about Adria’s whereabout he would pretend as if he doesn’t know anything about this…

Meanwhile he just wanted her.

Son of a bitch..

l wanted to punch him but then something stopped me.

“Excuse me,l have to show Nesa the washroom”,she said to us and left us.This is my chance.

l have to follow her infact l need a lot of answers from her.

She was at the back of the house waiting for her friend.

Her back was facing me as l wrapped my hands on her stomach.

She rest her head on my shoulders and l inhale her female scent.

She is so irresistible.

I just wanted her and I really regret leaving her for my damn brother.

But now that she has return back to town. I’m going make her mine again and I don’t care if there war between my brother and I.

“Christian….,why are you here.l told you l will be there in a minute”,she said softly and I felt jealous about her calling his name.

“Adria…” , I whispered kissing her her neck.

lmmediately she removed my hands roughly and pushed me.

“Justin,what are u doing here?”,she yelled.

“l’m here to see you,Adria”,I said softly.

“What for?”

“I want us to talk about the past”.

“The past is past.Now we are in the present so if l were to be u,Mr Wilson,l will think about my wedding…lf you would excuse me” as she walked past me but l grasp her wrist and pushed her to the wall.

My arms at both side of her head to trap her. She was a bit embarrassed and wild and angry.

I like her furious because I’m furious too.



Oh God! What is he doing? Why now?

All these years I cried over him due to that useless letter.

I thought he would look for me but none.

“Justin please,stop all this mess”

“Not until l get my answers”,he pinned more with his body.

“There is nothing to talk about Justin”

“Yes there is” as he pressed his body against mine.

Gosh! His lips are so tempting.


“Why did you do it” he said softly and our noses touched.


“Why did you write that letter”

“Because l don’t love you anymore”


Yea… he knows I’m lying. He knows me so well.

“l’m not lying.l was playing with you the whole time”..

“No you can’t do that…”as his hand grip my neck but it wasn’t forceful.

His eyes were full of anger and I wonder what’s bothering him.

“Yes l can.How do you expect me to date a womaniser like you…”

I said the words as he closed his eyes in pain. I have hurt him and I know.

“Buh l loved you Adria”

“And l didn’t Mr Willson” as l was trying hard to push him but he wouldn’t let me.

He is still damn strong…

Suddenly l heard Nesa calling my name.

l was about to respond when his lips meet mine.

He was kissing me so roughly that my lips would get bruised while l was hitting him on his solid chest.

He caught my wrists,raised them in either sides of my head as he trapped them with his large hand to the wall.

l felt his tongue on my neck. I was completely lost…

l felt his tongue sucking on my neck and he moved to my ears as he suck into his mouth.

His lips were warm and his breath tingles my skin.

His hand moved to my breasts as my nipples became hard.

He smiled staring at me..

“I like how my touches made you.. You are mine. You are hard and I can’t wait to my hand inside your panties to feel how wet you are…”

His words almost made me orgasm. My body betrayed me and i felt for his every charm. I hate him right now.

Thats was where l felt weak and fell for his kisses.

l couldn’t control myself anymore,l wrap my legs around his waist as l kissed him passionately.

I poured all my anger and frustration into that kiss.

His hands all over my body and I felt really hot for him.

His raised my gown as I felt his hands rubbing my thigh and slowly i felt his hands cupped my sex.

I moaned in his mouth when I felt his hands on the waistband of my panties.

He removed my panties and slowly place on his nose inhaling my famine scent.

He looks so hot with his eyes closed doing that…

He place my panties at his back pocket and he kissed.

I felt his fingers opened my slit and he rubbed on my clit as I almost screamed.

“You like that don’t you….?”,He whispered close to my ears sucking my earlope.

“I’m glad I turn you on this much and I know you still deny it that you love but I still have the same effect on you.. You are mine now…”

“I’m not yours…”

l then realise myself as l gave him a strong slap..

“Don’t you ever dare do that to me again”.l yelled.

“Oh Adria…you are such a hypocrite.i didn’t force you into this, you fell for it.”

“l don’t care but don’t ever do that. Don’t say l didnt warn you”.

l passed by him as he caught me l passed by him as he caught me again.

“Justin,let go.. What the fuck do you want again..”

“l have a preposition for you”

“And what’s that?”

“Please don’t marry Chris”

“How selfish of you. You bastard! You want to keep Tera and me to yourself. Ypu disgust me right now.And what if l do marry him,what would you do huh?”

“You won’t like what l would to you,Miss styles”

“And I’m ever ready for what you want to do,Mr willson”.

I tried to released his grip but he held on tight.

“You aren’t strong Adria yet you behave like one…”

“I wasn’t strong at first because I thought i felt something for you but now I’m strong now more than you can imagine….”

“Oh that’s nice and who made you this strong…”

“My Christian made me strong… He is mine and you can’t change”

His hands gripped my neck again an he kissed me.

As he kissed me I was just thinking of plan..

I responded to his kisses as I cling around him.

His hands fixed in my hair.

“Christian please don’t stop…”,I moaned as he stopped and look at me.

“I love you Christian. ..”,and slowly I opened my eyes to find him angry.

“I told you I love Christian so back off…”,I walked away from him forgetting I’m wearing panties…

l then went to the dinning table.

“What kept you long?”,Christian ask with concern.

“Nothing..,just applying make up”

“Where is Justin?”,Tera ask.

“l’m here” as he sat by his girlfriend.We were quiet for a while when Tera touched Justin’s cheeks. He kissed his girlfriend and I rolled my eyes.

Son of a bitch.



Tera touched my cheeks as she stared at me.

“Whats this”,she asked as she wiped her hands from my neck.

“What’s what?” l asked staring at her.

“lts a lipstick”,she said as everyone was staring at me.

“l guess its your lipstick”,I smiled at her and I know she is mad at me.

“Yea it’s mine,babe…”,as she rolled her eyes.i know she didn’t want to create a scene infront of my parents and I’m glad for that.

l then look at Adria who was busily whispering into Chris.

She took a sip of her juice as she spit something into her hand. She gasps as she looked at the thing in her hands. We were all staring at her.

l realised it was a ring.

He knelt infront of her as he said all the love words he could remember as she giggled.

My heart became pounding harder and I guess if I continue watching this I’m just going to die here.

“Answer me….Adria please”,he said desperately.

She looked at me and said smiling.

“Yes Christian…,it will be my best moments to marry you” as he hugged her.

We all applaude for her.l was really angry and jealous and the worse part was when he kissed her.

l was really hurt.Some part of me wants to beg her to come to me and the other part just want to punch my bro on his face.

“Son,don’t you think you are moving too fast with this…”,my Mom said to him.

“No,l love Adria and l don’t think its fast” and he kissed Adria.

“I agree with my boy.. He is 27 and he needs to get married infact I’m proud of him…”,Dad said to him.

“Adria…..since you are the planner for my bro’s wedding,l have been thinking if you could arrange on the same day with my brother”,Christian said and my eyes widen.





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