The Man I Married – Final Chapter






*For weeks he was a good husband until my sister-in-law visited us. I*

*carried the whole responsibilities of the family since he was sacked from work.*


*His sister is very selective when it comes to meals. She doesn’t eat any draw soup, she can’t eat noodles without egg, she fries four eggs anytime she wants to eat noodles or bread.*


*She doesn’t eat any food cooked the previous day no matter the preservation. She eats as often as she sees food.*


At first I wasn’t complaining because I knew her stay was temporary. I started complaining when she wasn’t helping me do anything in the house except to eat, watch movies, browse on her phone and sleep.


I come back from work late to start preparing for dinner while she sits and watch movies. After awhile I stopped buying some things at home because it was now becoming difficult for me to save.


I started borrowing and taking IOU from the office. After three months it was obvious my sister-in-law had come to stay and not a visit. I tried my best to tolerate her excesses and misbehaviour but my husband made things worse for me.


She does not take instructions from me except when her brother orders her. I have never heard him rebuke her for anything but he fights me almost everyday because of her.


Whenever I report her to him, he will make light of it. But when she reports me to him he rebukes me sharply and sometimes in her presence.


She started disrespecting me and talking to me anyhow because her brother permits that. I couldn’t fight back but to use the only weapon I had.


I totally stopped buying food at home because of the emotional trauma they made me go through.


During this period they could go a day without food and I began to feel it. If she’s my sister, will I allow her go hungry for a whole day because

she’s misbehaving?


I suggested to my husband to let her work instead of sitting at home for 24 hours. But he misunderstood me.


‘What’s your business with her sitting down at home? He raised his voice at me. “Did I ask you to help me take care of my sister? Since you withdrew your support for the family we have been eating. You thought we will die if you don’t buy food at home right? The God that fed Elijah by the ravens is still alive and he has been faithful”.


I felt bad and started to walk away so I don’t shed tears in his presence.


‘I am talking and you are walking out on me, if you cross that door I will make you learn how to respect your husband since your parents did not train you well.’


As he mentioned my parents I couldn’t take it anymore. I replied him, ‘if your parents trained you and your sister well you should…’ before I could finish my statement he jacked me by my neck and gave me some uncoordinated blows.


I tried to fight back but his sister held my hands while he beat me to a pulp. He will give me two blows in front while his sister will give me one at the back.


My shout attracted our neighbours but my husband did not let them in as he instructed his sister to lock the door.


They  beat me until I fell on the floor and could not shout or scream again. I just lay on the floor helplessly, sobbing bitterly and groaning in pains.


This time I have made up my mind to walk out of the marriage and report everything to our pastor. Tomorrow is Friday and it’s our prayer meeting. I will be calm until I see the pastor tomorrow.


But on the second thought I thought it will be good I leave before I speak with the pastor about it. But how will I pack my things without him stopping me?


While I was thinking of what to do, he just barged on me. “Get those clothes off* he said.


“Get what off? I asked at him rudely.


‘You want to sleep with me after molesting me physically? Except you kill me today I will not open these my two legs for you. Go and sleep with your sister or better still go and sleep with your mother in the village”.


On hearing his mother he pulled out his belt and started beating me again.


This time I was ready for anything, I got up and carried my hand dryer as that was the closest thing I could use to defend myself and hit it hard on his head.


He held his head and by the time he lifted his hand from his head it was stained with blood. On seeing the blood he called on his sister to bring the turning stick from the kitchen.


The fight was dirty this time, it was blood for blood. His sister knew at this stage that one of us may die because the whole house was stained with our blood. She rushed and opened the door and the neighbours came in.


They separated us and quickly rushed us to the hospital. On our way, I insisted they drive us to the same hospital they evacuated me when I had a miscarriage.


But he said he would not follow us to that hospital and requested they drop him from the car. We almost started another fight right there but it was put under control by those taking us to the hospital.


They eventually took us to a neutral hospital for treatment. I didn’t feel much pain until I woke up from the first sleep after the treatment. I tried to lift my hands but they were held down in pains. My entire body was heavier than rock.


Obviously I am not thinking of divorce because I have no

scriptural ground for it as at now. I was in fear and really confused on what to do next. I was determined to put an end to this constant abuse and battering.


To be continued tomorrow. …




*EPISODE – 12*


I made sure I was discharged from the hospital before him. After I was discharged I moved out of the house immediately to a friend’s place.


He was discharged the following day but he got home and discovered I had moved out.


I wanted to change my phone number so that no one – not even my husband or any church member would be able to reach me but that won’t be possible because I work in the same office with Mr Alfred, a deacon in the church.


Mr Alfred was really suspicious and almost got to know all that had been happening between me and my husband. He knew I wasn’t happy but the lifestyle we portrayed in church could never make anyone suspect that we were having problems in our marriage.


My husband has the best skill in pretence and drama. Sometimes it baffles me how he could act so well as if the power of God still moves through him.


If we weren’t living together, I would have thought he was using diabolic powers to do what he was doing in church.


How would anyone ever suspect Bro David to be a wife beater, a pretender, or a wicked man?


A man who could pray for hours and make it seem like heaven has fallen down? A man that knows the Bible like someone knows his name.


Nobody will ever believe my story if I try to expose him.


This time I’m sure he’s going to be caught in the web of his own lies and deceit because of the injuries he sustained during our last fight.


When I got to the office on Friday, David started calling my number but I ignored all his calls. He sent me several text messages but I replied none.


I have been avoiding Mr Alfred because he is yet to see me to ask why we were not in church on Wednesday.


I have also been wondering why church members haven’t called to ask me why we were not in church on Wednesday.


Later in the afternoon I got a text from the pastor and it read thus:


“Good day Sis Fola, how was your trip? I hope you are back now? I called Bro David but his number was switched off.”


Trip ke?


My husband had sent text message to the pastor the day of the last fight that we will be embarking on a three day journey and we won’t be in church on Wednesday.


I rushed to Mr Alfred’s office if I could hear more gist about my husband’s lies to the pastor and the

church members but unfortunately he didn’t go to church last Wednesday too.


I made up my mind to be in church next Wednesday to see how my husband will cover up all these evil.


When we finished service the next Wednesday,pastor requested to see me in his office.


As I entered pastor’s office my

husband came in behind me.


“You are both welcome”, pastor greeted. I thought he called us in relation to our quarrel but I was shocked when he stretched his hand towards my husband, “big congratulations, your letter of ordination as assistant pastor has finally arrived.”


He shook my husband and shook my hand also as he brought out the letter from his drawer.


I was speechless because I couldn’t say anything with the way the pastor was so excited.


He also brought out other forms in triplicate and handed me one of the copies.


“This is your copy Sis Folake, fill it and submit back to me latest by Sunday so we can send them back to the headquarters first thing on Monday”.


I collected my copy and had a quick glance while pastor was still talking about the office of an assistant pastor and its responsibility.


It was an attestation form, one to be filled by the senior pastor, the second by wife of the ordainee and the last by any of his neighbours.


After we left the pastor’s office, he ran after me to the church gate, ‘my dear, I bought you these.’ He tried to force a polythene bag containing some items into my hand but I let it drop on the ground without looking at it.


When did you start addressing me as “dear” I asked him mockingly. ‘Pastor David, so you want to be a pastor? I took time to make jest of him. “You are now trying to be a good boy because you wants me to fill the form favourably for you right?’


He begged me to come back to the house but I refused.


He tried to drag me but I assured him I was going to create a scene if he did not leave me alone.


He left me immediately and I walked away.


To be continued…




*EPISODE – 13*


“`After much persuasions and promises of being a changed person through calls and text messages, I agreed with my husband to fill the form favourably for him on the condition that he never lays his hand on me again. I sent him a text message on Saturday evening


“I will fill the form as you want on the condition, that the day you lift your hand against me again, pastor will hear about it”.


He replied immediately, “Deal!”.


I picked the form and filled the spaces favourably with tears in my eyes.


I began to ask myself several questions. “I hope you are doing the right thing Folake?”. “I hope you will not regret this your action?”.


“Assuming he does not change like he promised, what next will you do?”. “Do you think you will ever be happy again in this marriage?”


That Saturday night was the second longest I ever had. The first was the day I realized I will never see Kenny again.


I made up my mind to return home after Sunday service on the condition that he will send his sister away which he also agreed.


I gave him that condition so as to reduce the number of enemies I will contend with on my return.


I submitted the form to the pastor after service on Sunday and he almost did not look at the content before going for his stapler machine.


I said softly, “sir, aren’t you going to look at the form before stapling it?”.


He smiled and replied “I know what’s there already”.


He was so sure there will never be anything negative about Bro David.


The night I returned home was better than our honeymoon. I don’t know where he got money from but the special treat was intoxicating. He stocked the fridge with shawamars, wines and assorted juice.


He knows I like shawamar very well. And for the first time I really enjoyed sexual intercourse with my husband, I must confess. I didn’t just enjoy it that night, I also requested for more.


I knew I was going to have problems at work the following morning because I rarely slept, it was a vigil of sexual activities, dining and wining.


I managed to take a short nap at about 4am and by 5:30am I was up to prepare for work.


He already got my bath water ready as he led me to the bathroom.


By the time I was through, a steaming hot cup of coffee and coconut bread baptized in fried egg was already waiting for me in our bedroom, courtesy of my transformed husband.


I got to work a bit late that day but Sarah had signed the staff register for me already.


Sarah is the only female friend I have in my office. She was the lady I stayed with for those days I left home.


She is a wonderful and lively lady but not born again.


Our eyes met during the morning briefly and she smiled at me, I smiled back at her too.


She could read excitement and intoxication on my face.


“I am coming to your office later for the gist”, she said as we all went to our various offices for the day’s work.


She fulfilled her promise when she rushed into my office at break time. ‘Folake, how did it go?’ She asked me.


You can trust women with gist, I told her everything not minding her marital status.


I told her the number of rounds of sexual intercourse we had and how I asked for more.


‘Sarah, I have never enjoyed sex like this in my life. My husband is a brand new man”.


I put my hand in my bag and brought out two wraps of shawamar and a bottle of wine and gave them to Sarah, “this is your own proceed and spoil from war”, I said.


We both laughed and she tapped my breast, ‘this thing must have suffered in the hands of David’, she said and we laughed again like we are in a comedy show.


Mr Alfred was the next to pay me a visit. ‘Congratulations Mrs David, on the proposed ordination of your husband. You will soon be a pastor’s wife and I must start to learn to address you as mummy’. We both laughed at that.


He thought the radiancy of my countenance was for the joy that my husband will soon be a pastor. He

was happy for me and gave me some sort of advice on how to be a pastor’s wife.


He talked about tolerance, selflessness and commitment. I thanked him and he left for his office.


Before I left the office that day I requested for my husband’s account details and did a mobile transfer of N20 000 into his account.


I did that so he can pay back from wherever he has borrowed money to do what he did yesterday.


I also hope for more of the treat.“`


*To be continued…*




*EPISODE – 14*


*The impromptu honeymoon of my marriage lasted for just one week until it was cut short by the devil.*


*My husband was to* *proceed to a one month leadership course as a*

*compulsory requirement for his ordination*


*He came home that day from church after his departmental meeting with a bag full of nice suits, packing shirts, jeans, ties, wrist watch, socks, boxers, singlets, T-shirts, shoes and lots more.*


*I had budgeted N100,000 to also buy him some of these things before his journey to Lagos for the one month course.*


*I expected my husband to tell me about the things in the bag but that didn’t happen for three days rather he was trying to hide the bag from me.*


*I knew there was something about the bag that my husband did not* *want to tell me. But I was careful not to ask him so as not to terminate the*

honeymoon in my marriage.*


*I was restless and highly agitated about the bag. Why will my husband try to hide the bag away from me? What is it about the bag?*


*After awhile, I made up my mind not to ask him whether he tells me about it or not. But my curiosity and worry will not let me be at peace.*


*Dear, I saw the bag you brought home last week filled with clothes and other material things but you’ve not told me anything about it. I know you are not working at the moment and I don’t know where you got money from to buy all those things.’*


*His countenance suddenly changed, ‘are you insinuating I stole the money?’ he asked in anger.*


*No oh! I am not saying you stole the money but I am just curious about how you got them. I didn’t mean to offend you dear just that I thought I have a right to know everything about my husband.’*


*I could see the rage on his face as he walked out on me without saying* *anything further. I guess he remembered our deal so he walked away in* order not to fall into

temptation of ever lifting his hand against me.*


*That night he refused to talk to me even when I made advances at him. But what have I said that is too much? I asked myself.*


*I feel like apologising to him but I asked myself, what have I done that is wrong and needs my apology? So I left him alone thinking he will come around sooner or later.*


Through out that day, I was unhappy in the office thinking of my husband and my marriage.


After three days my husband still refused to talk to me. I decided I will break the silence after work today.


Whatsoever that will happen let it happen. After all we have a deal he must adhere to or he gets exposed of his past wickedness.


‘Dear, can you tell me where you got those things from? If you have no skeleton in your cupboard. Why is it difficult to tell your wife where you got those items from. I need an explanation now.’ I

demanded while my hands were stretched in front of him.


He looked at me with irritation, ‘madam don’t make an issue where there’s none, he said and picked his shirt and was about walking out of me.


“She bought them for you right?” I asked without looking his side.


“Who is the she you are referring to?” He asked.


‘Your girlfriend of course.’ He turned back,


‘Are you accusing me of infidelity?’ He asked me.


‘If she is not the one who bought them then, tell me in clear terms who did?’


He would have raised his hand at me with the look of anger on his face but the deal kept his hands down. He left the house that night and never came

back again until I left for work the following morning.


Satan took over my heart that day with negative and evil thoughts. I have never suspected him of cheating on me but his action is



Maybe my accusation is right, maybe he has a girlfriend. But I think he’s too spiritual for that. But who can tell, the heart of a man is desperately wicked.


Maybe he stole the church money to purchase those things, I thought. But who would have given him such things worth a fortune?


I got home that day and noticed he had removed the bag out of the house. For those days, he refused to eat my food, touch me, talk to me or even answer my greetings.


He kept to the deal by not beating but the malice was more painful than the beating. I hate malice and especially from someone close.


His trip to Lagos for the one month course is just three days ahead but I’ve not been talking with my husband. The communication wall between us grew taller and wider as the days go by.


I don’t even know his plans for the journey. This is back to square one minus beating.


Now it’s too late to stop him from being a pastor, I had filled and submitted the form already.


I wept bitterly for the future of my marriage.


He gave me the sweetness of marriage and sex but they were cut off in a jiffy. This is really hurting me badly.


To be continued …




*EPISODE – 15*


“`He left for Lagos without settling our differences. He spent four days in Lagos without calling or texting. He left me worried and lonely. The one week marital bliss he introduced me to before he left was my undoing. Every night I feel hot but my man is far away in Lagos. He made me tasted the sweetness of marriage and sex and took it away from me. This act made me feel really bad. Negative thoughts had suddenly taken over me.


I discussed my predicament with Sarah and she advised me to get a guy that will make it up for me while my husband is away. God forbid, I am a Christian, I will never do anything of such. I was mad at Sarah for such an unholy advice. For three days I cut off from her and avoided her.


But life was really difficult for me for those three days. Nobody to talk to or share my worries with. My husband had abandoned me, my only friend and confidant now wants me to commit adultery.


But my desire and passion for intimacy with the opposite sex is burning me up fast. I had no option than return back to my friend. She’s the only one who understands me too well. I may not yield to her advice on adultery but we could find a way around it, if she could give me another advice different from adultery.


After close of work I waylaid Sarah at the car park, ‘I am sorry for avoiding you all these days.’ I apologized to her. She smiled and hugged me.


‘Folake, I have nothing against you, I was only trying to help you. You have a right to either take or reject the advice but not to throw me out of your life.’


‘Okay, I am sorry, I am passing the night in your house tonight.’ I said to her. Of course I am a free woman now that my husband is not in town.


We picked a taxi and headed to Sarah’s house.’


As we entered her apartment, she asked ‘What will you like to eat Folake?’


“I want to eat shawamar.’ I replied.


‘You are not serious – if you want to eat shawamar you better call your husband in Lagos to buy you shawamar.’ She undressed and moved into the kitchen to prepare dinner for us.


While she was cooking we kept gisting. “Folake, have you watched ‘My Love, My Life?’ it’s the latest love movie in town.


“No, I have not watched it”.


She left her cooking and searched her CD rack for the CD. She slotted it for me and I began to watch. It was a nice film but the kissing and caressing in the film triggered untamed lust within me. I watched the movie till late in the night because the storyline is so intriguing and full of romantic scenes that I couldn’t stop watching till the end.


I went to bed with terrible lust that night. In my dream, I had sex with four different men before daybreak. This has never happen to me before. I knew this was a bad sign so I started fasting the following morning. I made up my mind never to watch such type of movie again but the fasting could not erase the memories of those romantic scenes I watched from that movie.


What have I done to myself? O God help me, I prayed. When I got home that day I felt like grabbing any man I saw around. If a male visitor had come knocking at my door that moment, I would have fallen for him.


At night I couldn’t sleep because of lust. I fondled my breasts for some minutes alone in the room. The sensation gave me a temporary relief but that was not enough for me as I checked the time it was past 1am. The night was still young and I couldn’t sleep. I left the bedroom and went to sitting room but I felt no better. I went to the kitchen to take a glass of water but that didn’t make me feel better either. Then I went back to the bedroom and helped myself to cum. I just committed masturbation which I have preached against for years.


After the act I felt very empty and light. I knew something had left me. I needed nobody to tell me I had sinned against my body. I wept bitterly and asked God for forgiveness for the remaining part of the night.

Because of guilt I couldn’t go to our church on Sunday.


I attended Sarah’s church just to keep myself away from my church. They had corporate and civilized people in their church. Men and women who aren’t couples greeted each other with hugs without anyone seeing anything wrong with that. Even the pastor hugged several ladies right in the presence of his wife.


‘Folake come and say hi to my friends’, Sarah beckoned on me. I moved closer as she stood before three handsome guys.


‘This is Martins, Martins meet Folake’. He stretched out his hand for a shake and I gave him mine. She pointed to the second guy,

‘this is Mike, Mike meet my friend Folake’, the same process as the first. The third guy was the cutest among them. His haircut was charming, his eyes were welcoming, I admired him before he was introduced.


‘Here is Tony, Tony meet my friend ….’ Before Sarah finished her introduction, he opened his arms for a hug and unconsciously I found myself in his arms. The sensation was nice and the aroma of his body spray was seductive. He held me for almost fifteen seconds before I realized I was in strange arms, I disengaged politely but a seed was already sown in me. I quickly walked away to wait for Sarah at the the gate.


To be continued tomorrow….“`

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*EPISODE – 16*


*My lust for Tony grew by the day. I asked Sarah at the office, ‘how about Tony?’ My friend was shocked on hearing that. I’m sure she was wondering why it was Tony I asked about amongst the three guys she introduced to me.*


*She told me few things I needed to know about him – his profession, tribe and marital status. Those things I heard about him made me like him the more.*


*I stole his phone number from Sarah’s phone unknown to her and I sent him an anonymous text message.*


*Afterwhich he called me immediately.*

*I wouldn’t want to bother you with too much of what happened that led to how I started seeing Tony*


But the difference between Tony and my husband is that he’s caring and loving. I became jealous of the woman who will eventually marry Tony. He filled the vacuum my husband created before he travelled.


However, my attendance in church reduced until pastor became uncomfortable and promised to visit me at home with his wife. I was not in church most days because I was with Tony. Tony brought out the woman in me and made me feel different. I knew I was sinning against God and against my husband but I couldn’t help it, I enjoyed Tony’s company.


My husband was scheduled to be back in two days and yet we haven’t spoken for once. The trauma of his return was a nightmare to me. The fear I won’t be seeing Tony again caused a terrible fever inside me. The fear of being discovered and God’s judgement was the worst trauma of my life.


The much awaited day came, my husband arrived on the 13th of September and his official ordination was to come up on the 28th. Ordination in our church was a big ceremony and he was obviously going to be needing me for the planning and organisation.


However, I needed to sort out Tony before my husband arrived. I passed the night in his place as a farewell compensation.


‘Tony after tonight I won’t be seeing you again, I told him frankly.’ But he smiled and made a joke out of it.


I took his phone and deleted my phone number from it, deleted his own from mine. I cleared all our chats in all our social media platforms and handed him his phone. I kissed him and took my bag to leave. But he dragged me back in total confusion. He looked into my eyes and tears dropped down his cheeks.


‘Why are you making this type of decision when I am beginning to fall in love with you Folake?’ He held me so close and before I could say anything I found myself on his bed again making love.


Tony did not know I am a married woman. After that last intimacy we had together, he knelt before me and begged me to marry him.


‘Tony, I am a married woman, my husband is a pastor and he will be back to Calabar in two days time. Whatsoever we had together was for fun and not for love. Thanks for being there while my husband was away. I have to take my leave now, but I have one special request I want to make. I will ever love you if you can grant me this request, I pleaded.’


‘Name it Folake and it’s considered done.’ He said.


‘Please don’t ever call me again or look for me after now.’ Immediately I said that I picked my bag and left him still kneeling down.


My husband returned looking so lean and unkempt. I knew he was starved while in Lagos. I greeted him and he answered me casually.


‘What will you like to eat?’ I asked him.


‘Anything you give me, I will eat.’ He said that not minding the fact that he’s still keeping malice with me. Then I remembered the Youruba adage that says “Hunger does not stay in the belly with other things”.I made his best meal and decorated it with goat meat, knowing how much he liked it.


He ate like a man just released from the prison. If he’s this staved he must also be starved sexually. I made up my mind to give him to the fullest at the bedroom that night.


Final episode to be continued in a jiffy ….




*EPISODE – 17*

*(Final Episode)*


“`After my husband’s ordination I noticed I was feeling feverish with terrible stomach pain.


If it was the fever alone I would have attributed it to the stress of the ordination but what about the stomach pain?


On my way back from work I did a quick check on my health status and I was confirmed to be pregnant.


‘Madam, don’t allow what happened to the first pregnancy happen to this one. It is not good to have miscarriage twice in the same way.’ The laboratory attendant advised me.


“Thank you sir, it won’t happen again”, I assured him. All the smiles I gave to him were all fake.


Before my husband traveled we didn’t meet for almost two weeks and he was away for a whole month and now I am five weeks pregnant.


This is the greatest mistake of my life. I needed nobody to tell me my husband isn’t responsible for the

pregnancy. How will I face this shame I have put myself into?


My husband is surely going to overreact when he discovers I am pregnant for another man. How will he stand the shame now that he’s a pastor? This is the biggest mess of my life.


I started nursing the thought of having an abortion even though I have vowed never to commit such an act till I die. But how will I have an abortion without my husband knowing?


I must travel out of Calabar to carry out such an act. I began to strategize all alone. I felt like telling Sarah but I fear that the secret might leak out through her.


I thought of many things until my head became as hot as an oven. In the process I slept off.


In my sleep I had a dream and saw myself going for an abortion but I died in the process and was taken to the morgue.


When I woke up, I wanted to pray against death but I knew the prayer of a sinner is an abomination before God.


I stopped my plans for an abortion due to my dream as the pregnancy continued to advance.


People around me started suspecting due to the changes in my body. I could sleep from 9am to 11am while work continued to pile up on my table.


Sarah had asked me twice if I needed to see a doctor but I turned the suggestion down claiming it was stress from the work load of the ordination events.


I called my mother and informed her about all that happened and how I got myself pregnant with a man who is not my husband. She was disappointed in me but the following day she joined the next bus to Calabar.


On her arrival, she did a manual check on my body to ascertain that I was truly pregnant.


‘Have you told anybody?’ She asked me.


‘No ma.’


‘What of the man who impregnated



‘I haven’t told him either.’


She asked me for his phone number but I pretended I was searching for it while I knew I had deleted it from my phone.


‘Can’t you get the number?’ She asked angrily. I was ashamed of myself at that moment. How do I explain to my mother I don’t have the contact of the man who got me pregnant?


I went out and quickly called Sarah, “Sarah please send me Tony’s number now, it’s urgent”.


“I thought

you said you have nothing to do with him again”, she asked jokingly. “It seems like his thing is sweeter than David’s own.’


I hated her for that expensive joke.

‘Will you send me the number or not?’ I asked in annoyance.


Thirty seconds later she forwarded the number to me. I gave the number to my mother and she called him and introduced herself. I will like to see you urgently, she said and ended the call.


In less than an hour Tony was right in my matrimonial home. They talked with my mother without letting me

know or hear anything about their discussion.


She did not say anything to my husband but my husband was uncomfortable with her visit because it was too sudden.


The following day she asked my husband of the address of the church and promised to pay him a visit. I knew my mother was going to see the senior pastor. I couldn’t stop her because of my shameful act.


Suicide was the next on my mind because I can’t bear to be humiliated by the spread of the news.


My mother told the pastor everything I have been hiding about my husband and my current condition.


The pastor could not believe his ears, he pleaded with my mother to call me to confirm if all my mother said were true.


When I heard my phone rang and saw it was pastor my heart was

overwhelmed with fear. ‘Sis Fola, is it true all things your mother told me?’ He asked me on phone but I couldn’t alter a word until he ended the call.


My silence of course gave him the answer to his question. Before my mother came back, I picked few of my things and ran away from the house.


I went to a destination no one close to me knew about. I changed my phone number immediately.


I called Sarah to inform her of my disappearance but I didn’t tell her anything about my destination. I also hid the identity of my number.


I called her again a few days later and while talking with Sarah, I noticed she wasn’t either elated or surprised to have heard from me after my sudden disappearance.


She started crying immediately she found out I was the one on the phone.


“What’s the problem Sarah? I’m sorry I had to elope without telling you the details, it was so expedient I had to take that rash decision” I tried explaining to Sarah thinking she was mad at me. Little did I know she had another bad news.


“Folake, your husband is dead” She said and hung the phone.


Jesus, what did she mean? I quickly redial the number and it rang for sometime

before she picked.


“What did you mean Sarah, who died? How? When?….” All these questions I asked at same time.


“Folake, your husband David committed suicide”. Sarah said to me as she moaned in grief. “His remains was found inside his room after he couldn’t bear the shame and maybe your disappearance aggravated it”.


“Folake,, David is dead” Sarah said faintly.


The phone fell off my hand, I cried uncontrollably and wished that day, I was never born.


Where do I start from? How do I make reparations for all my atrocities?


The end is obviously here. The end of Folake.


I am dying of guilt but I can’t face the shame.


I have lost everything, my husband, my salvation, my job and the man I truly love.


I am writing this true life story for all the women who are living with domestic violence and all couples who are facing similar challenges in their homes to pluck a leaf and make an amend before it becomes too late.“`




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