The Royal Maid – Final Chapter



[ He Bought Me Into Slavery ]


Written By:

Osagie Emmanuella


💄Chapter SEVEN💄


N/B: This is short and unedited.


👑👑Queen Esmeralda’s POV:👑👑

” What abominable act is going on here!?” I asked not being able to believe what my eyes just beheld.


Muriel wore his shirt and shorts while my daughter used the bed spread to cover her indecent self.


” Mother it’s not what I think?” Courtney tried to defend herself as Muriel got up from the bed.


” Then what is it? Am I blind?” I thundered at her and she hid her face.


” And with someone you haven’t known for up to a week? Come on Courtney, I expected more from you.” I fired at her. Words couldn’t explain hoe angry and disappointed I am.


” But mother this is unfair! I am a grown woman and I have the rights to be with whomsoever I please. For crying out loud Mother, I am a Princess.” The Princess spoke with all confidence and I laughed at her utterance of sheer stupidity.


” How could you be so stupid my child?” I asked feeling a bit embarrassed because of the way she spoke to me in the presence of Viola and Muriel.


She didn’t reply instead she glared at me in a disrespectful manner. I spotted Muriel snickering and that was the height of it all.

” And what are you doing here? Will you get out of my presence.” I yelled at him and he bowed then turned to leave.


But that was when the door flung open and Kathleen came in.


” Your highness, the King isn’t breathing anymore!” Kathleen announced and that left us shell shocked.


” WHAT!?”


👑👑Prince Aaron’s POV:👑👑

Kathleen just informed me that my father isn’t breathing anymore. Oh no, I hope he’s okay. I can’t bear to loose him.


I went to the King’s Chamber and saw my father on his bed lying lifeless and still.


” Dad.” I gasped as I crouched beside his bed placing my ears on his chest trying to get a heart beat.


But-no, no heartbeat.

He isn’t breathing and his heart isn’t beating anymore.


Just then the door opened and The Princess, The Queen, Viola, Kathleen and Muriel..

What the heck is Muriel doing here?

God, his presence irks me to the core.


” My love.” Mother called out as she kneeled beside dad burying her face in his stomach and crying.


” Is he..dead?” Courtney asked as she stepped further into the room. I sighed heavily and sat on the couch.


I can’t believe it, I can’t believe I just lost my father.


” God, this is..this is just so much to take.” My sister said as she joined me on the couch and began to sob.


She was the closest to my father during his years. Their father and daughter bond was a special and one of a kind. I won’t be surprised if she’d be the most hit of his passing.

This is all so sad.


My eyes spotted Muriel laughing as he looked at my father’s lifeless corpse and I became suspicious. Why will he be laughing.


😈😈Muriel’s POV:😈😈

Yes! The King is dead, Phase One is completed and now it’s time for Phase Two: Kill Prince Aaron.


And why is he looking at me?

Is it bad to laugh over a successful plan.


With The Princess and Kathleen on my side what’s next is for me to kill the Prince and become the King.


” I beg to take my leave now.” I said with a sly smile then turned to leave.


I went to my room and performed some chants and incantations then I emersed to the Pits of Hell.


✍🏼✍🏼Author’s POV:✍🏼✍🏼

🔥🔥The Pits If Hell: Lucifer’s Palace🔥🔥


Muriel appeared in Lucifer’s Palace with a puff of smoke. The place was smelly and dirty as usual. Not to mention it’s dark and creepy environs.

Typical Hell huh?


” What brings you here?” Lucifer asked Muriel.


” I’m sure you must’ve seen that The King is dead and also that the Princess has fallen head over heels for me.” Muriel stated and Lucifer stroke his beard happily.


” That’s nice, so much progress in just two days! But you need to hop on it and kill the Prince fast! We’re running out of time, Viola’s birthday is in a fortnight.” Lucifer said to Muriel and just then, the sorcerer appeared.


” Muriel congratulations, I’ve been watching you and you’re making progress.” The Sorcerer said and Muriel let out a proud smirk.


” Take this.” The Sorcerer said and he poofed in a container filled with an evil potion.

Muriel went over and collected the container.


” Sprinkle this in the Prince’s drink or food and when he takes it, he will die.” The sorcerer said and Muriel let out a smirk.


The evil ones’ plans were going smoothly.


” But what about Viola?” Muriel asked as he examined the bottle.


” We will handle her from here. But if she finds out you’re trying to kill Prince Aaron before she does, she’d end your life in a second.” The Sorcerer said and I nodded.


” I shall take my leave now.” Muriel said and disappeared into thin air.


” It’s a pity he’ll die once he kills The Prince.” The Sorcerer said and Lucifer was confused.


” What? I thought we’re gonna keep Viola away from him?” Lucifer asked and The Sorcerer chuckled.


” Yes we are going to keep Viola away from him so he can complete the mission but once he does, Maxine will kill him nevertheless.” The Sorcerer said and laughed maniacally.


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

Well that was strange! First he is sleeping with the Princess and now he’s laughing at the death of the King.

I knew there’s something strange and evil about him but sincerely, I can’t place my fingers on it yet.


Anyways, I feel so sorry for the Royal Household. It’s so sad to loose a father and speaking of loosing someone, I really hope Mother Rose is doing well.


” Hi..” I heard the Prince say behind me and I swallowed nothing then turned back.


” What!?” I asked him and he chuckled.


” You don’t need to be rude to me. Remember you haven’t done your punishment yet.” He said and my heart shattered on hearing that.


And here comes the part where he asks me to do something or I’d be beheaded.


” You still have to strip, remember?” He whispered into my ears and I sighed.


He grabbed my hand and took me to his room then locked the door. Despite my protests and struggle, he still has a firm grip on me.


” Let go of me.” I cried out as we got into his room.


” Take off your clothes and let’s get this over with!” He commanded and I shrugged then folded my arms.


” Over my dead body!” I replied with confidence and he chuckled.


” Oh really?” He said and went to his drawer. I rolled my eyes and was determined to stand my ground.

He will never see my nak3dness.


” Then it’ll be my pleasure to kill you.” He whispered into my ears and then I felt the touch of a sharp object on my body, probably a knife.


” I’ve always fantasized of having you in my bed but it’s your choice whether you want to be dead or alive. Besides, it’ll be cool s3xing a dead body.” He said and I cringed within. He’s so disgusting but he has a knife and I have a feeling he knows how to use it.


” Okay fine, I’ll take off my clothes.” I said and he grinned. This goes against everything my mothers have taught me, getting intimate with a man that is not my husband.


” Now begin.” He said and sat on his bed. I gulped then began to remove my shirt. But just then, I felt a force engulf me and I began to feel weak, the next moment I collapsed to the floor unconscious.


👑👑Prince Aaron’s POV:👑👑

” WHAT!?” I screamed as Viola slumped and collapsed.


” Oh My God!” I said as I knelt beside her and shook her vigorously trying to wake her up.

She didn’t wake up and I was scared

What will everyone think?


Just then, the weirdest thing happened. She disappeared into thin air!


” What the f!?” I yelled in shock.


” Did- Did she just vanish!? Am I seeing things!?” I asked myself. Maybe I’m loosing my mind!


😈😈Muriel’s POV:😈😈

Yes! I drugged The Prince’s drink with the substance the sorcerer gave me and I’m gonna kill him.


I’m just so happy!

I’ll become the King!


I walked to the King’s room with the tray containing the drugged orange juice. I knocked on the door and few moments later, the Prince opened the door.


He was look troubled and scared, he was also sweating profusely.

I’m guessing it has something to do with what Lucifer promised to do to Viola.

Anyways, that’s not my business.


” What are you doing here?” He asked me.


” Your mother said I should give you this.” I replied and gave him the tray.


” What drink is this?”


” Orange juice.”


” Oh! I love Orange Juice.” He said and took a sip from the juice.


” Mhm! It’s so nice.” He added and gulped some down.


Yes! Yes! Drink up and soon I’d become King.




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[ He Bought Me Into Slavery ]


Written By:

Osagie Emmanuella


💄Chapter EIGHT💄


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around as I tried to sit atop. I was in some kind of dark and void realm.

Everywhere was pitch black and there was no sight of a living thing or anything else here.


I got up from the floor clutching my head because it ached badly due to my previous unconscious state.


” Where am I?” I asked myself as I looked around again.


” Hello?” I called out to anyone who could hear me but instead my voice reechoed without an answer.


” Viola,” I heard a familiar voice call out to me and I was a bit elated, at least someone I know is here with me.

But where is this place.


” It’s me your guardian.” The voice said again and I identified it as the black smoke that visits me time to time.


I looked around in search of it but I  couldn’t find it.

Am I hearing things?


” Hey! How did I get here?” I yelled meanwhile trying to recollect my memories in a bid to find out how I got here.


” The powers of hell cast a spell on you and that’s why you’re locked up in your own subconsciousness.” The voice of the black smoke stated and I was confused.


” Powers of hell? Of what business do I have with the powers of hell?” I asked the black smoke and I heard it chuckle.


” You’ll soon find out. Anyways, the Prince was also about to be killed by one of the agents of hell but I intervened.” The black smoke added and I was puzzled.


” He was about to be killed? How did you intervene?” I asked.


✍🏼✍🏼Author’s POV:✍🏼✍🏼

( How the black smoke saved the Prince):

✍🏼Fifteen Minutes before Muriel gave The Prince a drink:✍🏼


Muriel peeped through the kitchen door to make sure no one was coming. When he was sure that the coast was clear, he shut the door then went to the kitchen counter.


He opened the fridge and brought out the jug of orange juice then poured it into a glass cup. After returning the jug back to the fridge it was time to bewitch the drink.


He performed the chants required and the Orange juice tingled a bit then settled down.


He smiled slyly knowing that the drink has been bewitched. What’s left is for the prince to drink this up and die!


” Muriel!!” Princess Courtney yelled beckoning for Muriel’s presence. Muriel groaned because his lover is calling for him right in the middle of a devious plan.


” Coming my princess.” He replied then left the kitchen with the bewitched drink on the table.


Few minutes later, Kathleen came into the kitchen to have a glass of water. But as she opened the fridge, she mistakenly knocked down the glass containing the bewitched juice and it smashed to the floor spilling the juice everywhere.


” Oh no.” Kathleen exclaimed at the result of her clumsiness then quickly took out a mop to dry the spilled juice. After that, she used a broom to sweep the shattered pieces and disposed them.


” I don’t know who left this here but I have to replace it.” Kathleen said then opened the fridge and got the jug of orange juice then poured it into another glass.


” There.” She said and placed the nee glass of juice on a tray. ” The person won’t even suspect.” She added then took a bottle of water and left the kitchen.


Muriel came back into the kitchen and carried the tray of juice thinking it was the one he had bewitched but no, it’s another one that isn’t bewitched.


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

” Ooh! Well thank God for Kathleen’s clumsiness if not the Prince would’ve been dead by now.” I said after the smoke narrated the story of what happened.


” I was the one who possessed Kathleen at the time so she would spill the drink.” The smoke said and I was very happy, at least the Prince won’t die.


” But why would Muriel want to kill the Prince?'” I asked.


” Don’t worry, everything will be clear to you soon.” The smoke said and I was getting suspicious.

Why does she keep hiding things from me.


” But I need answers!” I replied but there wasn’t any response from the smoke.

Did it leave me here.


” Viola, Viola, Viola.” I began to hear my name from a distinct place. It was a familiar voice but it felt like it was in another world.


The voice grew louder and the dark realm around me began to diminish and I couldnt see light. But then light began to fade away and reality was setting in.


I closed my eyes and when I opened them I found myself back in the palace, on my bed.


” Viola!” I heard the Princess say and I  let out a small yelp.


” I’ve been calling you for more than two minutes now. Are you feeling better?” The Princess asked and I managed to give an affirmative nod because I was so weak to say anything.


” Good, we were worried. The prince said you fainted and vanished. But I think he was just seeing things because when we opened your room door, we saw you here sleeping like an angel.” The Princess stated and I smiled but then I remembered the Prince.


” The Prince!” I called out and jumped out of bed then dashed to the Prince’s room.


I opened his room door and saw him on his bed drinking orange juice. I presume it was the one that wasn’t bewitched but what if Muriel has done something bad again.


” Don’t drink that!” I yelled and dived on his bed pushing the glass of drink out of his hand and it smashed to the ground.


” Heyy! What did you do that for?” He asked in an annoyed tone.


” That drink it may have been bewitched.” I stated hastily and he arched his brows.


” Bewitched? Are you for real?” He asked and chuckled.


” Yes I am, you see Muriel is…” Just as I was about to explain everything to the Prince, I heard the black smoke’s voice.


” Don’t tell him anything.” It said.


” But why?” I asked.


” Just don’t!” It yelled back.


” Are you talking to yourself?” The Prince asked me and I became nervous. What will I tell him now?


” No I’m not, just forget about everything.” I said and got off his bed.


” Seems that faint messed up with your head.” He said and I scoffed ignoring his statement then I left his room.


😈😈Muriel’s POV:😈😈

Why didn’t the Prince die? Why is he still alive or did the spell not work?


” The sorcerer should be able to explain.” I thought and chanted a few words then emersed into the world of hell.


I was in Lucifer’s Palace, he was seated on his throne and he looked very angry. Oh no, hope I’m not responsible for his rage?


” You failed!” I heard the Sorcerer yell and after a few moments, he came into sight.


” What do you mean? I did as I was told to.” I said but that didn’t make them happy, it just ruined their demeanour  them the more.


” Look at this.” The sorcerer said and used his staff to point to the paranormal screen above Lucifer’s throne.


It was showing when I left the kitchen to meet the Princess and then Kathleen spilled the bewitched drink.


” What!?” I yelled in astonishment.


” And Viola escaped from the trance we kept her in with the help of her guardian.” Lucifer added and I grunted.


” We shall come up with a new plan for you to kill the Prince. But for now, try your possible best to be with the Princess and make the Prince your friend.” Lucifer said and I nodded.


” Taken. I shall take my leave now.” I replied then emersed back into the real world.


✍🏼✍🏼Author’s POV:✍🏼✍🏼

It’s been a week since the Prince was almost killed and everything in the palace has been quite. Lucifer and the Sorcerer have not gotten back to Muriel so while he waits, Muriel has been getting closer to the Princess. The Prince still continues to tease Viola s3xually while Mother Rose is trying her best to find her daughter.

And…it’s one week till Viola’s 26th Birthday.


🌷🌷Mother Rose’s POV:🌷🌷

” Saffron, I’m almost done perfecting the spell.” I said to Saffron and she rolled her eyes.


” You really don’t listen do you?” She said and got up from where she sat to join me in the kitchen.

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” I’m willing to set my life for Viola if it comes to that. Besides, I’m sure this will work.” I replied as I stirred the potion mix.


” And what makes you think this will work?” Saffron asked.


” I added a new shield potion which will shield me from any spiritual attack like the one that happened to me the last time.” I replied and Saffron sighed.


” And for how long will the shield work before Maxine tears apart like a sheet of paper?” Saffron asked.


” I don’t know, but probably long enough for me to tell Viola who she really is.” I replied and poured my potion mix into a glass.


” I warned you.” Saffron said then left the kitchen. I took a deep breath then gulped down the content of the glass.


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

I was cleaning the shiny things in the throne room when I heard the sound of shimmering behind me.

I turned back to see a body forming and lo and behold it was my Mother Rose


” Yes! You’re alright.” I exclaimed and went to hug her.


” My child, I’m happy you’re alive and well.” She said as she stroked my hair. I felt so comfortable and safe in her arms, I’ve missed her so much.


” How did you find me?” I asked disengaging from the hug.


” That’s not important now. There’s something I need to tell you Viola.” Mother Rose said and I was curious.


” What’s that?” I asked and that moment the black puff of smoke appeared.


” You will do no such thing Rose.” The smoke said and mum turned back to see the smoke and her face was filled with terror.


” WHAT!?”




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[ He Bought Me Into Slavery ]


Written By:

Osagie Emmanuella


💄Chapter NINE💄


✍🏼✍🏼Author’s POV:✍🏼✍🏼

” What is going on here!?” Viola asked  the black smoke.


” Leave this instant.” The black smoke commanded Mother Rose ignoring Viola’s question.


” I shall not! I will tell Viola who she really is!” Mother Rose yelled and faced Viola but just as she was about to speak, a black cloud enveloped her and that was it…she disappeared from the scene.


” What did you do to my mother!?” Viola asked the puff of smoke as her mother vanished into thin air.


” She is trying to interfere with destiny but that won’t happen on my watch.” The black puff of smoke said then disappeared from the scene as well leaving Viola speechless and puzzled.


” I hope my Mother Rose is okay.” Viola said just before running upstairs.


✍🏼At Mother Rose’s House:✍🏼

Mother Saffron was knitting a woollen cardigan when Rose dropped in like a lifeless body.


” And she’s injured again.” Mother Saffron said with a sigh and rose from her seat to go comfort her friends and treat her wounds.


On reaching where Mother Rose laid, Saffron noticed that there were no scratches, bruises, cuts or wounds. In fact there wasn’t any brutality on Rose, she was as she left.

And she was alive.


Off course Maxine wouldn’t let her go scot free but why is she not maimed like the last time?


” Wow this is great! I can’t believe there are no injuries on you.” Saffron exclaimed as she examined her friend.


Rose opened her eyes and looked around. She saw she was in her home and let out a sigh of relief. She sat atop on the floor and stared at Saffron.


” So tell me, were you able to tell Viola?” Saffron asked excitedly and Rose opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.

She tried again but it seemed like something was restricting her from talking.


” Rose, what’s going on?” Saffron asked her friend. Rose tried to speak up again but she couldn’t.

She was beginning to get scared while Saffron was worried.


” Since you are bent on telling Viola who she really is, I’d like to see how you’d do that without your voice.” The black smoke said and Saffron and Rose looked around searching for the person who said that but they didn’t see anyone.


Off course, they won’t be able to see it. But it’s presence is with them, and it’s very angry.


” What!? I told you not to mess with Maxine.” Saffron said as she helped a dumb Rose to her feet.


” Come on, we need to go to The Beyond and find a cure for you.” Saffron added and held Rose’s hand. Since Rose can’t speak, she won’t be able to perform the chants that will lead her to The Beyond.

But, Saffron held her hand therefore connecting Rose to herself.


She said the chants and the two friends emersed into The Beyonds.


✍🏼The Beyonds:✍🏼

Rose and her friend appeared on the streets of The Beyond in a shimmer of light then headed to the sorceress’s hut to seek a solution.



They entered into her house and went upstairs to where she usually stayed.


” Greetings Saffron and her now dumbstruck friend, Roslyn.” The sorceress said and this startled the friends.


” We know you see everything and hence, you know why we’re here. Tell us what we must do to break the spell placed on Rose.” Saffron said and the sorceress let out a cackle.


” She will speak on the dawn of Viola’s Birthday. That way, she won’t be able to tell Viola anything until her birthday and by that time, it’s already far late.” The sorceress said and Rose’s demeanour expressed horror.


” But isn’t there anything else we can do to lift it?” Saffron asked and the Sorceress shook her head.


” No! For she has angered Maxine so much, she had to make her dumb.” The sorceress stated and Saffron sighed.


” Thank you for your time great one.”


✍🏼In HELL, Lucifer’s Palace:✍🏼

” We summoned you here because we have finally come up with a plan for you to kill the Prince.” Lucifer announced to Muriel and the Sorcerer smiled then stepped forward.


” But this is very risky. We have explored all means possible and we discovered that the only way to kill the Prince before Viola and stop us from going to the lake of fire is for you to kill him a day to Viola’s birthday.” The sorcerer said and Muriel wasn’t pleased with the idea.


What if something went wrong?

And then they are not able to kill him before the dawn of her birthday, they will be ruined.


” Isn’t there a less riskier plan we can engage in?” Muriel asked the Sorcerer and he nodded to disaffirm.


” No there isn’t. You have to do this or else you know what will happen next.”


The sorcerer said and Muriel sighed.


This may not work!


” Take this.” The sorcerer added and poffed in a magical dagger.


Muriel collected it with shaky hands and placed it in his pockets.


” Use this to stab him in his heart, he will die then Damon’s spirit will return here. Since the spirits of The Beyond can’t behold evil, they won’t be able to come fight him here.” Lucifer added and Muriel nodded then emersed back into the real world.


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

I sat down on a bench in the castle’s patio pondering on what I’m gonna do to make sure my mum is okay.


” That black smoke…it’s hiding something from me and I must find out.”


” And it seems like my mother knows what the black smoke is hiding from me. That’s why it’s preventing her from telling me.”


” Telling you what?” I heard the Prince say behind me and I groaned.


” Nothing, stay away from me.” I said and I heard him chuckle then he sat beside me.


” Nope! I won’t.” He said and I rolled my eyes.


” I hate you.” I muttered beneath my voice.


” I don’t like you even more.” He replied and I rolled my eyes.


” Let’s play a game.” He added with a sly smile.


” Okay what’s that?”


” Rock, Paper, Scissors. Best of five.” He suggested and I kind of liked the idea.


” And the loser?”


” The loser gets to take a whole bottle of 100% alcohol based drink.” The Prince probably blurted the first dang thing that came to his mind.


” I’m in.” I agreed and he smiled the adjusted himself on the bench.


” 1, 2, Ready, Go!”

” Rock, Paper, Scissors.” We both chanted together and The Prince played paper while I played scissors.


” Ha! I win!” I yelled happily.


” It doesn’t matter who won first, what matters is who has the last laugh.” The Prince said and I chuckled.


” Rock, Paper, Scissors.” We chanted again and I played rock while he played scissors.


” I win again! Woo! I’m on fire.” I exclaimed and he rolled his eyes.


” One more point and I win!” I added and he smiled.


” Rock, Paper, Scissors.” We chanted again and the Prince picked paper while I picked rock.


” I win this round.” He said with a chuckle.


” But I’m still ahead.” I replied and he snickered.


” Well, the next round will tell.” He said and I laughed.

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” Rock, Paper, Scissors.” We chanted again and he played rock while I played scissors.


” Heck! I wanted to play paper.” I exclaimed and pouted due to the fact that I just lost.


” But you played scissors so…it’s tie. Whoever wins this round gets to NOT drink alcohol.” The prince said and I sighed.

I’d better win this, I’ve never taken alcohol before.


” Rock, Paper, Scissors.” We chanted again and he played paper while I played rock.


” Woo Hoo! I winnnnnnnnn and you loose.” He yelled happily.


” You’re gonna have to drink up some booze. Come with me.” He said and grabbed my hand and we went to the royal bar.


He took a bottle from the display shelf then popped it open and got a shot cup.


” Here, drink up.” He said and gave me the cup then pushed the bottle towards me.


” Do I really have to?” I asked and he nodded.


” Yeah, I got the last laugh, I won and you get to drink up.” He said and I sighed.


” Fine.” I said and poured the content of the bottle into the shot cup and drank it.


” Eew! It’s so bitter. But it hits right on the head.” I said after taking one shot.


” Well then, I can’t let you have them alone.” He said and took a shot cup then poured himself some booze.



” Ah, my head hurts.” I exclaimed as I touched my temples trying to calm the aching pain.


I looked around and saw that I wasn’t in my room, I was in the Prince’s room.

I began to realize my environment and saw that I was on the Prince’s bed.


I turned to my side and saw the Prince lying down besides me. Beside the bed were our clothes littered on the floor.

That means we were…unclad!?


” Wake up, Wake up, Wake up.” I said shaking the prince. He fluttered his eyes open and stared at me.


” What?” He asked.


” What am I doing in your room?” I asked and he sat atop of the bed and gave me a knowing smile.


” Don’t tell me we- Oh no!”




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[ He Bought Me Into Slavery ]


Written By:

Osagie Emmanuella


💄Chapter TEN💄


N/B: A Short Chapter. I’m just so lazy today, plus many things came up.😪


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

I looked under the covers and saw the bed spread was stained with blood not to mention the pain I felt in ‘you know where’.


I stared at him with a gaze that could kill the fainthearted.


” What did you do to me!” I yelled at him and he laughed.


” Just chill, it’s not a big deal.” He said and I slapped him hard across his face.


” You made me drunk and raped me!?” I yelled at him and he stared at me in terror.


” No, I swear no! It was just a harmless drink, and when you got drunk you were the one that forced yourself on me.” The Prince hurriedly explained and I didn’t believe it.


” Oh? I forced myself on you and you couldn’t resist?” I asked and he shook his head.


” I was drunk as well! Okay, I was drunk to! And everything happened so rashly, it lead to this.” He replied and I..I just didn’t have anything to say to him again.


” I hate you more than ever. And I’ll tell the Queen.” I threatened and he chuckled.


” You dare not, because you’ll just make a fool of yourself. There are CCTV cameras everywhere and they recorded everything that happened which will prove we were both drunk and you initiated the whole thing.” The Prince fired back and then I realised I was defenseless.


” I despise you from this day onward. I hate you so much, I could kill you if I get the chance.” Viola yelled in the Prince’s face and he rolled his eyes probably because this isn’t the first time he’s hearing those words from me.


Just then the door clicked open and Kathleen came in.


” Your highness, the g-” She paused as she saw us on the bed.

Damn! I should’ve dressed up.


” W- What is?..” She stuttered for a while then scampered out of the room in tears.


” Dear Lord, we’re in big trouble.” I muttered as Kathleen slammed the door behind her.


📿📿Kathleen’s POV:📿📿

How, How could she?

First she stole my job as the Prince’s personal maid and now she’s sleeping with him!

This, This is just so much to take in.


She must pay and this time I’m gonna be merciless on her. She can’t come into this palace then take what’s mine and go scot free!

Never, It will never happen on my watch.


” What are you doing here?” I heard Muriel’s husky voice say behind me and it sent a jolt through me.


” Just look inside.” I said to him gesturing to the Prince’s room door. He sighed then opened the door quietly and his eyes shot up on seeing what was going on.


” WHAT!? This can’t be happening.” Muriel yelled then suddenly vanished into thin air.


” I’m to heartbroken to be shocked over your disappearance.” I muttered and began to sob.


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

I sighed and stood up from the bed then wore my clothes and left his room.

I saw Kathleen on the floor sobbing right next to the Prince’s door.


I pretended like I didn’t see her then proceeded to my room.


” You stepped on the wrong foot Viola, you will suffer for taking what’s mine.” I heard Kathleen say and I chuckled. Ignoring her, I opened my room door and entered.


Immediately I entered into my room, I saw the black smoke.


” How may I help?” I asked and it sighed.


” Why did you sleep with the Prince!?” She thundered and it seemed she was very angry.


” It wasn’t an intentional action, we were both under the influence.” I explained but it seemed it didn’t want to hear it.


” Do you know what you have done to yourself now? Do you know!?” She questioned angrily and I shook my head.


” You have joined yourself with him.” The Black smoke said and I was confused.


” What does that mean?” I asked and she groaned.


” It doesn’t matter. I just hope she will still be able to have her revenge despite what you have done.” The Black smoke said and before I was able to say a word, she disappeared.


” Well that was weird.” I explained and laid on my bed.


✍🏼✍🏼Author’s POV:✍🏼✍🏼

Two days passed and everything was going on quite. It was five days till Viola’s birthday and Maxine was really happy!

She had waited so long to exact her revenge and now it’s just in a matter of days before she kills Damon and sentence the rest of the evil ones to the dreaded lake of fire for eternity!

Chat gaby@zero eight one six zero four four two eight seven two for more stories

Off course, the black smoke is pissed with Viola’s act and hasn’t come to visit her ever since that day. It didn’t bother Viola one bit but what bothered her was the well being of her beloved Mother Rose.


Yes, Kathleen is still cooking up a plan to make Viola pay and it seems she has finalised a plan.

But this plan is a very dangerous and vicious one.


Muriel and the Princess are still ‘deeply in love’ while Muriel is excited for the day before Viola’s birthday when he’ll finally end the Prince’s life.


Later that day, Kathleen felt it was the time to strike. She slowly opened Viola’s room and saw she was sleeping. She smiled to herself then went to her room to get the poisoned handkerchief then went back Viola’s room.


She walked over to where Viola slept then placed the handkerchief over Viola’s nose so she’ll inhale it and die.


” Time for you to die.” Kathleen said and Viola began to inhale the poison and she began to struggle for her life as she was being suffocated by the poison.


👑👑Princess Courtney’s POV:👑👑

” We have an unfinished discussion.” Mother said and I rolled my eyes.


” Mum, please let’s not go back to Muriel’s discussion.” I said and my mum chuckled.


” You know, you disappointed me so much. I thought you had a high esteem but now, I think I was wrong.” Mother said in annoyance.


” Oh yes Mother, you were wrong about so many things. I am a grown woman above the age of eighteen and I can do anything I want!” I fired back at her.


” But you’re a Princess! There’s Royalty in your veins! If you want to have an affair with someone, can’t you do it with someone your class?” Mother yelled as she rose from her seat and I chuckled.


” I do what I please. Thank God you said I’m a princess, which means I can do what I want!” I snapped.


” No you cannot! I am the Queen, this is my palace and I make the rules. Therefore go in there and tell your little boyfriend to leave this place!” Mother commanded and I chuckled.


” No! In fact, I want to marry him!”


” WHAT!?”




T B C😋😋

All Rights Reserved™


💄Chapter ELEVEN💄

[ Quater Finale ]


👑👑Queen Esmerelda’s POV:👑👑

” You want to do what!?” I questioned the stupid utterance that just came out of Courtney’s mouth.


” And if you don’t get me married to him, I refuse to be royalty.” Courtney said and I was shell-shocked.


She gazed at me for a while then turned to leave the room.


” What sort of thing happened to my daughter that gave her the effrontery to talk to me like this?” I asked myself wondering where it all went wrong.


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

” You can’t be angry at me forever you know?” I yelled in the air referring to the black smoke hoping it will hear me.


” And guardians angels can’t just desert their wards over a mistake.” I began and took a deep breath. ” They’re supposed to stay and correct the mistake okay?” I added and I heard a loud ‘whoosh sound’ behind me and I knew it was the black smoke.


” I’m not an angel.” I heard it’s voice and I smiled then faced it.


” Finally you’re here, I wish I could hug you.” I teased it and I heard it groan.


” No you can’t.” It replied and I snickered. ” So you slept with the Prince huh?” The black smoke said and it began to float round the room.


” Yes I did, I’m not happy about but yes I did.” I replied and the black smoke chuckled.


” Do you know what that has resulted to?” The black smoke asked me and I was puzzled.


” What did it result to?”


✍️✍️Author’s POV:✍️✍️

It’s been four days since the Princess declared she wanted to marry Muriel.

That means it’s just one day to Viola’s birthday and it’s time for Muriel to strike.


✍️✍️At Mother Rose’s House:✍️✍️

Tomorrow was Viola’s birthday and this worried Mother Rose so much. She had to do something and do it fast.

But what can she do?

She was dumb and useless.


But she hoped she could convince her friend Saffron to tell Violas before the dawn of her birthday.


Rose went into the kitchen to prepare the potion that will send her to the exact place where Viola is but this time she added more protection to it so she could stay longer.


” Are you still trying to make that potion?” Saffron asked Rose as she came into the kitchen. Rose nodded to affirm it.


” You won’t do it alone, I’ll help you.” Saffron said and Rose’s eyes lit up and she hugged her friend.


” You make the potion for the both of us and when we get there, I’ll tell her.” Saffron added and Rose smiled.


” But hurry, the dawn of her birthday is in a few hours.”


😈😈Muriel’s POV:😈😈


Yes, Yes, Yes!


The day is finally here, the day I will kill that stupid prince and then we won’t be casted to the lake of fire.


I went to the place where I kept the dagger and collected it.


” Prepare to die my Prince.” I said maniacally as I looked at the dagger


It was almost 11pm and the Palace was pitch black because everyone had gone to bed. I snuck into the Prince’s room quietly, it was kind of hard to locate his bed because it was very dark in the room.


” Who’s there?” The Prince asked probably sensing my presence in his room.


” Your death.” I replied and raised the dagger up gathering evil momentum to kill him.


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

” Agh!” I yelled as I jerked up from my sleep.


I checked the time, it was a fee minutes passed 11pm.

Yay! I’m so happy my birthday is tomorrow.


Just then, I felt a strange tingly sensation in me and it was like someone was in danger.


But who?


” The Prince.” I heard something whisper and I jumped out of bed and rushed to the Prince’s room and switched on the lights.


I saw Muriel holding a dagger and was about to kill a terrified Prince.


” No!” I yelled and ran to Muriel pushing the dagger out of his hand. The dagger fell out of the opened window near the Prince’s bed.


” What is happening?” The Prince questioned and Muriel disappeared.


” He’s probably going to look for the dagger.” I reasoned then left the Prince’s room in search of Muriel.


🌷🌷Mother Rose’s POV:🌷🌷

We drank the potion and shut our eyes. We felt ourselves being teleported and when we opened our eyes, we were at a castle.


” Viola must be around here somewhere.” Saffron said looking around.

I checked my watch and it was twenty minutes passed 11pm.


” Let’s split and search for her.” Saffron added and I nodded then we went our separate ways.


✍️✍️Author’s POV:✍️✍️

Rose went up the stairs and began to roam the hallway looking for her foster daughter. She couldn’t yell her name because she was dumb.


Just then a shadow of a young lady passed and Rose knew it was Maxine.


She left that particular hallway then went eastward.


Saffron roamed the downstairs halls in search of Viola, suddenly a black smoke appeared and Saffron paused.


” Who are you? And why are you blocking my way?” Saffron questioned the smoke and it laughed.


” Your mission here will never be completed, in the next thirty minutes Viola will be controlled by Maxine and she will fulfil her destiny.” The smoke fired back at Saffron.


” I demand you tell me who you are or I will have no choice but to hit you with my powers.” Saffron challenged and the black smoke chuckled.


” Your powers are no match for me! I’m here to protect Viola from everything that will make her not to fulfil her destiny and also to make sure my daughter gets revenge.” The black smoke replied and then it dawned on Saffron that the black smoke was Maxine’s mother.


” Are you Hazel?” Saffron asked in a more calm voice.


” Yes I am! And I will strike you with something worse that what I did to your friend.” Hazel(formerly known as the black smoke) said and began to emit black balls of fire at Saffron.


Saffron skillfully dodged the balls of fire and began to attack Hazel with her powers.

The two started to fight with their powers breaking and shattering everything in their way.


Viola was still pursuing Muriel even though he was disappearing and appearing. She just felt this strong urge that whatever Muriel wanted to do the Prince she wanted to do it therefore she had to prevent Muriel from doing it before her.


The clock was ticking and it was just twenty minutes till Viola’s birthday.

Chat Gaby@zero eight one six zero four four two eight seven two for more stories

The Prince left his room and tried to escape the palace and flee for his dear life but he was blocked by a wall of fire and this scared him to his bones!

Every single exit door was blocked, what could he do?


Rose was on the upstairs floor when she saw a brown haired girl pass one of the corridors.


” That must be Viola!” She thought and ran after the person with the brown hair.


Saffron was still in battle with Hazel and it seemed she was winning. Hazel was weak and tired then she let out a loud cry then turned into her real self.

A beautiful peaceful goddess, opposite of her daughter.


” I will destroy you.” Hazel said gathering all of the power she had left and threw it at Saffron who skillfully dodged.


Hazel’s powers hit the wall then bounced back and hit her.

She screamed in sheer pain then collapsed to the ground.


” Maxine will kill you.” Those were Hazel’s last words before she became unconscious.


Saffron skipped over her body then continued searching for Viola. She decided to go upstairs and there she bumped into Rose.


” Ow!” She exclaimed as she collided with Rose.


” Did you find her?” Saffron asked Rose and she disaffirmed.


” Then we must find her.” Saffron said and she and Rose began to search.


It was just five minutes left to Viola’s birthday.


Viola ran passed Saffron and Rose two minutes later and Saffron yelled her name to alert her.

Viola paused and retraced her steps back to where she heard her name.


She saw her mothers and was so excited. She embraced and hugged them tightly.


” I’m so happy!” Saffron said as she hugged Viola.


At this time it was one minute left to Viola’s birthday.


” I hope the black smoke didn’t hurt you guys again.” Viola said as she disengaged from the hug.


” It didn’t, I defeated her. It was Hazel all along.” Saffron said and Rose tapped her trying to tell her that there wasn’t much time left.


” Oh right. Viola you are the chosen one and Maxine is living in you and wants to use your body for her revenge plan.” Saffron said as fast as she could but it was far too late, the clock had already struck dawn and it was Viola’s birthday.


Viola slowly changed into something that looked like a female demon. With her eyes fiery red and her face the scariest thing ever.


” I am Maxine and I’m here to fulfil my destiny.” Viola/Maxine said as her lips formed an evil smirk.




T B C😋😋



Nuella Writes©


[ He Bought Me Into Slavery ]


Written By:

Osagie Emmanuella


💄Chapter TWELVE💄

[ Semi- Finale ]


✍️✍️Author’s POV:✍️✍️

” I can speak!” Rose yelled in happiness after the clock struck dawn.


” Yes! The spell will wear off on the dawn on Viola’s birthday and it’s already twelve am.” Saffron stated happily then hugged her friend.


” But I think we have bigger problems.” Rose said as they disengaged from the hug. They looked at the devilish goodness Viola had become.


” Damon.” She called out manically then disappeared into thin air.


” We have to do something. I have a feeling we can still reach to Viola and save her from Maxine.” Rose said confidently. Although Saffron had doubts about the plan, she followed her friend and they searched for Viola.


Muriel had found his dagger but just as he was about to go back inside, the clock struck dawn and he gasped.


” I failed.” He exclaimed then kicked a nearby bush.


” One simple task and I failed.” He added and the next moment Lucifer appeared in a whoosh of wind.


” You failed.” Lucifer said to Muriel in his husky voice and he bowed his head to avoid looking into Lucifer’s fiery eyes.


Rumour has it that if you look into his eyes you melt away.


” I’m sorry, Viola pushed the dagger out of my hand and before I could find it, it was too late.” Muriel explained but Lucifer didn’t want to hear it.


” Since I must do everything by myself…” Lucifer grumbled then disappeared in the same manner he came.


Muriel looked at the dagger in his hand. A black aura appeared around it and he smiled.


” I might still be able to kill him” He said as he placed the dagger in his pocket.


” But I have to do it before Viola does.” He added then rushed into the castle in search for the Prince.


As Muriel trod the upstairs hallways, he began to hear distant screams and yells. He paused in his track then tried to follow the sound of the screams.


The screams and yells were coming from a room upstairs. They were girly like and familiar.

Muriel opened the door and saw Kathleen tied up and was surrounded by flames of fire.


” Help!” She yelled on sighting Muriel as she tried to shrug herself out of the ropes.


” What did you do?” Muriel asked Kathleen and she sighed.


” Can you just save me first?” She said and Muriel rolled his eyes then clenched his fists together. When he finally released the clench, a powerful beam emitted and quenched the fire around Kathleen.


He ran over to where she was tied up and loosened her setting her free.


” Can you explain to me what happened?” I asked her as she dusted her clothes.


” Well I tried to kill Viola with that stupid handkerchief you gave me and just as I was about to, a black smoke grabbed me.” Kathleen explained and Muriel’s eyes widened.


” Hazel is still here?” Muriel asked with terror expressed on his face.


” Who the heck is Hazel?” Kathleen asked not being able to catch up.


” So what happened when Hazel grabbed you?” Muriel asked Kathleen and she shut her eyes trying to recollect what happened.


” I don’t know, I guess I just woke up and saw myself tied up here.” Kathleen said but quite frankly, that didn’t bother Muriel one bit.


Maxine is here and Hazel is here too. It’s like two against one and he has to fight harder.


” Whatever, I don’t care.” Muriel said and brushed passed Kathleen nearly knocking her over.


Maxine/Viola was hot on the search of Prince Aaron who was looking for where to hide.

She decided to use her powers to locate him.


She shut her eyes then placed her fingers on her temple. The image of the Prince trying to climb up the fence in a bid to flee the palace appeared in subconsciousness.


” He’s at the yard.” Maxine/Viola said and cackled maniacally then disappeared and reappeared at the yard where the Prince was trying to run away.


” Running away will do you no good.” Maxine/Viola said and the Prince yelled and out of shock, he fell from the fence.


” What are you? Who are you! What the heck?” The Prince yelled as he tried moving backwards.


Just then, Mother Rose and Mother Saffron ran into the scene.


” Oh my God! That Prince should be Damon.” Mother Saffron exclaimed as she pointed at Prince Aaron.


” She’s gonna kill him, We have to do something.” Mother Rose said and they hid behind a bush to avoid Maxine/Viola knowing they were here.


” You, you raped my mother and the product of that was me. Because of that, I became an outcast in my own realm and I was termed evil.” Maxine/Viola began as she paced round a terrified Prince.


” I did none of that and I don’t even know who you are!” Prince Aaron yelled as be shrieked in fear.


” I was banished from my midst of my people because of what you did to my innocent mother!” Maxine added and Prince Aaron yelped.


” Now it’s time for you to pay.” Maxine said and opened her palm and a fiery ball of flame appeared. Just as she was about to hit Prince Aaron, Hazel came into the scene.


” Child don’t.” Hazel said and Maxine closed her palms and faced her mother.


” What are you saying mother? This is the time we’ve been waiting for.” Maxine said as she went closer to her mother.


” He’s an innocent man, he doesn’t deserve it.” Hazel reasoned and Maxine chuckled.


” Well that bastard Damon living inside him isn’t innocent and he must pay.” Maxine relieved and opened her palm again and the ball of flames appeared


” Not if I have anything to say about it.” Hazel said as she held Maxine’s hand.


Maxine pushed her mother and blasted her with a black beam and she fell to the floor groaning in pain.


” I despise you from this day onward mother.” Maxine said to her pained mother and laughed.


She chuckled then faced her prey then formed the fiery balls of flames.


Just then, Muriel and Kathleen came into the scene.


” What!? Never!” Muriel yelled and pushed Maxine but Maxine slapped him and Muriel fell to the floor.


” Die!” Maxine said and looked at Prince Aaron.


Everyone was scared, it seems like the Prince is going to die. This it where it all ends.


” I can’t.” Maxine said and the fiery flame disappeared and she turned into Viola.


” Agh.” Viola said and fell to the ground.


” Kill him if you want to and let’s go on with our lives.” Hazel grumbled in pain.


” I just can’t.” Viola said as she looked at the Prince.


Just then Maxine’s body came out of Viola and everyone was shocked.


” If you won’t kill him then- then I will.” Maxine said and formed the fiery balls of flame again and wanted to hit Prince Aaron.


” Never!” Viola yelled and she formed a Crystal beam then hit Maxine with it and she fell to the floor.


” Sweet, I have powers!” Viola said as she looked at her Crystal beams.


” Die Prince Aaron!” Muriel yelled and to everyone’s surprise, he used his dagger to stab Prince Aaron on his chest.


” Noooooooooooo!!” Viola, Maxine and Hazel yelled as the dagger pierced through the Prince.


” Hahahahahaha! We win.” Muriel exclaimed happily as the Prince’s life slowly ebbed away.


Viola’s eyes suddenly turned blue and a more powerful Crystal beam shot right out of her hands and hit Muriel.


” You will die for interfering.” Maxine said and walked up to Muriel and struck him with a death ball and slowly, Muriel began to loose oxygen.


” No, my prince.” Viola said as she crouched beside the Prince’s body.


” You can’t die.” She added as she picked up his hand and put it on her face.


” If you die, who will take responsibility for-” Viola began but paused and looked at her stomach.


” For my baby, because-because I’m pregnant.” Viola said.


” WHAT!?”




T B C😋😋

All Rights Reserved®


[ He Bought Me Into Slavery ]


Written By:

Osagie Emmanuella


All Rights Reserved.


[ He Bought Me Into Slavery ]


Written By:

Osagie Emmanuella.


💄Chapter THIRTEEN💄

[ Grand Finale ]


🌼🌼Viola’s POV:🌼🌼

Just then, a body came out of Prince Aaron’s body.

I presumed it was Damon.


” Die!” Maxine yelled then used her powers to blast Damon and he fell to the floor.


Hazel finally got up from the floor and went to embrace her daughter. Maxine hugged her mother back tightly.


” I’m sorry for being rude mother, I just really wanted to end his life.” Maxine said to her mother and disengaged from the hug. ” I wanted him to pay for what he did to you and how the result of that made me who I am today.” She said and he mother began to sob.


” I’m proud of you.” Hazel said with a smile and Maxine grinned.


” Well we had the last laugh, therefore these demons go to the lake of fire.” Hazel said picking up Muriel’s body.


” Thanks Viola, for making my revenge come true.” Maxine said to me and disappeared.


I smiled because everything seemed kind of weird because that girl was living in me all through my entire life.


” You’re a really brave girl Viola, the past few weeks with you have been one of a kind. Be strong and courageous as always.” Hazel said to me and I felt a drop of tear run down my cheek.


Hazel was like a comforter; my guardian indeed. I’ll miss her so much.


” I’ll miss you black smoke a.k.a Hazel.” I said and she smiled then waved ‘bye’ then disappeared taking Muriel’s body with her.


I turned and faced the Prince’s probably dead body. It was so painful, he didn’t deserve this.

He doesn’t deserve to die because of something he  knows nothing about.


” I blame myself for your death.” I said and began to cry but something magical happened.


My tears turner into Crystal droplets and when they touched the Prince’s body, his body emitted light.

I felt his pulse and heart beat starting up and it seemed he was back alive.


” Cry more!” Mother Rose said and I nodded then began to force my tears out. Once they dropped on his body he would emit light.


Suddenly he sneezed and fluttered his eyes open.


” Prince!” I yelled and hugged him. The deep wound created by the dagger immediately healed when my tears touched it.


” You’re alive.” I added still hugging him.


” What’s going on here.” I heard Queen Esmeralda ask and I turned back to see she and her daughter behind us.


” Agh!” The Princess yelled and fell to the ground then her eyes turned red then slowly turned back to it’s normal colour.


” What happened?” Queen Esmeralda asked as everyone gathered around the Princess.


” I- I think Muriel cast some sort of thing on me that made me fall in love with him.” Princess Courtney said as she wiped her eyes.


” I knew your infatuation for him wasn’t ordinary.” Queen Esmeralda said as she helped her daughter up.


” I’m glad it’s over.” She added then sighed her son on the floor. ” What happened to him?” She asked as she ran to him and I laughed.


” Trust me, it’s a long story.” I replied and Mother Rose and Saffron chuckled.


Although it’s not a joking matter what happened to The Prince but it’s kind of funny how all these happened and the Queen didn’t have the slightest knowledge that magical things were happening under her very nose.


As we were laughing, I spotted Kathleen and my mood changed.


” You! You tried to kill me.” I said in confrontation as I walked up to her.


” W-What are you talking about?” She asked and was taking steps backwards.


” You know what I’m talking about. You tried to kill me.” I said and she shook her head in disaffirm.


” Do I have to strike you with one of my Crystal beams of will you confess yourself?” I threatened as I formed a Crystal beam and she immediately fell to her knees.


” I’m guilty! I’m guilty! I tried to kill Viola because I saw her sleeping with the Prince and Muriel convinced me too. He said he wanted her out of the way but I and I also knew he had powers but I didn’t know he was evil enough to kill.” Kathleen confessed in tears and I kind of had pity on her because all she wanted was the Prince to love her.


” Well Thank God you didn’t succeed, because not only would you have killed Viola but my unborn child.” The Prince said as he got up from the ground.


” I’m sorry, I just loved you so much. I couldn’t bear to see you with her.” Kathleen added still in tears.


” Well you won’t have to.” Prince Aaron said and everyone was confused. ” Mum I want her stripped off of her maid duties and kicked out of this place.” Prince Aaron commanded and Kathleen began to beg.


” As you wish son.” Queen Esmeralda replied. ” Go in and pack your bags, you leave noon today.” The Queen added and Kathleen began to plead.


” I want you out of my sight this minute!” The Queen instructed and Kathleen quickly stood up then scampered into the palace.


” Mothers.” I yelled when I noticed my mothers were still standing there.

I ran to them and hugged them.


” I’ve missed you guys so much!” I added as I hugged them tightly.


” We’ve missed you so much Darling.” Mother Rose said as she stroke my hair.


” Can I go with them?” I asked the Prince and he smiled faintly then walked up to me.


” What about our child? I really wanted him to be born into wedlock.” The Prince said and I was confused.

Chat Gaby@zero eight one six zero four four two eight seven two for more stories

” Huh?”


” I’m saying will you marry me? For the sake of our child. . .” The Prince said and I gasped.


” Well sure. For the sake of our child.” Viola said and the Prince hugged her while the rest clapped and cheered.


” Yeah, I hate you less now.” I teased and he smiled.


✍️✍️Author’s POV:✍️✍️

Wedding Bells were ringing because today is the Royal Wedding between Prince Aaron and Viola.

A very anticipated wedding if you ask me☺


Dignitaries, Governors, Kings, Queens, Princes and Princess’s, Rich Business men and more people from the exquisite cannibal were present for the wedding.


“. . .”


” I do..”


” Do you take Prince Aaron Ashad as your loving husband in thick and in thin, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, in riches and poverty?” The Priest asked Viola who was looking very beautiful in her lovely wedding dress.


” Yes, yes I do.” Viola said and the crowd cheered.


” I now pronounce you husband and wife.” The Prince said and the crowd cheered and clapped even louder.


” You may now kiss the bride.” The Priest added and the Prince leaned in and gave Viola a passionate kiss.


. . .

Few months later, Viola gave birth to a set of twins; a boy and a girl. She named the male Jace and the girl Riele.


Off course all the demons were already cast into the lake of fire and legends say that if one sins, on the last day they will join the demons in the lake of fire.


Hazel and Maxine returned back to The Beyond and everything was happily ever after.




The End😋😋

All Rights Reserved.

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