The Vision Girl

The Vision Girl – Episode Five


The Vision Girl


I looked at my baby who was sleeping like an angle, she looks so beautiful like a goddess, “Our daughter is so beautiful, she takes after you” I said.

She smiled and said, “You can say that again, my husband what name did you suggest we should name her?

I thought and thought still I came up with a beautiful and a good name, “Her name shall be call OZIOMA meaning GOOD NEWS” I said.

“My husband why that name? She asked.

“Because she has come to save her people from evil that’s what the gods told me” I explained to her.

“My husband we need to remove her ring to avoid people being suspicious” she said.

“Is true, we need to remove it “I said and removed the ring from her little finger, “You need to keep it in a safe place when she grow of age we will give it to her” I said and gave it to her.

“That’s so lovely, at least we can now have peace of mind no more sorrows, I owe you a lots of thanks because I don’t know what could have happen to me without you by my side, you stood there for me, you support and encouraged me during my pains, you never left my sight for once nor complain about my predicament, you are such a husband that the gods ordained for me, thank you so much” she said with tears of joy, I hugged and wiped her tears out.

“Obim is ok, you know the love I have for you is beyond imagination, there shall be no more suffering in our household again” I said.

I stood up, “Obim let me go and share the good news to my friends for them to come and rejoice with us, make sure you take a enough rest I will be right back” I said.
I touched my little princess on her cheeks and hugged my wife and went out.


I was sitting in front of my compound scooping my stuff into my nostril because it makes me feel so good, I felt something strange. “I smile something bad, something is wrong somewhere but what could that be? “I asked and stood up folding my arms.
I looked up to the sky but the cloud was so calmed but inside me I felt something strange.
“What is going on, could it be that my trap has been broken? No na the gods has been faithful to me for all this years so they can allow such thing to happen, I need. to find out” I said.
I rushed inside and brought my Offor, I checked my left and right side to be sure that nobody was there, I did some incantation and used the Offor and drew a circle on the ground and the ground opened and formed a circle that I drew, Nneoma appeared inside the circle sleeping with a baby beside her.  “What am I seeing, is this real or dream? I asked and cleaned my eyes to be sure of what I saw. “The gods of our land why did you do this to me, why did you release her the bondage, she need to suffer and that child must die” I said.
I closed the circle and drop my Offor inside, I came out with so much anger written all over my face.
“Nooooo! Is can not be” I shouted which made my wife ran out from the hut.
“My husband what is it, why are you shouting? She asked but I ignored her and walked out.
“I need to see the Chief Priest for a better solution” I said.
On my way going to the Chief Priest’s shrine, I met the devil himself, my brother approaching to my direction, he approached to me and smiled and I freaked my own smiled.
“Brother where are you going, I was actually coming to your house” he said.

“I need to see one of my friend, is one your face is filled with so much happiness what is going on? I pretend as if I don’t know the reason.

“Brother I was actually coming to your house to share the good news to you how the gods wiped out our tears and how my sorrows finally turned to joy and brought peace to my household” he said.

I smiled and said inside my mind, “You said peace? There shall be no peace in your household, Uchenna go straight to the point and tell me what the happiness is all about” I said.

“Brother finally my wife has put to bed, she gave birth to a baby girl” she said with so much happiness.

“That’s good, am so happy for you but how did it happen, how did she finally gave birth? I asked trying to get information of what happened to my trap.

“Brother I can’t just tell, the gods knows the better, there will be a little celebration in my compound, let me go and inform my friends” he said.

“I will be there” I said and we separated.

Uchenna for your mind you thought that peace has brought back to your house, you lied as am alive there shall be no peace in they house, it shall be suffering everyday until I make sure I wipe out our household” I said.
When I got to the shrine, I greeted the Eze Mmuo and sat down on a red garment that is spread on the floor.
“Chief Priest my heart is troubled, one of my captivity has been loosed, Nneoma has finally put to birth so I came for you to give me a better explanation of what happen? I shouted angrily.

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