The Vision Girl

The Vision Girl (Episode Four)


The Vision Girl


We were shocked and confused of what we saw, my child was born with two teeth on her front teeth and a golden ring on her right finger. The woman looked at me and shouted, “Your child is a monster, she is a monster, you gave birth to an evil child, this has never happen to this community since i was born and the people must hear this” she shouted with so much scared.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this, let keep it as a secret between us, I don’t them to kill my child please, you know how long I carried this child with suffering and pains I  passed through, please don’t allow them to kill my child” I cried and pleaded but my pleading felt on deaf ear.

“This is Aru, an Abomination, a Taboo to this community and i can’t cover such evil, I must tell the people” she shouted and wanted to open the door but my husband opened it before her, he came in followed by two women, they were confused to see her shouting.

“Obim! What is it, why the long face? he asked, I was not able to answer anything to him so the woman picked up.

“Your wife gave birth to a monster an evil child with teeth and a golden ring and is a taboo in our community” she shouted.

They became shocked and dumbfounded,” Aru! the igwe must hear this” the women shouted and ran out.

The woman did not even care to clean me up nor the baby so i managed and used a wrapper and covered the baby, my husband was so shocked, he came closer to me and checked the baby, he shook his head.

“Obim! YOU have to do something, those women are going to expose us, you have to stop them I don’t want my child to die” I cried out.

“Obim! Listen to me nothing is going to happen our child I assure you that” He said and wiped my tears.

“My husband this is not a matter of assurance, we need to do something, we need to elope from this village before they will come and take her away, I don’t want to loose her” I cried out.

“Obim stop crying, I need you to trust me, those women we not expose us, I assure you” he said with so much confidence.

“My husband those women were mean, I saw the boldness on their faces and you know since we were born such thing has never happen to our community before, when we thought that our problems has finally come to an end and now another problem came up, how can I give a birth to a child with two teeth and a golden ring on her right finger, why is the gods suffering us like this? I cried.

“Obim stop crying, is ok nothing will happen to our daughter, I will protect her with my last drop of blood, stop crying you know you just put to bed, the baby need to take care of and you too need to rest, let me go and boil water For you” he ensured me and went out.


When I left the hut, I went to my shrine with a troubled heart, I greeted the gods, “My forefathers my heart is troubled, what have we done to deserve this? Before it was my wife’s pregnancy and now that she has finally put to bed another problem rise up, what are we going to call a child with teeth and a golden ring, what should we call this? You know that this type of thing has never happen to our community before than why must be in my household? Within some minutes now the villagers will come and take her away ,what should I do, should I run away from my father’s land or what? I need a solution from you” I shouted like a wounded lion.

Within a short while, my father appeared to me, I was so shocked when i saw him because he has never appeared before.

I stood up and said greeted him, “Father you came? You came in a right time” I said.

He looked at me and smiled,”Uchenna my son,the true son of his father,i can see that your heart is troubled”he said and i nodded.

“That’s why am here, you don’t have to worry about anything” he said.

“But father what type of crime has we committed to deserve this? Firstly it was my wife and now that our child is born we suppose to be happy but our happiness turned to another pain, I don’t want them to kill my child, father i need your help i don’t know what to do” I cried.

“Uchenna my son, you don’t have to be afraid of anything, nothing will happen to her” he said.

“But father those women has gone to expose us to the igwe and I know by now the villagers are coming to my house” I said.

“Son those women will not do anything because their mouths has been silent by the gods so you don’t have to run away from your father’s land, the gods has found favour in our household that’s why they gave you that child, that child is so precious, she has come to save this community and stop the evil and the calamity that is befallen this village” he said.

My heart was filled with so much happiness, “Father thank you so much, am so grateful” I said and he disappeared and thanked the gods.

I went inside to share the good news to my wife, I met her crying her wrapper has soaked with tears, I went and sat beside her.

“Obim you are still crying, I have told you that nothing will happen to our baby, the gods has silent those women’s voices.

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