The Vision Girl



The Vission Girl

Back then in the olden days in a great comunity Umueze Kingdom, The people still believed in their olden custom and tradition and the gods of the land.
They worship and makes offerings their gods as their coutom of the land because there’s nothing like Christianity.

They dressed in their tradition way of attire which the men will tied their wrappers from their waists to their kneels and left their chest opened with a bead around their necks,their wives tied their own from the breast to their legs while their daughters tied two wrappers,one from their breast while the other from their waists to in between their kneels with breads around their necks,ankles,ears and waists which made them to look beautiful and attractive.

There was nothing like cement house or block house,their huts are built with mud and palm tree for the roof.

Mazi Uchenna was a very respectful man in that community,a famer and also a hunter,he got married to his beautiful wife Nneoma but things was not going well in his household.

Nneoma his wife has been pregnant for almost eleven months,they have offered sacrifices to the gods and gone to various natives doctors and herbalists for a solution to their predicament but their couldn’t get any solution to their problem.

Nneoma is peaceful woman, she is humble like a dove but life has really dealt with her, how someone be pregnant for almost eleven months?

It is Afor market day,my husband has gone to the cabinets meeting and i was left alone in that big compound,nobody to talk to,my friends has forgotten about me because of my problem.
I decided to go outside and take fresh air because the hut was so hot due to the weather,i managed and took stool from the kitchen’s hut and kept it under the mango tree,i sat down thinking about my condition.
I looked up to the sky and said,”Gods of our land! What crime has i committed to deserve this type of punishment,where have i offended you,why have you decided to treat me this way and allow me to suffer in pains? I cried out with a tearsful heart.
“Because of my condition my friends has abandoned me and i can’t go to the market because the villagers lebel me as witch and mockes at me,why is my case different from other woman who will give birth at their nine months but my is completely eleven i has been carrying this child with pains and suffering”i cried out.

I managed and knelt down,”Please gods of our land have mercy on me and take away this heavy burden from me,it is too heavy for me to carry”i shouted and sat down.
I wiped out my tears and laughed,”I will not cry over this my condition again because if it is good for you to watch me to suffer in pains,it is also good for me”i shouted as if he is standing in front of me but what i know is that he sees and heard what i said.

I happened to be senior brother to mazi Uchenna who I despised so much,our father’s blood runs in our veins,i was alone at home,my wife has gone to the market while my only child i don’t know where he put head,i did not attain the cabinets meeting because seeing my brother there annoys me so much,i did not know why the king made him one of us.
I has two shirnes,the one outside my backyard is meant for my family while the one inside my secret room my personal shrine where all my evil deeds are consulted.
The walls of my room and the floor were decorated with red garmet,there is a human’s skull is my great oracle and a little calabash tied with a red cloth while my offor lies beside the calabash.
I greeted my great oracle,”The great oracle,my protector,my great masquared,i greet you”i took a white chalk and break it into pieces and poured at the oracle.
The thought of Nneoma came into my mind,am the one that kept her in that condition so i decided to torniminate her small since she got married to my younger brother my love for her soured and turned into hatred because she suppose to be my wife.
I took my offor and touched it at the calabash and shouted her name,”Nneoma appear! Nneoma appear!! Nneoma i command you to appear immeditaly! I called the last one and she appeared inside the calabash,she was enjoying herself with some mangoes.
“Don’t worry this your enjoyment will turn to cry since you refused to accept me as your husband,i will torniminate you and you will suffer in pains until that bastard in your womb dies”i shouted and strikes her on the womb,i laughed and laughed,i greeted my great oracle and watched her to suffer in pains.

As i was still sitting down licking my mango,i felt something strange in my womb as if they injected my womb and the baby started kicking immediately,i screamed,the pain was too much,i was hitting my two legs on the ground to endure the pains but it was not easy for me,i couldn’t stand the pain, it was too much for me to bear.The more the baby kicked the more the pain will increase as if someone is controlling the child in my womb.I tried again to stand up but i felt down and started rolling down the ground,”Gods of land please have mercy on me and reduce the load for me it is too much for me to carry”i cried out rolling down on the ground trying to reach our shrine and get my medicine but the pain was unbearable for me.
“Somebody help me! My stomach is on fire! I shouted for help and two women appeared from nowhere,i was surprised to see them because i don’t know that some people still think and care about me.

“Nneoma what is it? The first woman asked me and they managed and helped me to sit down.

I couldn’t say anything,i was holding my stomach and weeping.

“What is wrong with you stomach,is the baby coming out?the second asked.

I managed to said,”no is not the baby,my womb is on fire,please you have to do something to stop these pain”

They looked at each other and i know that were worried about me i don’t know that some people still care about me.

“What should we do?the second asked.
“Please you need to go to my husband’s shrine at backyard and you will see a little calabash bring it for that’s where my medicine is”i said and they faces changed.

“We can go there it forbid in our land”the first said.

“It is a taboo for someone to enter another person’s shrine who is not the relative to that person,have you forgotten our customs and tradition?the second asked.

“Is true i most forgot about it but you need to do something to help me”i cried out battling in pains.

“What did you suggest we should do?the first asked.

“Please you need to get my husband,he went for the cabinet’s meeting,please you need to call him before i die in pains”i cried out.

The first woman ran faster as her leg can carried her while the other woman consoled and took me inside the hut.

I and other members of the cabinet was having a meeting in the palace discussing some challenges facing our village and the neighbouring village.
A woman from nowhere ran inside and knelt before the king,the look on her face and the sweating you have no reason to doubt there’s problem.

“My king sorry for interrupting you”

“What is after you? Speak up the king said.

“My king Mazi Uchenna’s wife is in pains right now”she said.
When she mentioned my name my heart wanted to explode and all eyes was me so i rushed to her and asked,”What did you mean by own wife”i asked to be sure if the woman knows what she is talking about,she nodded her head,i became so sacred,”What happen to my wife?

“Your wife is in serious pain right now and if you did not go now something bad…………..i did not allow her to complete her statement so i rushed out without taking any permission because i know the king will understand.

When i got home,i went inside the hut and i saw the pain and the agony she was passing through,it break my heart whenever she is in that condition,i hold her hands “Obim stop crying nothing will happen to you”i ensured her and rushed out.
I went to my shrine at backyard i collected a cow horn which used as our cup and dip it inside the little calabash that is contain her medicine,the medicine was given to us by one of the harbalist in a far village,he instructed us to be using it whenever she experience pains,i took it to her and the woman there greeted me but i ignored her because my attention was on my wife’s condition.I knelt down and gave her the medicine which she refuses to drink,”Obim please you have to take this to get better,please drink it”i tried to put it inside her mouth but her mouth was closed.

“I don’t want to take it,it is better for me to die with this pain,what am i living for?she cried.

“Obim don’t talk about death,nothing will happen to you,please open your mouth and drink it”I encouraged her and she now opened her mouth and drank it,with the look on her face you don’t have to doubt that the medicine is so bitter.

One thing about that medicine is that it is so powerful that immediately she took it the pain will start calming down.
My attention now went over to the woman,i thanked her for taking good care of my wife and she left.i went closer to her touching her stomach,”Obim how are you doing?

“The pain is reducing small”she said

“Obim you have to rest and put everything in gods’s hands” said.


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