The Vision Girl

The Vision Girl – Episode Three


The Vision Girl


When i got to the river, there’s no single body there, the river was so claimed and lonely, it was only the humming of the birds that were going here and there and i became so scared.
“Nneoma why are you scared? You don’t have to be scared of anything said.
I went to inside the river and knelt down, I looked to the sky and shouted, “Eze Nwaanyi! The white goddess your daughter have come to see you” I cried out.

I waited for her presence but she did not showed up, “Eze Nwaanyi! I need your presence, I will not live here until you appear and see the heavy load am carrying since you have decided to keep silent on me so i have brought you my load to you, I don’t need it anymore” I cried out.

I waited again for her still kneeling down and within a short while she appeared to me with her white garment looking like a goddess she is, her blue eyes were sparkling like stars while her beautiful face was charming like a diamond.

I greeted her, “Eze Nwaanyi your daughter has come to return this heavy load to you since you kept silent on me so i decided to bring my load so that you will see how heavy it is, I don’t need it anymore” I cried out and said as if she is the one behind my predicament.

“My noble and faithful daughter cry no more and rise up and go” she said.

“No! Ooooh! Am not living until this burden is taking away from me” I cried out.

“Nneoma i said weep not for your hour has come, your cries has reached the spirit of mothers’ ears, they have seen your pains and suffering so cry no more for it is well with your household, your suffering has been taken away and that child inside your womb shall be great, the child will save this village and the great one shall be born today” she said.

My heart was filled with so much happiness, I don’t know what to do at that moment and the pains I was feeling inside my womb vanish immediately she said her word to me, I stood up and thanked her.

“Eze Nwaanyi I thank you so much for taking away this load from me, I shall forever be loyal and worship you until death knock on my door steps” I thanked her with tears of joy and she disappeared.

I made my way to the house with so much happiness written all over my face, if someone tells me that my suffering will soon come to an end i will definitely doubt that person, the people that i met when i was going was surprised to see me in a happy mood because they have not see me in a happy mood since I got pregnant.

“May the gods of our land be praise, I can’t wait to deliver this child” I said.


When i came back from farm i did not see my wife, I was so worried about her where about, I don’t know where to go and look for her because she has no friends again since her condition started all her friends abandoned her, I went to the shrine but she was not there, I checked my shadow to know what says the time, “It is already evening, where could she be? gods of the land please protect her for me” I said folding my two hands waiting for her.

I waited for some minutes until she showed up, I rushed and hugged her,”Obim! Where have you been? I was so worried about you” I said and she did not utter any word to me but keeps smiling and her face looks so bright, it has been long since i saw my wife in that mood so I was so confused.

“Obim! You looks so happy, what happened? I asked and held her hand as we walked together and sat down.

She explained everything to me, my heart was filled with so much happiness that at least our suffering has come to an end.

All of a sudden, her face changed, “Obim what is it?

“I felt the baby kicking, my husband is like the baby is coming out” she said.

I was surprised at that moment, “Obim are you sure?

“The baby is coming out” she stood up and shouted with joy.

I stood and hugged her and gave her my word, “Obim put yourself together let me rush and get the mid wives” I said and ran out.

I ran faster as my legs can carry me with so much joy, the people that saw me were confused to see me running like someone who is being pursued by a ghost while some asked me the reason but i ignored them.

When i got to the mid wives hut nobody was there, “Where went them, what am I going to do? I asked and ran out.

I met two women coming back from the market, they asked me the reason of running, I wanted to ignored them but i thought of them of being of help, I told them my problem so they followed me.

When we got home the unimaginable thing happened.


I was waiting for him to come back and the baby was about coming out, I don’t know what to do so I shouted for help, a woman heard my shouting and came.
She took me inside the hut and I gave birth to my beautiful daughter but we were shocked and confused of what we saw.

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