I smiled and said,”This medicine is so powerful,you have to rest”

“Obim what have we done to gods to deserve this type of punishment,have we not sacrificed enough to please the gods,why have him allow me to suffer in pains,why have he forsaken me”she cried out.

“Obim our gods is unquestionable,we can’t question him but one thing am for sure is that one day is suffering will surely come to an end”i said and wiped out her tears.

“Am tried of this life am living beside what am i living for,it is better for him to come and take my life”she wept.

I held her two hands and said,”Obim stop talking about death,one day this suffering and sorrow will turn to joy”i consoled her.

Within some minutes she slept off,i went to the shrine and knelt down,i greeted the gods.
“The gods of our land i greet you,our forefathers your son is in your presence,it breaks my heart whenever i sees the pains and sufferings my wife passes through each day,my forefathers what crime has i committed to deserve this from you,have i done anything wrong or don’t i worship you always?i asked expecting an answers to my questions but i got none.

“Why have you allow my wife to carry a pregnancy for a complete eleven months and that has not happen to this Kingdom since i was born,why did you allow such calamity to befall in my household,why is my own case different from others,please i need an answers to my questions”i wept out.

I waited for an answers but he refused,”gods of our land why are you silent on me? Please talk to your noble and faithful servant”i shouted.

“Please stop keeping silent on me,i need a solution my wife’s predicament”i shouted again.

Within some minutes,his voice appeared,”Am not blind not to see the pain and weeping of my children nor deaf that I can’t hear the cry of my people”he said.

“Thank you for answering me,i need to know the reason and solution to my wife’s predicament or has my household offended you in anywhere,please forgive and take away the heavy burden from her”i pleaded.

“My son you have not done anything to me but the answer you seek for can not be answer until when the time will reach but it shall be well with your household”he said.

“Gods of our land when will the suffering come to an end?i shouted but did not get any respond because his voice has ceased,i weep and wiped out my tears and went inside.

I was coming back from the palace so i decided to follow the short path that lead to my house,i passed two young boys and immeditaly i passed they started gossiping about me.
“Did you know that man that just passed us is so evil?the first boy asked.

“You are not the first person that is telling me this,my mother told me about him but i doubted her”the second boy said.

“All the calamity and artcorties that has befallen this community his hands are in it,his hands are soaked with evil “the first said.

“What an evil man?

“Have you ever wonder where all the widows in this community use to be?the first asked.

“Are you trying to say that he is behind their disappearance ?the second asked.

“All the widows in this community are under his captivity”

“Who knows where he use to keep them?

“From now on i will stop greeting him before he charm me with his evil”the first said.

“Let start going”the second said.

As they were about to live,i called them back,”You boys come back here! They saw me and wanted to run.
“Are you deaf? I said come back here”i shouted at them and they turned back.

“Nnaai anyi good evening!They greeted.

I can see the fear written all over their faces,”So both of you have now grown wings to gossip about your elders,it seems that you don’t have regards for elders anymore “i shouted.

“No Nnaai anyi,we were not gossiping about you”the second said.

“Nnaai anyi what we were doing is not gossiping,we were discussing about your good works in our village “the first feaked a smiled.

The second nodded hid head and said,”Is true Nnaai anyi we were just talking about how you have been helping the widows in this community”

“Your boys thought you can play with my brain,i will use your heads for my great Oracle’ssacrifice”i shouted.

They became secard and knelt down and started pleading for mercy,”please don’t kill us,have mercy on us”they cried out.

“We are sorry,we were not metion your name again nor say evil thing with your name”they pleaded but their pleading felt on deaf ear because there’s no mercy in my heart,my heart is like a rock.

I brought out my Offor which goes along with me and turned them into chickens.
“My delicious meal”i said and took them as i was about to live a woman rushed out from the bush.

“So Mazi Ibekwe what people said about you is real,what has these two young boys done to you to deserve this from you,you are so evil,the people must hear this”she shouted.

She wanted to run and i used my Offor and strikes her, she fell down still breathing,”Please don’t kill me,i don’t want to join them,i did not see nor hear anything infact i have not see you before,please don’t kill me,i promise i will not expose you”she cried out and pleaded for mercy.

As i said,i don’t have mercy for anyone,my heart is like a stone.
“Stupid woman instead of you to run for your dear life but you came out and started ranting nonsense from that your mouth”i shouted.

She pleaded for mercy,i don’t want to kill her because it has been long since i wanted to have her on my bed but her husband was a problem to me and i was even planing to end his life but all thanks to the gods that made it very easy for me.
I used my Offor and strikes her to useless which made her to forget herself,i called one of my spiritual servant and commended him to take her to my secret room because that’s where she belong.

I took the chickens and continued my way,am always proud whenever i did something evil,my heart is filled of evil.
In my house,i have special place i used to keep my goats and chickens the ones that were human being before,they are special meant for the gods and nobody knows about it.
Some of the Widows i killed their husbands while some i rendered them madness and have their wives as mine.

When i got home,i met my wife Udoka outside and it seems to me that she has been waiting because of the worries on her face,she came and hugged me.
“Nnaai anyi! You are welcome,it seem that the meeting takes so long?she asked and collected the chickens from me.

“Yes ooo! It is still the issue concerning our village and neigbouring village”i said and sat down at the bench that is made of palm tree.

“I hope the meeting went so well?she asked and i nodded my head because i hate too much questions and it irriate me,i don’t really want to marry her but as the first son there’s nothing i will do but to marry her since Nneoma turned me down.

“My husband you bought chickens and when we still have many chickens and goats?she asked.

Her question got me angry and i shouted at her,”Woman did i use your money and bought it? Stop asking me that silly question and go and drop those chickens over there”i pointed at the direction where the chickens colleagues are kept.
She obyed immediately, “Hurry up! and get my food ready”i shouted.
She is a kindhearted woman who happened to spend the rest of her life with an evil man Mazi Ibekwe.
After serving my husband his food,i went to the kitchen hut and sat down with my two hands on my jaw thinking about the type of marriage i got myself into.
I has loved my husband with the whole of my heart right from when we were small and i has always dream to be his love but the type of love i seek for is not what am experiencing.
I don’t know why my husband hate me so much that any little i did he will start complaining sometimes beats me up like a goat.
I have tried everything to please and ask for forgiveness in anywhere i have offended him sothat he can love me but all to no avail,my friends has advised me to live him that he is evil but i refused because of the love i have for him.
I don’t know the type of husband i married to,everywhere is filled with goats and chickens as if my husband manufacture them some were separated and those that were separated are much than others.
I can remember when i slaughtered a chicken from the special ones,i got the beating of my life that day,i can’t really tell why those animals are special to him.
I thought and wiped out my tears ,i brought down the water i was boiling and separated the firewood and splashed the fire with water and went inside.

One faithful day,my husband has gone to the farm,i wanted to follow him but he insisted that i should stay because of my condition so i have no option but to stay only me in that big compound.
I was arranging my wrappers and the thought of Eze Nwaanyi,the white goddness came into my mind,it has been long since i visited her so i decided to go and cried out my soul to her.
The weather was so hot and where the goddness stays is a far distance from home,you will pass many bushes and small rivers before you will get to her river.
I walked and walked without minding my condition and they the pains i was passing through,if people passed me they will laughed and mocked at me but i don’t care while some pitted for me.
I walked and whenever am tried i will sit and rest small and continue my journey.


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